Aquarius Love Hacks: Boost Your Planetary Passion!

You’re the sign of the revolutionary, the individualist, the person who has to express themselves and their own unique ideas. You have a ‘what you see is what you get’ attitude and are unashamed to be you. Your attitude is if someone has a problem with that it’s their problem and not yours. You need down-time to contemplate your ideas and also life’s big questions and as a result, need a partner who understands and respects this. Ideally, you should be with someone who is also happy with who they are and content to do their own thing, so they are quite happy for you to go off and do yours. Insecurity and clinginess are therefore turn-off for you as are stupidity and brashness. You value intelligence and also someone prepared to stand up for their beliefs – even if they differ to yours. In fact, differences of opinion may just add spice to your relationship provided of course you do not become dogmatic about yours. If you have an Aquarius Sun, Moon, ascendant or personal planet in Aquarius – Mercury, Venus or Mars, or Uranus, Aquarius’s ruling planet is in either Aquarius or the 11th house of your chart (which Aquarius rules) then somewhere inside you too are a funky, revolutionary, free-thinking, eccentric, idea-driven, highly intelligent, unique, unapologetic Aquarian. So, when it comes to finding a love as unique as you are, which signs provide you with the best opportunity to connect to a maverick soul like yourself?

Aquarius + Aries: You’ve a lot in common and Aries will usually respect your need for ‘me’ time – because they too require this from time-to-time. There’s also lots to talk about and Aries can match you smart for smart but some of your topics may be a little too obscure or ‘out there’ for them so don’t necessarily expect them to join your on-line conspiracy group or go with you to Comic Con. However, you are both secure enough as individuals not to need that kind of ‘joined at the hip’ relationship where you have to do everything together and respect each other’s interests. You share enough of the important stuff to do the couple thing and Aries will usually not disappoint you in the bedroom as they are usually up for anything. This one could have real staying power as you will be tolerant of the occasion Aries melt-down in a way other signs aren’t – just writing it off to an interesting personality quirk – and you’ve plenty of those yourself. You’ll feel that you’ve not just found a lover, but a best friend too. What’s not to like?

Aquarius + Taurus: You are both fixed signs so clashes and a certain inflexibility by both parties may dominate the relationship with neither one of you willing to give an inch. Maybe you like it that way. This is a combination that can produce arguments, slamming of doors, sulks and then crazy, make-up sex and it’s the latter that can keep you hooked in long after anyone else would have thrown their hands up in horror and quit. In other words, there is no shortage of passion here but whether or not it goes the distance depends on what percentage of exasperation you are willing to endure. Taurus is likely to sulk when disagreed with or they don’t get their own way and you are likely to withdraw to your ivory tower/man cave/well/fortress of solitude or whatever. So, stand-offs like this can last a while. Having said all that, sensual Taurus has so much going for them and together you could establish a wonderful home, business and future if you are both willing to lighten up and not withdraw every time there’s a disagreement. It’s up to you both. This will either be an incredible and lifelong growth and loving experience, or a nuclear wasteland but as ever, it’s the two of you who get to decide which.

Aquarius + Gemini: Yes, there is someone out there who shares your wild, utterly geeky and inspired interests and that’s Gemini. This is the sign that can match all the strange and inspiring twists and turns of your mind with a few of their own. Together you could come up with something world-changing or at least which gives you success and financial recognition. Gemini can match your intelligence and when it comes to sex appeal, they are ticking just about every box for you. You can’t wait for your next conversation or bedroom encounter – although it’s likely the two of you can combine both activities nicely. You offer Gemini the combo they’ve always been searching for – someone who turns on their mind as well as the other parts. If a Gemini appears on your radar then the best advice I can give you is to grab and don’t let go.

Aquarius + Cancer: This one may end up just feeling like hard work unless you have attracted the adventurous sort of Cancerian. Yes, you appreciate their ability to keep things running smoothly while you get on with the important work of being you and thinking all those deep and profound thoughts. If only they would leave you alone to do that. If you have a clingy sort of Cancer then this is a disaster waiting to happen. Cancer will be in awe of you but their demands and insecurities, let alone the feeling they want to mother/smother you may prove all too much. Your fortress of solitude offers no escape as they will either barge in anyway demanding to know why you are in here or else you will be subtly aware of them waiting for you outside under a cloud of neediness. Failure to come and attend to your Cancer’s needs will result in withdrawal, emotional blackmail and the silent treatment. All of which spells ‘turn off’ for you. If however, you have attracted the adventurous kind of Cancerian then disregard the above. You could have found the perfect backer and supporter for your ideas as well as someone who will make sure you eat properly and who turns your bedroom into a hothouse of eroticism. The only way to find out is to try.

Aquarius + Leo: Both of you like attention but in different ways. Leo is of course your opposite sign and this can be a dream pairing for both of you. Just bear in mind that like you, Leo is a fixed sign so a certain amount of stubbornness on both your parts is going to feature at some point or another. However, both of you are together to learn from each other – perhaps how to bend ever so slightly because that’s all it takes. The spark between you quickly fans into a full blown fire-storm as you can offer one another the physical, intellectual and soul connection you are both seeking. You are content to allow your Leo as much time in the spotlight as they desire as usually you have a different spotlight – so while there may be occasional differences of opinion, there usually isn’t any ego-jousting involved as both of you take pride in each other’s achievements rather than compete with one another. Leos can be extremely generous with those they care about and you can also be very thoughtful in your own way. Remember to praise your Leo (and mean it) as despite their apparent confidence they do need reassurance. You’ll be rewarded by their loyalty, generosity and ability to light up your life. If you tame a lion, it could be for keeps.

Aquarius + Virgo: Sex. Virgo could fulfil those sexy butler/maid fantasies (if you harbour them). You could find yourself fascinated by their combination of sex appeal and compulsion to dust and organise. Your Warhammer/vintage clothing/X-Files/shoe/vinyl collection will be cleaned and neatly catalogued. You’ll be eating healthy and then of course there’s the weekend trips to Ikea for more storage solutions, the Egyptian cotton sheets Virgo insists are crucial to your love-making, their paranoia about germs and dust and the annoying fact that everything must be ‘just so’ before the bedroom fun can begin – which includes you taking a shower. Mind you, all that adds up to a small investment which can yield big returns. Virgo can keep up with you intellectually, is usually content to organise and clean while you retreat to your fortress of solitude, will take care of the distracting details such as taking out the garbage and paying the bills on time and on top of that did I mention the sex? There is a reason I mentioned it first-up. This connection could change you in ways both obvious and subtle.

Aquarius + Libra: Like you, Libra is an air sign. They get a very unfair rap from some astrologers who dismiss them as being hung-up on looks. Of course, looks don’t hurt but beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and like you, Libra knows it doesn’t matter how the outside looks if the inside doesn’t match up. Libra seeks balance in relationships but wants to know things – usually how your mind works or the new ideas you may introduce them to. Then there’s Libras steamy or even kinky side. They could keep this well hidden and only roll it out for someone special (you). Libra is ruled by Venus so Librans appreciate music, art, design and like Leos, the finer things of life. Also like Leo there is a bit of a rockstar about them although again, this may not be obvious at first. The conversation will never run out with a Libra, they are easy to get along with as they strive for harmony, and you appreciate their creativity as well as their classy sexiness. Libra will not usually mind your solitary phases as they have their own circle of friends and their own thing going on. You are quite content to allow them to be the centre of attention when they feel they need it and both of you will back the others ideas. Chances are you’ll take many trips together as travel could feature with this union, as could a beautiful and unique home if it does turn into something permanent. If you’re looking for that complimentary balance in love, this could be it.

Aquarius + Scorpio: This could be a power coupling that also equals happiness. You could spend a lifetime trying to figure your Scorpio out and they the same with you. You both find one another fascinating and this is not likely to diminish over time or familiarity. There’s hidden depths to a Scorpio and while they are a fixed sign just like you which means they can be stubborn at times, they understand your need for alone time as they too need this so will respect your space and your desire for privacy. Once you tell a secret to a Scorpio – about anything, they will take it with them to their grave so you feel comfortable sharing your wackiest and most private thoughts with them. Like you, Scorpio searches for that transcendent union that’s about more than just sex. Many astrologers say this one can’t and won’t work but that depends on whether or not you respect your partner’s privacy and your own comfortableness with what I can only describe as the deeper side of life because that is what you’ll embrace. There is noting superficial about this one. You and your Scorpio can make a considerable success of this pairing in more ways than one as you will support each others ambitions and could end up the power couple at the top of everyone’s invitation list. If you go into business together success is your destination if you respect one another’s ideas and way of doing things. It’ a power lay in – and out of the bedroom.

Aquarius + Sagittarius: This one should work and I hasten to add, can work but perhaps it’s not quite the smooth sailing some astrologers would have you believe. Sag loves their freedom so hours, days, weeks or months spent in your fortress of solitude won’t worry them as they don’t appreciate emotional limpets. Funny, kluzty, extrovert, free-thinking Sag loves every idea you come up with and can match you with plenty of their own. Together you’ll attract a slew of like-minded friends most likely scattered across the globe doing equally amazing, outlandish and inventive jobs as the two of you do. Then of course there’s Sag’s effortless sexiness and willingness to explore almost any territory. So, what’s the down-side? Well, if you’re hoping for someone who will keep you or at least attend to practical matters, your Sag probably isn’t it. They are as bad with money as you are and have a similar ‘easy-come, easy go’ attitude to it. So long as there’s enough money for wine and a meal out with friends they tend not to worry too much. Hooking up with a Sag could turn into a lifetime of living like an aging student in hippie heaven unless that Sag has Capricorn planets. And then there’s your faults of course. Yes, this may come as a shock but you may have some. Success with a Sag depends very much on whether you’re are a free-spirited Aquarian or a superior being Aquarian with such lofty ideals that mere mortals cannot yet fully grasp them. If you are the latter save yourself and the Sag the upset and disappointment that is destined to follow or limit yourselves to a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement. It will turn out to be the best arrangement all round.

Aquarius + Capricorn: You both have an ancient ruler in common – Capricorn which rules Karma so with this one think about whether there is something karmic going on. Be prepared however if you raise the subject as in ‘Justin, do you think there’s something karmic going on between us?’ for them either to agree with you wholeheartedly or else roll their eyes and dismiss the topic as yet another of your ‘out there’ ideas. If you have an eye-rolling, condescending Capricorn whose responses to you are the kind of amused tolerance a teacher usually reserves for a not-too-bright child; no matter how much money or attention the Capricorn is lavishing upon you, get out. You should have plenty of time to do this before it all gets too serious as with both of you ruled by Saturn it’s not going to be a rush to the bedroom. However, if you have attracted the Capricorn who is just fascinated by the way your mind works and loves the fact they can never predict what you will say next, then this can really work for you both. Trust is important to both of you and you can build up to a slow burn on a foundation of that and a heap of respect. Capricorns are usually good with money and have a strong business sense and could provide you with the foundation and backing you need for your ideas or at the very least support you in other ways. With their backing you may end up feeling there is no limit to how high you can fly. This one is either a non-starter to be sorted out in another lifetime, or else could turn into a karmic contract that goes the distance.

Aquarius + Aquarius: You know when they made you they broke the mould and now you think about it, isn’t that a good thing? So, why on earth would you want another one of you to compete with? Because that’s what this is. More of you. So, this can spiral into competitiveness with each one trying to out-do the other in the ‘Most original thought’ stakes. Or else you are both locked in your respective Fortresses of Solitude with neither of you speaking for months at a time. Seriously? Is that really what you want? How can you be a unique individual when there’s another unique individual in the bed next to you trying to be even more unique and individualistic? Doesn’t this sound exhausting? Sometimes our best playmate is someone who shares our sign but unless you are very lucky, a fellow water carrier can give you so much space it may take a while to realise that the only space you share is the planet – and they are now in another part of it. Approach with open-mindedness and a great deal of caution. Don’t send in the clones.

Aquarius + Pisces: Those dreamy, bedroom eyes. That almost psychic empathy that enables them to tune in to your inner most thoughts. The way they hang on your every word. That other-worldly sex appeal. Before the first date is even over, chances are you are mentally undressing them because there’s just something intangible about them that you just have to have. Okay, allow me to put the brakes on here. Before you go all-in, please check your Pisces is a fully functioning adult. Yes, they may look and sound like one but this could be just an illusion and believe me, Pisces is very good at spinning those. Not that you may not have attracted the real deal as not every Pisces is a mummy’s boy looking for a grown-up substitute to take care of him, or a princess in need of rescuing, Pisces can be extremely successful. But make sure they are all they appear to be. This means slowing things down as you probe deeper into their relationship history, their credit history and any substance abuse problems or runs-in with the law. Or it could be your Pisces just belongs to a higher realm of existence, one where they don’t need to work, pay their bills or take out the garbage or the kids to school and are just playing pretend grown-up while they wait for someone to come along and take over. That would be you in case you’ve not cottoned on by now. That also means taking financial responsibility for them too. Your Pisces will turn out to be one of two things: your greatest asset in life or a burden you don’t need. Find out which it’s going to be before you cross the bedroom threshold.







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