Aquarius Horoscope for Jupiter in Libra

jupiter in libra


Fabulous fun, adventure, expansion, freedom. Who doesn’t want tickets to that show? And yes, Aquarius, you just won them as Jupiter arrives in his ruling house in your chart after a 12 years absence. If you have your Sun in Aquarius or Aquarius as your rising sign, get ready for something (or someone) big.

There’s nothing small about this cycle. It’s about that big trip you’ve always dreamed of taking. That big goal. That big love. Jupiter in his ruling house tells you that if your dream has not come true yet it is because you need a bigger dream.

This year or rather 13 month period (Jupiter will spend an unusually long time in this house) will have a distinctly Sagittarian flavour to it. If you have Sagittarian friends then expect them to play a bigger role in your life. You may also attract Sagittarians and if you do, pay attention as they could have an important role to play. Meeting Jupiter in person now is a distinct possibility. You’ll know him (or even her) when they appear. There’s a larger-than-life quality about them. Outgoing, happy-go-lucky, adventurous, risk-taking, well-travelled, curious and with a bold sense of sexiness, style and sense of humour. They could appear as a fellow travelling companion to accompany you on your journey (either real or metaphorical) or they could appear in the form of a lover. Whatever guise they arrive in know this – they are set to expand your horizons in some way and alter what you believe is possible for you.

This is your ‘no limits’ cycle and if something is holding you back consider it is within you and not external – even if superficially it looks that way. The only person which stands in your way between you and what you want is you now. Luck is very much on your side and taking a chance – and by that I mean a calculated risk, will most likely pay off for you. I am not talking about taking the kid’s college fund and betting it on the blackjack table at the Bellagio here. But a risk that makes you step outside your comfort zone will have Jupiter’s backing. Take a chance and apply for that job you think you are under-experienced for. Stretch yourself and go on that trip overseas alone. Ask that person you have that crush on out for a coffee. The thing is, you never know what results you get until you try. Saying ‘But I’ve never done anything like that before’ – means you continue to get the results you’ve always got. How has that worked out for you? Jupiter wants you to explore not just your potential and what is possible for you. He also wants to take you on a journey outside your comfort zone. Know what’s out there? That’s where the magic happens. Why not explore it for the next 13 months?

Travel is highlighted now and chances are you will be packing your bags for at least one significant trip while some of you may go on that journey of a lifetime. As I said, Sagittarian themes will be emerging in your life and if you are unfamiliar with what these are they include long distance travel, foreigners, sports, big business, philosophy and religion (your beliefs), academia, the law, the outdoors, the mass media, animals especially large animals such as horses and comedians. If you work in any of these areas, then expect your role to expand. Your interests in these subjects may expand whether you work in them or with them. Even if you do not plan to or have the resources to travel at present, expect dealings with people from overseas or with overseas connections as this is a cycle where the world will seek you out.

If you are in your 30’s, then think back 12 years to what opportunities to expand your horizons and your life appeared back then. Which ones did you accept? Which did you fail to take advantage of? Did you travel and if so, where? Expect similar themes and if there is something you now regret not doing, be prepared to say ‘yes’ to something similar which will probably present itself at some point during this cycle.

Jupiter is all about size. He is also in the sign of love and partnerships – Libra who is ruled by Venus. Therefore, falling in love in a big way could be art of the Jupiter experience for you. Certainly you may get to experience the truth that usually two people coming together to do or create something get bigger results than they would have done as two separate individuals. Remember, as the sign of partnerships Libra rules all kinds of two-somes and these include business partners, activity partners, collaborators, your closest long term friends and animal partners such as dogs, horses etc if you have them. Ruled by Venus, Libra says it’s all love so please remember this.

In your relationships you will crave more freedom and if you feel your present partnership is restrictive in some way, look closely at how the other person restricts you. It is easy to throw the baby out with the bathwater during this kind of Jupiter cycle. If say your partner loves to go to familiar places on holiday but you crave canoeing up the Amazon right now, there is no need to fall out of the boat over this if the relationship works on every other level. Reach an agreement where you go somewhere familiar together but get the time to go exploring on your own. That being said, if you are in a relationship defined by clinginess, co-dependency or which is no longer evolving, you may well decide to break free. Jupiter in Libra may well bring about an amicable parting if you journey together is now at an end.

Singles could attract that Jupiter-in-Person individual I mentioned earlier. They may have foreign or overseas connections, will be a bit of a globetrotter and represent a wild heart seeking another free spirit to run with. Is something more lasting promised? That depends. One thing I can promise you is they will open your eyes to the broader possibilities of love and introduce you to a new world on some level.

This cycle is all about thinking big and acting big. It’s about stepping out and to quote from Star Trek ‘Boldly go’ where you have not been before. Remember – that’s where the magic is waiting for you.