the week ahead for taurus

Your social conscience is opening to new levels. You feel connected with humanity and want to be of service. At the same time, temptation is being dangled, but should you go for it?

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The power of three
Don’t repeat mistakes

Your heart is open to working towards doing something that makes the world a better place on the 26th. With Mars in your communications zone and Neptune in your social zone, you feel compelled to get involved in a movement, charity, or team project that reflects your soul purpose. Mercury joins the party on the 28th, so expect profound and meaningful conversations. Be careful about being too forceful though, as Mercury is also conjunct Mars, making you quick to anger if you feel there has been an injustice. Have you caught the fabulous film ‘Wonder Woman’ yet? She is your power animal this week. ‘It’s our sacred duty to defend the world’ is your mutual motto! Go and catch the film to boost yourself up!

Mercury opposing Pluto, the lord of transformation, on the 30th, brings things to a head, and you might find yourself in a power struggle. If you’ve been holding back, it all spills out in a volcanic rage. Be especially cautious when getting into disputes at work. Do as much as you can to calm yourself, so meditate, play sports, and reduce your stress levels. Your inner, raunchy side is also eager to conquer, but don’t be led by blind lust, or you could regret it.

Chiron, the wounded healer, goes backward on July 1st, bringing up an old wound that may feel re-poked! This is an opportunity for you to handle it differently! In your case, it’s related to groups. You got this!


26 Jun 2017 MARS TRINE NEPTUNE (3rd Hse to 11th Hse)

27 Jun 2017 MERCURY OPPOSITION JUNO (3rd Hse to 9th Hse)

27 Jun 2017 MERCURY SQUARE JUPITER (3rd Hse to 6th Hse)

28 Jun 2017 MERCURY TRINE NEPTUNE (3rd Hse to 11th Hse)


30 Jun 2017 MERCURY OPPOSITION PLUTO (3rd Hse to 9th Hse)

1 Jul 2017 CHIRON Turns Retrograde until December (11th Hse)


2 Jul 2017 MARS OPPOSITION PLUTO (3rd Hse to 9th Hse)

2 Jul 2017 SUN OPPOSITION JUNO (3rd Hse to 9th Hse)
2 Jul 2017 SATURN TRINE VESTA (8th Hse to 4th Hse)


monthly horoscope

Taurus June 2017

‘Dark lady laughed and danced and lit the candles one by one
Danced to her gypsy music till her brew was done
Dark lady played back magic till the clock struck on the twelve
She told me more about me than I knew myself’ Cher (Taurus)

Although there are a few challenges this month, Venus, your ruler, protects you and sprinkles you with love potion number 9 as she saunters into your sign on the 6th.  Luckily for you, she makes you adorable. Even if people are annoyed with you, you have a unique charm.

Just before that, on the 3rd, Venus is conjunct Uranus, bringing a love revelation or secret out into the open. Profound messages from the universe emerge about your relationship karma and soul connections. You should see a pattern and understand how your love relationships have shaped who you are and how important it is to be conscious of your role as a lover and partner. If you do this soul work, there could be a lovely reward coming. On the same day, Jupiter, the planet of luck, is trine the Sun, giving your work dreams a boost.

When Venus enters Taurus, you feel back to your old self and much more optimistic and excited about all your personal relationships. Friendships are delightful, and love sorts itself out; you feel in control and flowing. On the same day, Mercury shifts signs and gives all your conversations a grounded feel. In the next couple of weeks, your focus turns to money, security, and laying foundations.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune, is going direct from the 9th. If you’ve felt sluggish, unfit or put on weight, you have the chance to transform this. It is suddenly easier to get fit and look after yourself. You can also deal with pesky, irritating tasks that you’ve been putting off.

The Full Moon on the 9th is pretty intense, and she is swarming your primal zone. Shadowy feelings may rise to the surface. Issues related to jealousy, obsession, desire, money, life, death, and rebirth are all poked. Do trust your feelings and intuitions but stay grounded. Avoid getting pulled into over-the-top beliefs or hanging out with groups with tin-foil helmets as La Luna is squaring Neptune the planet of illusion and paranoia! Whatever you do, don’t watch a stream of YouTube conspiracy theories!

Talking of paranoia–Neptune turns retrograde from the 16th until November, making it difficult for you to ignore what’s happening in your tribe. If you’ve fallen into some unhealthy or negative groups on social media, you’ll see them for what they are. If you’ve been unrealistic about money, it’s essential you deal with it now. Scrutinise anyone with whom you want to collaborate to make sure they are on your wavelength.

That being said, a lot of planetary energy in your thoughts and communications zone make this a time for writing, exploring conversations, and thinking. A whole new set of ideas is coming to you.

The New Moon is conjunct with Mercury, echoing this energy and giving you a clean slate and fresh start. You’re moving to the next vibrational level when it comes to your inspirations and ideas. In plain language, you are having exceptional clarity and vision; however, the New Moon is square Uranus in your collaboration zone, so others may take a while to catch up with you. June is a month to think, learn, and grow.

2 Jun 2017 NEPTUNE SQUARE  CERES (11th Hse to 2nd Hse)

3rd June 2017 VENUS CONJUNCTION  URANUS (12th Hse)

3 Jun 2017 SUN TRINE  JUPITER (2nd Hse to 6th Hse)

4 Jun 2017 SUN SQUARE  NEPTUNE (2nd Hse to 11th Hse)

4 Jun 2017 MARS ENTERING CANCER (3rd Hse)

6 Jun 2017 VENUS ENTERING TAURUS (1st Hse)


9 Jun 2017 JUPITER Turns Direct (6th Hse)

9 June Full Moon (8th Hse) Square Neptune (11th Hse)

13 Jun 2017 MERCURY TRINE JUPITER (2nd Hse to 6th Hse)

15 Jun 2017 SUN OPPOSITION SATURN (2nd Hse to 8th Hse)

16 Jun 2017 NEPTUNE Turns Retrograde until 2nd Nov (11th Hse)


18 Jun 2017 SUN SEXTILE URANUS (2nd Hse to 12th Hse)

18 Jun 2017 MERCURY OPPOSITION SATURN (2nd Hse to 8th Hse)

19 Jun 2017 VENUS TRINE JUNO (1st Hse to 9th Hse)

21 Jun 2017 SUN ENTERING CANCER (3rd Hse) (Midsummer)


24 June 2017 New Moon (3rd Hse) Conjunct Mercury, all Square Uranus (12th Hse)

25 Jun 2017 MARS SQUARE JUPITER (3rd Hse to 6th Hse). This begins a T- Square Mars also Square Pluto (9th Hse). This ends on 3rd July

25 Jun 2017 SATURN OPPOSITION CERES (8th Hse to 2nd Hse)

26 Jun 2017 MARS TRINE NEPTUNE (3rd Hse to 11th Hse)

27 Jun 2017 MERCURY SQUARE JUPITER (3rd Hse to 6th Hse)

28 Jun 2017 MERCURY TRINE NEPTUNE (3rd Hse to 11th Hse)
30 Jun 2017 MERCURY OPPOSITION PLUTO (3rd Hse to 9th Hse)

annual horoscope

Taurus Yearly Horoscope 2017

Your primary focus this year is on work and your health and well-being. It’s not all boring though as some striking love aspects have you sorting out your love life and deciding what you want in relationships. There are moments where you could get caught up in (what in the immortal words of Gaga is,) a Rah rah ah-ah-ah! ‘bad romance’. It’s exciting but don’t swallow the illusion whole!

You’re determined to do things right and improve yourself in all areas. Jupiter, the Planet of luck, expansion and abundance, shifted signs in September 2016 and since then you have tried to sort out your priorities.

You’ve compassion and empathy and a burning desire to give back and be of service to others. You work hard and are efficient and centered. If you keep your eye on the ball, you can amount some serious booty and build healthy, abundant foundations.

Mars is not overly helpful at the beginning of the year as he’s in a bit of a wishy-washy place that’s ideal for your psychic ability, gut reactions, dreams and visions but less useful for getting things done, you’re much more ethereal than usual!

On the 1st Jan, Mars is conjunct Neptune lord of illusion, spirituality, hidden enemies and psychic ability. You may find your spiritual tribe on the 12th Jan but beware of illusions.

Take the time to tune into what’s going on around you, as a secret is revealed. Look out for a hunch that pays off. Remember, Mercury is retrograde so keep your ideas to yourself until after Jan 8th.

Mars enters your sign on March 9th which gives you gusto and drive until April 21st and is the most energised month of the year. Mars in your sign trine Pluto Lord of transformation on the 6th April is especially powerful bringing you a daring opportunity which might be connected to travel.

Your ruler Venus goes retrograde on 3rd March making you nostalgic for a few weeks, so if you have any unfinished business with an ex, this could be the time they reappear.

However, You’re a bit off kilter (Rah rah ah-ah-ah! etc!) so it’s not the right time to start new relationships as you can’t see what’s going on under the surface and can be taken in by superficial charm. If you do fall in love, don’t make any commitments until after April 16th.

Venus enters your sign on the 5th June which brings some enchantment to your love life and flings you into all sorts of tantalising opportunities; you love the world, and the world loves you. Make the most of your glorious ruler’s visit spread your warm heart and recharge your soul.

Love is well aspected and ecstatic at various points this year, and the crescendo is in October when Jupiter the Planet of luck zips into your relationship sector, this brings you a year of good fortune in all forms of partnerships, especially romance.

However, make sure you do the work on your inner self and shadow as sex, money and power are serious business for you. Saturn is forcing you to come clean and own your stuff. You may feel restricted when it comes to sexuality, especially if you’ve been having an affair or been caught up in obsession, Saturn is taking you in hand. Having said that, other people find you especially attractive this year. You can deal with addictions and clean up your act. Thanks to Saturn this is the perfect year to heal old soul wounds, past life issues/connections and father issues.


01-Jan-17              Mars Conjunct Neptune in Pisces  (11-House)
19-Jan-17    Mars in    Pisces (11th House)  Square Saturn in Sagittarius  (8tth House)

11-Feb-17    Moon    Leo (4th house ) Lunar Eclipse
22-Feb-17    Mars in    Aries (12st House)  Square Pluto in Capricorn (9th)
27-Feb-17    Mars in Aries  (12st) conjunct Uranus in Aries (12 House)
27-Feb-17    Mars in Aries (12) opposition Jupiter in Libra (6)
03-Mar-17    Jupiter in Libra (6) opposition Uranus in Aries (12)
30-Mar-17    Jupiter in Libra (6) Square Pluto in Capricorn (9th)
30-Apr-17    Saturn in Sagittarius (8th) Square Chiron in Pisces (11th)
26th April     Super New Moon in Taurus (1)
19-May-17    Saturn in Sagittarius (8 house) Trine Uranus in Aries (12)
25th May 17       Super New Moon In Gemini (2)i
29-May-17    Mars in Gemini (2) Opposition Saturn in Sagittarius (8)
24th JuN 17      Super New Moon in Cancer (3)

02-Jul-17    Mars in Cancer  (3)     Opposition to Pluto in Capricorn (9)
04-Aug-17    Jupiter in Libra (6) Square Pluto in Capricorn (9)
21-Aug-17    Leo Solar Eclipse  Russia / Canada / USA
24-Sep-17    Mars in Virgo (5) Opposition Neptune in Pisces (11)
28-Sep-17    Jupiter in Libra (6) Opposition Uranus in Aries (12)

10-Oct-17    Jupiter  Enters Scorpio (7)

02-Nov-17    Saturn in Sagittarius (8th house ) Square Chiron in Pisces (11h House)
11-Nov-17    Saturn in Sagittarius (8Th House)  Trine Uranus in Aries (12House)

03-Dec-17    Jupiter in Scorpio (7) Trine Neptune in Pisces (11), Super Full Moon in Gemini (2)


Exact 12 Jan 2017

VENUS SEXTILE  PLUTO (11th House to 9th House)
Exact 20 Jan 2017

VENUS SQUARE  SATURN (11th House to 8th House)
Exact 27 Jan 2017, Exact 8 Apr 2017, Exact 21 Apr 2017

JUPITER OPPOSITION  URANUS (6th House to 12th House)
Exact 3 Mar 2017, Exact 28 Sep 2017

Venus also goes retrograde on the 3rd (in Aries  12 house)

MARS TRINE  PLUTO (1st House to 9th House)
Exact 6 Apr 2017

Venus in Pisces goes direct

VENUS OPPOSITION  JUPITER (12th House to 6th House)
Exact 19 May 2017

VENUS SQUARE  PLUTO (12th House to 9th House)
Exact 25 May 2017

MERCURY SEXTILE  NEPTUNE (1st House to 11th House)
Exact 28 May 2017

VENUS TRINE  SATURN (12th House to 8th House)
Exact 1 Jun 2017

Exact 3 Jun 2017

5th June 2017

VENUS SEXTILE  NEPTUNE (1st House to 11th House)
Exact 20 Jun 2017

VENUS TRINE  PLUTO (1st House to 9th House)
Exact 24 Jun 2017

VENUS OPPOSITION  SATURN (2nd House to 8th House)
Exact 24 Jul 2017

MERCURY TRINE  URANUS (4th House to 12th House)
Exact 24 Jul 2017
Intensity of mind. Experimental attitude. Expression of radical or unusual viewpoints. Technical interest. Inventiveness.

VENUS TRINE  NEPTUNE (3rd House to 11th House)
Exact 12 Aug 2017

VENUS OPPOSITION  PLUTO (3rd House to 9th House)
Exact 15 Aug 2017

VENUS SQUARE  JUPITER (3rd House to 6th House)
Exact 17 Aug 2017

VENUS SQUARE  URANUS (3rd House to 12th House)
Exact 24 Aug 2017

VENUS TRINE  SATURN (4th House to 8th House)
Exact 13 Sep 2017

VENUS TRINE  URANUS (4th House to 12th House)
Exact 18 Sep 2017

VENUS OPPOSITION  NEPTUNE (5th House to 11th House)
Exact 30 Sep 2017

VENUS TRINE  PLUTO (5th House to 9th House)
Exact 3 Oct 2017

VENUS SQUARE  PLUTO (6th House to 9th House)
Exact 28 Oct 2017

VENUS OPPOSITION  URANUS (6th House to 12th House)
Exact 4 Nov 2017

7 Nov 2017

Exact 13 Nov 2017

VENUS TRINE  NEPTUNE (7th House to 11th House)
Exact 16 Nov 2017

MERCURY SEXTILE  MARS (8th House to 6th House)
Exact 17 Nov 2017, Exact 6 Dec 2017

1 Dec 2017

VENUS SQUARE  NEPTUNE (8th House to 11th House)
Exact 10 Dec 2017

VENUS TRINE  URANUS (8th House to 12th House)
Exact 20 Dec 2017

Exact 25 Dec 2017

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Taurus is ruled by Venus the Planet of love and is an Earth sign. Loyal, rock solid and sensual you are the best friend anyone could ever want. Ok, you're stubborn and pig headed but when you love someone, you love them forever. Your soul lesson is not to get stuck in the same patterns and to put your determination to the highest good. Below you can find free daily, weekly monthly and annual readings for Taurus.

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