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Feeling lacklustre of late? That Leo confidence missing? Restore the lustre to that glow and roar once more this week, Leo!

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Hello empowerment and confidence
Build on what you are creating
Express the love, baby!

There’s been a continuing emphasis on home, family, long-term plans, career and security ever since Jupiter arrived in your 4th house, Leo. These themes are set to continue and this week could see you making beneficial changes around your work, emotional wellbeing or daily routine. What’s more, you are now feeling more empowered to make them thanks to Neptune moving direct in your 8th.

It may be you’ve been cut off from that feeling of confidence and personal power that usually defines you while he’s been retrograde. But now the lion is ready to roar once more.

You are the natural 5th house in the zodiac. So when your ruler the Sun enters the 5th house in your chart, it’s no wonder you’re feeling the vibe. Just like the Sun in your sign, the Sun in your 5th just shines on a period where you just feel more glowing, more optimistic and more YOU. You’ve Mercury in here too and he is making that freedom lovin’ angle to Uranus in your 9th this week. Freedom to be you, and to express your love, baby.

This cosmic fabulous could deliver a lover like no other or you just plain roaring (or purring) to a new beat. Travel or even just going places, is also a strong possibility. Sure, the emphasis is on the long term. But if you can’t kick back and have fun, then what’s it all for? You can do both this week. Roar and shine, Leo!

monthly horoscope

Anyone who enters your lion’s den in November will get true Leo treatment. November is your astrological time of year to snuggle in and hold court at home. Your focus turns to family and making sure everyone in your ‘pride’ is sorted out and supported. Typically Leo’s like to choose their family not just leave it up to random DNA. You are very fussy about who you let in and have high expectations of those you love. Your loyalty is as fierce as your symbol, and if there are any tensions around your close ones, it drains your energy. November brings a fresh cycle where you can clean out your closet, take a hard look at your home and spend quality time with your beloveds. Chateau Leo is on your mind, are you happy where you’re living? How can you make your space a temple to recharge you?

On the 3rd Venus, the planet of love is sextile serious Saturn allowing you to commit to your own happiness and creativity. You’re about to give birth to a creative idea. What you decide to bring into being has meaning to you and you’re also confident you can make it happen. The Full Moon on the 4th is in your career, and reputation house so there could be a peak experience and you feel more in your dynamic. Look out for a psychic message about how to subtly shift things to go your way. When Venus opposes Uranus on the same day you might be feeling antsy, with a desire to break free from all emotional constraints just make sure it’s not a passing whim. Uranus can hijack your feelings and carry you off on a mad adventure.

Mercury puts you in a much more optimistic space on the 5th when he enters you sensual, creative and happy place. While Venus who supports your heart is drifting into your home and family zone. Mademoiselle Heart Chakra chills you out when she wafts into this space, and you want cosy times and most of all peace and quiet. Beauty is important, and you get a lot out if you put energy into making sure your space is a temple. With your ruler the Sun sextile game changer Pluto on the 9th you have an eye for detail as you make the changes you need to.

The New Moon on the 18th further encourages you to let go of any issues you’ve had with your pride (in more ways than one!) heal family relationships and sort out your home. It’s time to declutter, make things cosy and Netflicks and chill. The New Moon is a fresh beginning. On the 22nd your energy gets a rocket boost as your ruler the Sun goes into your pleasure house! Yasssss! Your charisma is dazzling, fun, frolicks and soul connections abound. It’s time to let your mane down. Illusionary Neptune turns direct on the same day so you can let go of some of those old obsessions and demons that have been stalking your thoughts. You’ve got your magic back! Start conjuring!


3 Nov 2017 VENUS SEXTILE SATURN (3rd House to 5th House)
3 Nov 2017 SUN TRINE NEPTUNE (4th House to 8th House)

4 Nov 2017 Full Moon in Taurus (10th House)
4 Nov 2017 VENUS OPPOSITION URANUS (3rd House to 9th House)


7 Nov 2017 VENUS ENTERING SCORPIO (4th House)

9 Nov 2017 SUN SEXTILE PLUTO (4th House to 6th House)

11 Nov 2017 SATURN TRINE URANUS (5th House to 9th House)

13 Nov 2017 MERCURY SQUARE NEPTUNE (5th House to 8th House)

16 Nov 2017 VESTA ENTERING SCORPIO (4th House)
16 Nov 2017 VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE (4th House to 8th House)

17 Nov 2017 MERCURY SEXTILE MARS (5th House to 3rd House)

18 Nov 2017 NEW Moon in Scorpio (4th House)
18 Nov 2017 SUN OPPOSITION SEDNA (4th House to 10th House)

19 Nov 2017 MARS SQUARE PLUTO (3rd House to 6th House)

21 Nov 2017 VENUS SEXTILE PLUTO (4th House to 6th House)

22 Nov 2017 SUN ENTERING SAGITTARIUS (5th House)
22 Nov 2017 NEPTUNE Turns Direct (8th House)

25 Nov 2017MERCURY TRINE URANUS (5th House to 9th House)
26 Nov 2017 VENUS TRINE CHIRON (4th House to 8th House)


annual horoscope

Leo 2017 Horoscope

The Full Moon in Leo on the 11th of February is a Lunar Eclipse and catapults you into a deeper awareness. You’re plugged into your psychic superpowers and are immensely intuitive. Use the Moon’s power to ask for answers on how to best navigate this year. As it’s an eclipse, you may have an awakening about the need to let someone go.

Once we become aware of what we need to do, it is impossible to ignore. Many things are going to be revealed to you this year as the truth emerges from the shadows. You welcome the truth that sets you free. Eclipse, eclipse, eclipse, it’s the main vibe of the year for you. Eclipse is about shedding skins, coats, layers of outmoded being, yet ultimately, being liberated.

The other trailblazer of 2017 for you is Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune. He whispers that you’ll make your luck through communication in 2017. Look out for messages, emails, texts which are significant and put your best ideas out there. Know that you have something vital to say. If you fancy yourself as a writer, perhaps it’s time to write that Kindle blockbuster or jot down the lifestyle book you’ve had in your mind for years. Media, social media and fantastic ideas are also on the menu.

Jupiter opposite Uranus is agitating you in January and on and off all year. You desire immediate action and are tempted by potentially reckless behaviour. Jupiter and Uranus are having fisticuffs for most of the year although on a positive note, it does force you to reevaluate and break out of existing patterns and, on the plus side, gives you a passionate desire to travel, develop a new philosophical outlook and not give two figs what other people think. In fact, you relish a good old argument or debate.

And what of love? Well hey, you’re extremely persuasive especially in romantic ventures and impress love interests with your warmth and charm. In fact, you have an action packed start to 2017 which gives you many clues on what’s to come.

You’re likely to have a massive makeover this year, and it’s not all about looks, but your health and well being; it’s going to be intense and unavoidable. You’ll find that if you do release negative patterns and take care of your body, you will look and feel amazing. There’s no escaping Pluto’s steely stare, use this energy to your advantage.

Mars enters Leo on the 20th July; this empowers you, recharges your batteries, fanning the flames, stirring passion for life. You’re unstoppable right now with a fierce focus on getting things done. Go get em, tiger!

August 2017 brings an unprecedented time of change, a rebirth; it’s whisking you into a sparkling new cycle. It kicks off with a Full Moon eclipse on the 7th in your relationship sector. Your love life is going through a rebirth; you can’t avoid the truth now. What do you want emotionally? The Moon will show you the way.

Meantime, 21st August is this years peak experience; the main event is transforming your life, bringing out your true identity, while also revealing the next phase for you. This profound Solar Eclipse reinvents you, pushes you down the birth canal and into a brand new chapter. Anything that isn’t working is swept aside, the past vanishes.

You are given the freedom to start again, like any birth, it can be a difficult process for some, while others will slip into the next soul installment, feeling safe like the proverbial baby flown along with the soft caress of a stork’s wings!

In Orb 1 Jan 2017, Already 1 Jan 2017, Exact 1 Jan 2017, Leaving 2 Jan 2017

JUPITER SEXTILE  SATURN (3rd House to 5th House)
In Orb 1 Jan 2017, Already 1 Jan 2017, Leaving 24 Jan 2017Entering 21 Aug 2017, Exact 27 Aug 2017, Leaving 2 Sep 2017

JUPITER OPPOSITION  URANUS (3rd House to 9th House)
In Orb 1 Jan 2017, Already 1 Jan 2017, Leaving 5 Jan 2017Entering 21 Feb 2017, Exact 3 Mar 2017, Leaving 10 Mar 2017Entering 24 Sep 2017, Exact 28 Sep 2017, Leaving 2 Oct 2017

SATURN TRINE  URANUS (5th House to 9th House)
In Orb 1 Jan 2017, Already 1 Jan 2017, Leaving 2 Jan 2017Entering 10 May 2017, Exact 19 May 2017, Leaving 28 May 2017Entering 4 Nov 2017, Exact 11 Nov 2017, Leaving 18 Nov 2017

Entering 6 Jan 2017, Exact 7 Jan 2017, Leaving 8 Jan 2017

SUN SQUARE  URANUS (6th House to 9th House)
Entering 9 Jan 2017, Exact 10 Jan 2017, Leaving 11 Jan 2017

19 Jan 2017

28 Jan 2017

6 Feb 2017, 9 Jun 2017

SUN TRINE  JUPITER (7th House to 3rd House)
Entering 10 Feb 2017, Exact 11 Feb 2017, Leaving 12 Feb 2017

ECLIPSE OF  MOON (1st House)
11 Feb 2017

Entering 25 Feb 2017, Exact 27 Feb 2017, Leaving 28 Feb 2017

MARS OPPOSITION  JUPITER (9th House to 3rd House)
Entering 26 Feb 2017, Exact 27 Feb 2017, Leaving 28 Feb 2017

ECLIPSE OF  SUN (8th House)
26 Feb 2017

Entering 1 Mar 2017, Exact 2 Mar 2017, Leaving 3 Mar 2017

JUPITER SQUARE  PLUTO (3rd House to 6th House)
Entering 23 Mar 2017, Exact 30 Mar 2017, Leaving 7 Apr 2017Entering 29 Jul 2017, Exact 4 Aug 2017, Leaving 10 Aug 2017

6 Apr 2017, 25 Aug 2017

SUN OPPOSITION  JUPITER (9th House to 3rd House)
Entering 7 Apr 2017, Exact 7 Apr 2017, Leaving 8 Apr 2017

Entering 13 Apr 2017, Exact 14 Apr 2017, Leaving 15 Apr 2017

20 Apr 2017, 28 Sep 2017

MARS OPPOSITION  SATURN (11th House to 5th House)
Entering 27 May 2017, Exact 29 May 2017, Leaving 30 May 2017

SUN OPPOSITION  SATURN (11th House to 5th House)
Entering 14 Jun 2017, Exact 15 Jun 2017, Leaving 16 Jun 2017

16 Jun 2017, 22 Nov 2017

MARS TRINE  NEPTUNE (12th House to 8th House)
Entering 24 Jun 2017, Exact 26 Jun 2017, Leaving 27 Jun 2017

MARS OPPOSITION  PLUTO (12th House to 6th House)
Entering 1 Jul 2017, Exact 2 Jul 2017, Leaving 4 Jul 2017

SUN OPPOSITION  PLUTO (12th House to 6th House)
Entering 9 Jul 2017, Exact 10 Jul 2017, Leaving 11 Jul 2017

20 Jul 2017

22 Jul 2017

Entering 23 Jul 2017, Exact 27 Jul 2017, Leaving 30 Jul 2017

3 Aug 2017

ECLIPSE OF  MOON (7th House)
7 Aug 2017

SUN TRINE  URANUS (1st House to 9th House)
Entering 20 Aug 2017, Exact 21 Aug 2017, Leaving 22 Aug 2017

21 Aug 2017

MARS TRINE  URANUS (1st House to 9th House)
Entering 1 Sep 2017, Exact 2 Sep 2017, Leaving 4 Sep 2017

SUN OPPOSITION  NEPTUNE (2nd House to 8th House)
Entering 4 Sep 2017, Exact 5 Sep 2017, Leaving 6 Sep 2017

MARS OPPOSITION  NEPTUNE (2nd House to 8th House)
Entering 23 Sep 2017, Exact 24 Sep 2017, Leaving 26 Sep 2017

MARS TRINE  PLUTO (2nd House to 6th House)
Entering 30 Sep 2017, Exact 2 Oct 2017, Leaving 3 Oct 2017

SUN OPPOSITION  URANUS (3rd House to 9th House)
Entering 18 Oct 2017, Exact 19 Oct 2017, Leaving 20 Oct 2017

Entering 25 Oct 2017, Exact 26 Oct 2017, Leaving 28 Oct 2017

SUN TRINE  NEPTUNE (4th House to 8th House)
Entering 2 Nov 2017, Exact 3 Nov 2017, Leaving 4 Nov 2017

SUN SEXTILE  PLUTO (4th House to 6th House)
Entering 8 Nov 2017, Exact 9 Nov 2017, Leaving 10 Nov 2017

JUPITER TRINE  NEPTUNE (4th House to 8th House)
Entering 28 Nov 2017, Exact 3 Dec 2017, Leaving 8 Dec 2017

MARS OPPOSITION  URANUS (3rd House to 9th House)
Entering 29 Nov 2017, Exact 1 Dec 2017, Leaving 2 Dec 2017

SUN CONJUNCTION  SATURN (5th House to 6th House)
Entering 20 Dec 2017, Exact 21 Dec 2017, Leaving 22 Dec 2017

all about leo

Leo is a passionate fire sign ruled by the Sun. You are the most charismatic sign of the Zodiac. Warm and generous people love to be in your presence. If people don't know you they can mistake your outer confidence as arrogance. Your soul lesson is to transform your pride into a strength and let kindness be your super power. Check out my video for more. Below you can find free daily, weekly monthly and annual readings for Leo.

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You can listen to readings that are booked online or by credit card. Calls recorded, 18+ with bill payers permission. Entertainment SP . Terms and conditions.

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