Recapture the magic

Don’t rush

Love demands you apply what you have learned from it

All the outer planets are backward facing this month plus we have Mercury in Retro Lite and then Retro 2.0 at the end of the month. All this adds up to going back over stuff. This simply grates against your pro-active, always-in-motion Aries vibe. Just remember that all transits have a purpose and that sometimes going back over stuff allows us to recapture some old magic we should never have stopped weaving in the first place.

While ruler Mars remains in your 6th, try to slow down and focus on the details. Yes, this may involve going back over something to see what you missed the first time. But rush and mistakes could be made or worse – you burn out, Aries. Mars in here wants to get the job done. Plus you may feel there’s no task you can’t tackle. So, you end up forgetting to pace yourself or again, completing something in a hurry only to find you now need to do it all over again.

Knock knock, ping ping. Another rare and special Mystic Rectangle appears on the 3rd of which your ruler forms a key angle. We had one appear back in July and if you look at them on a chart they look like the back of an envelope. So, think message in a bottle, email, snail mail, news, texts, that WhatsApp group, answers, invitations or door knocks. There’s an announcement or something opens up for us under these aspects which are a mix of trines, sextiles and oppositions. They are free-flowing but at the same time we have to make some kind of effort or stretch ourselves. Or we have already done that and now comes our result.

This combined with the new Moon in here on the 7th makes this your window for job and career related moves if you are seeking work or to change jobs. Certainly, get that application in or that project to a key stage before the Mercury retro on the 27th. Fated, date stamped news perhaps involving you and another party is highlighted as the planets move through your 7th house and trine the North Node in your 3rd. First we have Mercury on the 3rd angling to it in its ruling house and sign.

Then once Mars enters here from the 15th it performs the same trine on the 21st. The Sun lands in here on the 22nd and trines the Node on the 26th so watch for key news, people and progress on these dates. And above all, please remain focussed on the small stuff.

Venus moves from ruling 7th to your 8th on the 10th. Any prospective partnership or double act may crystallise or go deeper now. This is also your ‘other’ money house and this area of your life may now be up for transformation and change. Especially as Venus rules your bank account. So, between now and the key Venus/Uranus opposition on the 23rd, that news or game-changer I mentioned could see your financial matters in focus.

Its important to have a strong value system in place. Uranus’s long term transit through Taurus and your 2nd has been all about refining this. Uranus is telling you to know you are the real deal and to strike exactly that based on this. Especially after Vesta joins Venus in your 8th from the 21st.

A dreamy, creative and highly intuitive full Moon links your past with future possibilities on the 20th when it appears in your 12th. You’ve a link now forming between you and timeless loves and the multiverse. This is the full Corn or Harvest Moon. The time of gathering as the year pivots and day and night becomes equal on the 22nd with the Sun’s entry into your 7th and the equinox. Or if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, this is spring and your time for planting. On its way to Pisces, the waxing Moon passes both Saturn and Jupiter asking us to look at what we have sown and harvested and now what we want to plant for a fresh cycle.

For you, this may mean gathering in those memories and going deep into your past as in not just the past of this year but previous ones. Look at what needs to be released to make way for something new. This especially applies to partnerships, duos and double acts of all descriptions.

What the love?!

Renew the love with you current boo or else determine what you what seeds took root and gave you bountiful crop and what didn’t. And armed with this knowledge, look to what kind of love meets the you that has experienced this type of soul growth. Are you now seeking someone very different, Aries?

You can continue this process as we head into October as Mercury shifts to full fat retrograde on the 27th. As this is in your 7th house, this tells you it is not the time for anything new now but a time of renewal and reflection instead. If a reconciliation is possible, the way to accomplish this may simply appear along with the other party and there is no need to push. Either you have another chapter together or else that book is closed.

Watch for anyone or anything which returns from your past or comes full circle between the 26th – 29th when the Sun trines the North Node and then Venus trines Neptune in your 12th. Something could literally be resurrected or reborn or you begin anew. There’s a Grand Air Trine on the 26th featuring ruler Mars in your 7th linking to Saturn and then the Moon in your 3rd. Fated and dated also means releasing anything past its use-by date and not arguing with destiny. Surrender this September, Aries.

In a nutshell: Work matters dominate at the start of September and career inroads can be made. Love says look to the past and don’t rush into your future. Above all, don’t push for outcomes. Destiny has a plan of its own now.

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