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Weekly Astrology Forecast General 5th December 2016

Weekly Astrology Forecast General 5th December 2016

Blessed are the weird people – poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters & troubadours – for they teach us to see the world through different eyes. ~ Jacob Nordby

Vehoroscopesnus, the Planet of love, is whisking us into a new space of freedom as she slips into free-spirited Aquarius. In fact, we can all become a little bit of a freedom fighter as our hearts are opening to embrace difference and we feel compelled to act if we see injustice. This weeks astrology tells us it’s time to allow our conscience to dictate our actions. Standing up for what we believe in turns out to be surprisingly liberating.

Not only that, in personal relationships, we’re able to get some perspective. If you’ve been caught up in an emotional dlove horoscope gframa or complicated love quagmire, Venus brings a new perspective and the ability to be detached and objective. Venus bestows us with the perfect time to sort out all our personal relationships before the holiday season kicks in (and Mercury goes retrograde on the 19th)

On top of that, we have a fire in our belly and a desire to forge ahead while also laying firm foundations. Follow your ideas and dance to an eccentric tune as Sun and Saturn in wacky Sagittarius is trine the Lord of the unexpected Uranus. There’s excitement in the air and an electric buzz of possibility. A new opportunity pops up, and we have the courage to go for it. It’s time to profit from being ourselves and take the risk of exposing our authentic soul.

Love has a dash of amazement with Jupiter the Planet of expansion and luck joining the party. Want a reward? Be adventurous and stretch yourself, and there might just be a delicious adventure.

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7th – Venus enters Aquarius

9th – Sun and Saturn conjunct in Sagittarius sextile Jupiter in Libra

10th – Sun conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius (exact)

12th – Sun and Saturn conjunct in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries

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