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An opportunity with a capital ‘O’ arrives to drag you out of the sidelines and into the spotlight. It may be in love, or your career. Step back in to a starring role.

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Intuition sends you in a fresh direction

Step in the love spotlight

Ditch the career mehs. Some of you Librans may have felt you have lost your way these past few years not just when it came to relationships, but to your work and career path too. Things were probably going so well – until they weren’t. Sure you made the best of a bad job – you always do. But this might have resulted in you no longer doing what you originally set out to do. Or doing it without the recognition or rewards you expected. Get ready for the turnaround that puts you back where you are supposed to be or doing something radically new but which nonetheless allows you the self-expression and success you deserve. The Sun and Mercury in your career sector are about to trigger a domino-effect with Uranus in your 8th of corporate money and personal empowerment and Pluto in your area of long term security and stability. What about that satisfaction? What about path and purpose? You can have those too if you heed your intuition. If the way has been murky it can clear with Neptune retrograde in your 6th. Bring a new creativity not just into what you do, but what you are prepared to do in order to do it in a way which resonates with your soul.

What about that chance to shine? What about all those other favourite Libran pursuits – romance, pleasure, immersing yourself in beauty and art, creativity? Most astrologers overlook the fact you are very like Leos in many respects. The good news for all of that this week is that ruler Venus in your social butterfly and goal-getting 11th angles across to sexy Mars in your 5th of romance. Look at what you attract without effort. It could be that new set of friends, a new lover or an opportunity to shine, be noticed and feel not just alive again, but validated too. This week contains a terrific bonus for you one way or another.


19 Jun 2018 Neptune Turns Retograde (6th House) until end of December
19 Jun 2018 MERCURY TRINE JUPITER (10th House to 2nd House)

19 Jun 2018 SUN OPPOSITION VESTA (9th House to 3rd House)


21 Jun 2018 MERCURY TRINE NEPTUNE (10th House to 6th House)
21 Jun 2018 SUN SQUARE ASTRAEA (9th House to 6th House)
21 Jun 2018 SUN ENTERING CANCER (10th House)
21 Jun 2018 ASTRAEA ENTERING ARIES (7th House)
21 Jun 2018 VENUS OPPOSITION MARS (11th House to 5th House)

23 Jun 2018 SUN SEXTILE URANUS (10th House to 8th House)
23 Jun 2018 MERCURY OPPOSITION PLUTO (10th House to 4th House)
23 Jun 2018 SUN SQUARE CHIRON (10th House to 7th House)

monthly horoscope

Showcase yourself

Set your values

Go with your instincts

Ruler Venus sitting in your 10th at the start of the month is all about enhancing your status. Your stock both personally and professionally should be on the rise this June, Libra as your entire money/work/career sectors feel the love while your sector of personal power and corporate money is packed with potential thanks to Uranus now in here. Set your standards at the start of the month and determine not just what it is you want but what you are prepared to trade, leverage or sell out for. You’re being asked to set your own price and this stems from your value system. Just what are you, your talents and skills, worth? June sees you negotiating something in your favour and this could be that salary, benefits or even the T&C of that relationship. One thing is certain – you won’t be selling yourself or your ideas short now. Mercury’s arrival in your 10th from the 12th and the Sun in here from the 21st, favours contracts and business dealings. Important agreements can be reached and if you are not shifting roles, then more work and responsibility may be on its way – along with the recognition that goes with it. Above all, take yourself seriously now because if you don’t, how do you expect others to?

Venus now adds sparkle to your social 11th from the 13th but before that, don’t forget that your 10th is the house that rules your partner’s status or anything that enhances yours. So, don’t dismiss Venus’s potential to attract a long term lover or even a friendship that you will benefit from for years to come, while in here.

This month’s new Moon appears in your 9th of freedom, expansion, learning, travel and adventure. Because this is your house of learning, this is one of the points in the year where it’s good to take a moment to reflect on what you’ve learned so far. We’re halfway through the year – the Sun enters your 10th on the 21st marking the day of the summer solstice (or winter if you are in the southern hemisphere). Where do you want to go from here? What do you want to do, achieve or experience before the year ends? And most importantly of all, how can you use what you have learned this year to do this? It’s time to expand your horizons. Travel or the start of a metaphorical journey is often marked by this new Moon. You can also expect new people to be entering your world to share your journey with you. Many Librans will have been experiencing a deep soul calling for someone new to enter their life over the past months. This could be for one special person or entrée into a new social circle that’s very different to the one you usually inhabit. You’ve been broadcasting the need, and this Moon could mark the answer to that call. The 21st – 25th sees Venus oppose Mars in your 5th and then square Jupiter in your 2nd, bringing you love or connections that could quite literally be ‘assets’ to you.

We’re heading into some major retrograde weather which is going to last until November. At its peak we will see six planets retrograde and Venus your ruler will be retrograde during October and November. This month sees Neptune and Mars retrograde – Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are already retrograde. Mars rules action and also passion and desire. Retrograde in your 5th from the 26th you could experience a romantic connection that lacks heat and/or waning creativity. Neptune is also retrograde from the 19th in your 6th of work and wellbeing. Neptune’s ability to confuse and conceal gets diluted during retrograde cycles and we can see clearly what needs to be done or how things truly are. In this case, what steps you need to take when it comes to the work you do (paid or unpaid) or with your health. There is at least one question you need to answer around these issues so look closely.

This month’s full Moon is in the Moon’s ruling house in your chart and falls conjunct Saturn in here. Time to look at your foundation and your ‘roots’ but without becoming over-sentimental about this. This full Moon marks a point of release after which you can begin to build something new for your future. Changes of residence can often accompany this full Moon as can career decisions as it falls conjunct Saturn who rules our 10th of career. This is a Moon under which people from our past can sometimes reappear. If they do, see them in the context of the present and not the past. Because this is a Moon marking the ending of a phase, you need to look closely at what or who you are taking forward into the new one.

Time to socialise, to see and be seen and to work your ‘brand’. In other words, you and what you have to offer as Mercury arrives in your glittering social sector and house of goals. It’s time to go with your instincts when it comes to your ideas or business. You’re generating a vibe that others gravitate towards so put yourself ‘out there’. New connections and travel are also favoured and someone could act as the catalyst for a long overdue and beneficial change that releases you from any rut you have fallen into lately. Your stock should be climbing now. Invest in you.

In a nutshell: Work that brand, Libra. Time to make the most of your image, your smarts, your skills and anything and everything you have to offer. Others will respond in ways you’ll love.

annual horoscope

Libra 2018 

Your love life is under the spotlight for most of 2018. Quirky Uranus has been given you quite the rollercoaster ride over the past seven years. 2018 Kicks off with Uranus turning direct in your house of love. Have you had shocks, surprises or revelations connected to an ex? If so things are calming down after the 2nd.

Having said that you are still keen to make radical decisions to find peace and harmony in your close relationships. Venus, your ruler, is joining forces with game changer Pluto in your home and family zone. If you’ve been waiting for an energy shift, Pluto could deliver. Be proactive and think about what you can do to give it a helping hand. The Sun is also conjunct Pluto on the same day giving you the confidence to say what you need and want from home and family.

2018 could be a spectacular year to invest or transform property, look out for an idea on the 16th when Jupiter the planet of good fortune in your money and security zone sextiles Pluto. With Saturn as your houseguest in your 4th, you are laying the foundations for something that truly sustains you. Home, family and your roots as well as your past will either be cemented or re-defined by you. There’s an element of putting the past in perspective here. Of looking to what truly sustains you and of establishing your priorities. You may move or buy property at this time. See Jupiter as your banker and Saturn handing you the keys. This is all about creating a future and thinking in the long term. You’re bringing a new maturity to this and also a new perspective. You make your own rules and perhaps, if you have long term issues around family, then to heal these. This may involve re-writing the rules about what family is to you. You can live on your own terms now and again, these are keys to your future.

February brings you the ability to bring about a deep healing as Venus conjuncts Neptune on the 21st.  This allows you to move into a space of self-love and forgiveness. 2018 is an empowering year for you. Through being compassionate with yourself, there comes a magical shift in your love life. There could be cosmic and karmic link and soul contracts operating here. Venus enters Aries and your 7th house of love on the 6th March further enhancing the cosmic magic. Chances are your higher self has been sending you messages through dreams, insights  and just ‘gut’ feelings before all this transpires. You may have an intuitive sense someone is going to appear – and then they do. Tap into your inner knowing now.

Jupiter goes retro from the 9th March bringing in a possible return of potential from the past. Take meetings and hook up with past contacts who might prove more influential than you think. Where you in love with a project or had a lofty dream you let go of? Now is the chance to reboot, revamp and upcycle it. For best results be consistent. Nothing pays off like persistence. It’s time to dedicate yourself to a dream – and see it through.

The major news of 2018 is Uranus which moves from your relationship zone to your house of primal power. Uranus in the 8th house is going to make the next few years incredibly interesting.. Expect profound experiences and close encounters this year. Sex, money, life, death, rebirth and intense experiences. Uranus is waking up the depths of your soul; anything buried now  rises from the ashes. The Universe is asking you to examine your relationship to power and powerlessness and all your raw emotions and subconscious desires. Remember, all the parts of ourselves we fear, we disown – these ‘shadow’ elements are in fact where our power resides. Uranus in here can have us looking at these very differently and integrating them. We can reach own for new solutions, new ways of framing experiences and in fact see that our fears have no power over us – unless we choose to give it to them. 

On the 7th August Uranus will take you on a magical mystery tour into your past as Uranus seeks to surprise you with old patterns and tunnels of enlightenment. If there’s anything you have chosen not to deal with obsessions, sexual issues or losses from yesteryear Uranus will lend a helping hand. At first it might appear overwhelming but Uranus is intent on showing you your true power. Step out into a radical new dynamic now.  

Unlike Mercury, Venus your ruler rarely goes retrograde. So when she does on Oct 6 and in her ruling house in your chart (2nd), this is your cue to pause for serious thought. During the retrograde period she will move back into your sign and while she is moving backwards, Jupiter will shift out of your 2nd and on in to your 3rd. Is there an opportunity you have missed? You are being asked to look again or to be given a second chance opportunity. This is one of those rare cycles that can bring back something you missed –or return something that was always intended for you. Grab it when it reappears. 

Jupiter in your 3rd sees a yearlong focus on writing, communication, commerce, the internet, study, travel or just you discovering how far one idea can take you. Actually a very long way indeed. If you have a book, script, blog, website, business  or idea you need to share with the world, now is the time to do it. Jupiter will remain in your 3rd until December 2019 and remember, he is also in his ruling sign. This makes him extra expansive, optimistic and adventurous. It’s a time to dare to reach for that dream and Jupiter gives you the confidence to do that, while Uranus plugs you into the power of trying something new, innovative and maybe a little bit radical. The results could just be powerful magic with which to build the cornerstone for your future, Libra. Make 2018 the year of making the many opportunities around you realities.

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