Harness the Power of Your Money Planets – Aquarius

Your Money Planets – Aquarius

When it comes to money we’ve all got planets working for – and against us. Check out your astrological financial profile for your sign to make the most of your ability to attract and make that stuff which makes the material world go around – money.

Aquarians are often the least-money minded sign of the zodiac. Before the discovery of Uranus they were ruled by Saturn. Uranus is the planet of unpredictability, challenges and thrills – all of which sound more like an amusement park ride than a financial plan. Not helping matters at all is the fact that Aquarius’ money sector is ruled by nebulous Neptune. Usually Aquarians are busy with higher thoughts than the acquisition of anything as material and mundane as cash. However, even ivory towers need money to acquire and run – and you need to live on something while you study for that PhD or perfect that invention. Of all the signs of the zodiac your money making skills are linked to your individuality and understanding that you have something nobody else has to give the world. Oprah Winfrey is perhaps the best example of an Aquarian who has made her fortune from perfecting her own unique gifts.

Problem solving is something Aquarians enjoy and that often means inventing a solution to problems. Hence this sign also attracts more than its fair share of builders, engineers, inventors, electricians and computer nerds. Another area where Aquarians often excel is films and television – both behind and in front of the cameras but any method for them to get their unique ideas across is usually fine for Aquarius. They can often be frustrated however as their ideas can be so innovative they are literally ‘before their time’. Aquarius is a sign of the humanitarian and many Aquarians devote themselves to causes for ‘the greater good’. As Uranus their ruling planet is associated with revolution, Aquarians often look for ways to change the world for the better. They can make excellent advocates, charity workers, environmental activists and it’s worth mentioning that the New Age movement is chock-a-block with Aquarians as the philosophy appeals to their love of alternative. Don’t forget – Uranus rules astrology and you’ll find many astrologers with Uranus strong in their charts.

Aquarians undoing can be their love of the novel, the new and the latest techno gadget. If there is a new mobile phone, gaming consol, tablet or computer out then Aquarius usually wants it and it won’t matter if the one they already own still works perfectly well. They can’t bear to be seen with a superseded model. They need to embrace the philosophy that if it ain’t broke, you don’t need a new one – at least not yet.

For true financial success (or at least enough money to give you the freedom to be yourself), you need to understand your ideas and individuality are your greatest asset. Capitalise on these and invest in them. Use your amazing powers of persuasion to create a network of friends and contacts from all walks of life – not just the area that interests you. These people will turn out to be the resources you can draw on for help with whatever you want to do or achieve.

Steer clear of ‘get rich quick’ schemes no matter how appealing they may seem. Your key to financial independence is to learn all you can about money management and long term financial planning. The Saturn influence on your sign allows you to work steadily and methodically towards a goal so use this in your dealings with money.

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