Who put the fire out?

Watch and wait – don’t rush

Go for the slow burn, Aries!

Who turned down the heat?! This month could see you looking at where your va-va-voom has vanished to. Did someone steal your mojo? Since your ruler Mars arrived in your sign in June you’ve been hot, hot, hot – and in hot pursuit. Fearless and unafraid, you’ve not hesitated in going after what you want.

So, when Mars stations and then turns backwards in your 1st on the 9th, it’s not that the heat is no longer on. It’s simply it’s switched from searing to slow burn. You still own that confident fiery assertiveness, but you are choosing to express it in a slower, more scorching form.

First, the full Moon in your 12th on the 2nd, puts you in the right frame of mind to go for the slow burn or take a less direct route towards your desires. It’s also about connecting you to a bigger picture. Because Mars in your 1st is all about you, your passions, assertiveness and confidence. But Mars retrograde allows you to see things from the perspective of others.

Just think of this full Moon as giving you a deeper perspective. Your dreams may be especially lucid but one word of warning – don’t take them literally. Dreams are always symbolic. It’s up to us to look beyond the obvious interpretation. Secrets or deep insights may come to light. But this Moon connects you with the bigger picture. You will see you don’t always have to act in the moment but wait. That’s the key to understanding your Mars retrograde.

It’s been years – literally years, since your ruler made a retro-pass in your sign. Mars retrogrades approximately once every two years. And the last one was 2018. But the last time Mars went backwards in your 1st? 32 years! So, we can say for many Aries, this is the first experience as adults of this and perhaps the first experience of this in their entire lifetime. That’s why it may feel like you’ve been unplugged from that current of confidence and assertiveness you’ve come to take for granted!

Bear in mind like all retrogrades, it’s an illusion. No planet goes backwards. It’s brought about from our earthly perspective in order for us to experience another kind of planetary energy. So, what’s your Mars Retro Playbook? First – don’t push. It won’t get you anywhere. Going in full throttle has worked up until now. Especially with Chiron in your 1st allowing you to see what you can get away with. However, you now need a different tactic. Do what you can – then let go and sit back.

What’s your rush?

Above all, wait. Don’t make major decisions and avoid impulsiveness. What (or who) you’ve been hot for could now leave you cold. This especially applies to relationships. You have Mercury in your partnership zone from the 5th and Venus in your house of attraction and romance on the 6th. Talk, lighten up, party (within guidelines) and play. A conversation is your best course of action now.

If those feelings of frustration or major mehs involve another, be aware that both of you may be taking things way too personally now. You might want to read their forecast to see how retro Mars is affecting them. Again, use that Mercury in your balancing 7th to talk honestly and don’t get defensive. Be open to the other party’s point of view. This is where retro Mars can take you from ‘me’ to ‘we’.

Hold on, help is on its way!

Mercury’s opposition to Chiron in your 1st on the 11th could see you suggesting a radical solution to smooth over any disagreements. Jupiter, bringer of solutions shifts into forward gear again on the 13th – the same day as Venus also makes a wonderful angle to Chiron from your 5th. Also, that person you never thought to hear from again? Never say never.

This month’s new Moon is in your 6th on the 17th. It’s a secret hidden supermoon. Unlike full Supermoon which light up the sky like lanterns, a new supermoon appears by stealth. We may be unaware it is happening. Unless we read our astrology forecast of course! So, think bigger potentials for new beginnings than usual. And as this one will trine Saturn in its ruling 10th, think something long term. So, whatever you begin now you will stick to. That lasting slow burn effect is now working in your favour!

As this superpowered Moon is in your 6th don’t be surprised if looking at your health, wellbeing, diet and exercise regimens now become top priority. Feeling good, working smarter – all come under the rulership of this house and new moon. Any changes you initiate now you are likely to stick with. Eating better, healthier, greener. Exercising and being outdoors – all these are also antidotes for the Mars retro mehs if you are still experiencing them.

Feeling good about yourself always has that knock-on effect when it comes to feeling good in our relationships. So, think of any changes you make as getting you fit for love. The Sun in your 7th from the 22nd always brings a period where partnerships – past, present and those simmering with potential, get put into the spotlight.

So, again, if not much is happening (yet) with your love life – think of things as coming slowly to the boil. Here’s the downside to Mars wildfire love. It can burn out just as fast as it ignites. So, again, go for the slow burn and if you have just started to see someone – don’t write them off too quickly.

You’ll be open to listening as Mercury opposes your ruler on the 24th. You’re in a conciliatory mood and looking to compromise. Or come up with a solution that keeps everyone happy. This also applies to business – and to anything you share with others – especially over the long term. Mercury’s arrival in your 8th on the 27th along with Juno in here from the 21st favours long term agreements.

This can be between you and your love partner, your employer, the bank and could involve anything from your salary to who does the dishes. No matter what this is, you are intent on finding a solution. Especially around the end of the month when Mercury and Juno meet. This is a fabulous date on which to enter an agreement or sign important documents or contracts.

Burn baby, burn!

Despite the retro Mars fizzle, the month could end on an unexpected heart-starter as Venus still in your 5th of attraction action trines Mars on the 28th and the Sun opposes Chiron in your 1st on the 30th. Unexpected developments and potentials around love, children and what makes your heat beat faster show you that the heat is back on Aries. And now you know it never went away.

In a nutshell: It’s been 32 years since your ruler Mars went backwards in your sign. You may feel unplugged from your trademark confidence and passion. But it’s still there, Aries. Go for the slow burn this September!

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