Nurture all the facets of YOU

Embrace a little long-distance magic

Kick-start that new path!

Your needs, your path and self-care will feature in a big way this month, Aries. You are also going to have to tune in to that warrior wisdom and go with what that inner voice is telling you to do at the time rather than sticking to hard and fast plans.

The fact is, one moment you may feel like blazing a trail like a comet. The next, withdrawing and showering yourself with self-love and soothing. You are at your most dynamic this month. Yet at the same time, your most vulnerable and complex too! Hence the need to remain true to what your inner voice is telling you to do in the moment, and following its guidance.

Why this push/pull between that runway version of you in all its glory and soothing, meditative, hideaway you? First you have Venus landing in your home sector on the 2nd. Plus, a whole slew of wonderful, soul inspiring trines which inspire and take you deep within. Expect your psychic and creative abilities to soar under these.

And intuition and insight open up new roads to healing and soul satisfaction. You’ll have a greater appreciation for your home or surroundings. Or else be able to tap into what I can only describe as a deep, soul certainty as to the steps you can now take to change this and put it right for yourself.

High above our heads in the month of June – magic happens. Not just in one of the most creative and solution bearing aspects of the year which is the Venus/Jupiter trine on the 3rd and the Venus/Neptune trine on solstice day. But the migration of the Painted Lady butterflies. Each year at this time, clouds of these beautiful butterflies arrive. Their paper-delicate wings having brought them all the way here from Africa. And they continue on from here, up into the Arctic Circle – to Norway and Iceland, in search of the perfect ‘home’ or place to mate. And then they return.

This is a 12,000 km round trip and no single butterfly completes it. It takes several generations to head north and then back again. When they arrive here the conditions are right for them. Or if not they will continue onwards. So, they too are in search of the right home but at the same time – exploring and adventuring and ready to stop or carry on in the moment, depending on their needs and what they find. As ruler Mars lands in your 5th from the 11th, these butterflies perfectly embody the sense of daring combined with the need to find your path and purpose that you are playing with this June.

A Nelly song? That’s your anthem, Aries. But finding your home, path, place or purpose – on offer for sure. Just bear in mind that all this water sign energy right now is making you extra-specially sensitive and unusually vulnerable. So please bear this in mind around the 5th when ruler Mars still in your 4th opposes Pluto in your 10th. You may fly off the handle especially if this relates to anything to do with those needs or if someone pushes those buttons around deep-seated insecurities.

Deep Fake the Darkness

This month’s new Moon in your 3rd comes wrapped in a solar eclipse. This is an Annular eclipse and what this means is that the Moon is so far from the Earth its disc doesn’t completely cover the Sun like we see in a total eclipse. We get that ‘ring of fire’ appearance instead. There’s a couple of things to bear in mind around this eclipse.

The usual in that eclipses conceal and this is in your house of ideas, information, communication and contracts. And that Mercury which rules this house is retrograde in here. So please, avoid launching or signing anything, fact check as this is a ‘deep fake’ eclipse and take nothing on face value. If you can delay, do so.

The shadow of this eclipse will directly cross the North Pole. Cover ups could occur around climate change and the effect this is having on the earth’s magnetic core and orbit. Again, this is related to those butterflies and their migration. If travelling, you really do need to allow extra time for delays, cancellations, detours or even the weather!

Jupiter has just dipped a toe into the deep, resonant ocean of truth that is your 12th. Two things keep you on course and grounded this month. One is your enhanced intuition which Jupiter in here hands you – even after it turns retrograde and heads back towards your 11th on the 20th. The second are your values which underpin your home and living arrangements which Uranus has been revolutionizing in your 2nd. You’ll strike a balance or know clearly what you will or won’t compromise over on the 11th when Ceres and Uranus meet in here. This may also see you renegotiating an existing arrangements as this coincides with a Sun and retro Mercury conjunction in your 3rd. Don’t be afraid to suggest a new and better deal that does not involve you selling out on some level.

Put change in motion

The Sun’s arrival in Cancer and your 4th marks the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the solstice – the point where the year pivots. With your home, family and where you belong illuminated now, what better time to look to what you need to change? This process should nor be easy and free-flowing thanks to a grand water trine the following day between Venus in your 4th, the Moon in your 8th and Neptune in your 12th and another bringing deep healing and release into something truly sustaining, between the Sun and Jupiter on the 23rd.

Plus, you now have Mercury stationary direct also on the 22nd. Yes, it will take another three weeks to clear its retroshadow. But you now have a green light to proceed. Just stay tuned to that vast resource of inner knowing as there are still eclipse shadows about.

This month’s full Moon takes place in your status-setting 10th. This full Moon is traditionally known as the Strawberry Moon as this is the time when we would see them ripen – before air transport made them available year-round. This is a time for your game-face at least out there in the big wide world. It will also highlight the need to create that home or perfect place to retreat or recharge.

Mars in your 5th is a real heart-starter. It fills you with confidence and the desire to go after what you want. You’re unafraid to stand out, to show your passion and to wear your heart on your sleeve. And be unafraid to do so. So, your 5th house is one where you are ‘on show’ – hence the push/pull between your ruler in here and other planets in your 4th. Your 10th is the other house in your chart where you stand out but in a slightly different kind of way. This is your house of public and professional image and reputation.

How others see you – especially those in positions of authority and influence. So bosses and those at the ‘top’. You’ll be judged by how well you ‘own’ yourself and also your ability to keep your word.

Get your act together and take it on the road to success!

Owning’ yourself means being in control of your reactions. Hence the need to reach for that game face. Full Moons bring peak experiences. This one possibly around your job or that interview or pitch process or even dealing with those authority figures, government bodies or anything or anyone who makes up the ‘establishment’. Be seen as someone to be taken seriously. Unlike that old saying, it’s not that there is no room for emotion in business. It’s just that it may not be the right time to express it. That’s why you have your fortress of nurturing to retreat to.

This full Moon is an invitation to all of us to determine our path for the next six months based on those. Act accordingly.

This full Moon is important as its about looking at what you have accomplished since the start of the year. And resetting your priorities for the rest of it. Again, this goes back to those values. Additional clarity around these and what literally is your truth is available when Neptune heads backwards in your 12th from the 25th.

Venus joins Mars in your 5th from the 27th and you are about to enter one of the best periods of the year for romance and attraction. You’ll feel the desire to cocoon and comfort lift now to be replaced by openness, free spirited fun and the desire for love and pleasure. Plus, you’ll seek out ways to express this. Venus and Mars will meet in here next month so be sure to read more about what this means here. Summer is about to get a whole lot hotter. Bring the heat, Aries. Whether on that runway where you are personally on show. Or home to where your heart feels safe.

In a nutshell: This month sees a need to recharge vs. the desire to go after what you want, Aries. Just take it if you pace yourself, you can do both. Setting those plans for the rest of the year in motion means taking the time to ensure they are the right ones this June.

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