If you can dream it you can experience it

Get Ready for Secret Cancer (that’s like Secret Santa but with a map and cupcakes!)

Take that all important first step

Who makes it happen? You do this March, Cancer. What is it you want to start, begin, have, experience or even pick back up? If ever there was a month labelled ‘Begin it NOW’ for you – it’s this one.

Your ruler the Moon is pushing you towards an exciting new phase of emotional experience. Something bigger and which is designed to reconnect you to playfulness, learning, exploration or simply set you off in pursuit of a dream.

Imagine yourself doing what you love doing the most. What inspires you, makes you happy and above all, you can be totally yourself while doing it. This month is all about your search for Flow. And once you enter it – staying there.

Let’s get Physical!

Above all, as Mars lands in your 12th from the 4th, do something physical. Life was never designed to be a spectator sport. Yes, the situation with Covid may have made many of us feel we’re in some weird Simon Pegg/Nick Frost comedy about the end of the world that has taken a decidedly un-funny turn. There’s not even a pub that’s open in which to escape the apocalypse. Despite this, you can still take steps towards freedom, love and emotional satisfaction.

Mars says move it. Walk, jog, cycle, stretch, dance, skip, fly a kite, ride a horse, downfacing dog or simply take yours for a run. Build or create something. Tackle those DIY tasks. Get your garden if you have one, ready for spring. Mars has to take action. It doesn’t do navel gazing. Or even sitting around wondering if this is the right thing to do. March for you says spring into an activity and don’t go with the flow – create it for yourself instead!

Go big or go home

Once you are there, doors into opportunity will begin to open again. Usually with this month’s line-up in your 9th, I would be saying that travel especially the long-distance kind, would be on the cards for may Cancerians now. You are strangely enough, a sign associated with exploration. Yes, you may find this hard to believe as you reach for your heated throw and the Hob-Nobs. But astrologers in ancient times saw that many Cancerians had a restless side that yearned for a call to adventure. Probably when Mars was in their 12th along with a massive 9th house line-up. The reason being that you are ruled by the Moon and restless tides.

Leave that comfort zone for something wilder and bigger this month. And remember, travel isn’t limited to the physical kind. But includes leaning, spiritual and metaphorical journeys. Sometimes the journey or experience itself is the goal or destination. Especially when it involves a big vision we carry around with us.

This month asks you to step into a new experience cycle one way or the other. From the 13th, Mercury is out of retroshadow. And we step into a rare period where every single planet in the sky is direct! This also coincides with the new direction setting new Moon in your 9th. It’s breaking you free of the mundane. It falls close to the other 9th house planets in here – Venus and Neptune. So, this is your cue to stake that first step towards something you want to experience for your future. And to know that if you begin it now, that future will meet you halfway.

Despite most of us not travelling at the moment, you may find that the world comes to your door or via your devices this month. Especially after Mercury lands in here on the 15th. Overseas connections or contacts may feature as could distance business or learning. Making new connections even at a distance could open doors you don’t even know exist right now.

Key dates for you this month aside from the 13th are the 5th when Mercury and Jupiter meet for the 3rd and final time in your 8th. A solution or opportunity could appear that lifts you up away from a long term situation you may have felt was never going to change. The Sun/Neptune conjunction on the 11th and the Venus/Neptune meeting on the 14th is all about you tapping into the highest level of love and potential. Luck is on your side on these dates – but you must be grounded and take practical steps to make the most of it.

Just be aware that it’s easy to drift off course and lose sight of what you are aiming for. So, when it comes to taking that first step towards a large, long term goal now, do have a map, chart, compass, itinerary, guidebook to stick to! Boundaries may also be an issue for you. Even to the point of asking yourself where they went? This could just as easily include someone who does not respect them. Just because your sensitivity means you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, doesn’t mean they get the right to trample on yours, Cancer. Don’t be afraid to tell someone they have crossed the line. Especially around the 24th.

Get Ready for a New and Better Deal

Let’s talk success your way as the Sun and Venus arrive in your status setting 10th from the 20th and 21st respectively. The 22nd has Mars working for you as it trines Saturn, ruler of your 10th, in your power money house. You will also be willing to try the outlandish, bold, charismatic and unique approach to establishing something for yourself under the influence of this month’s full Moon in your 4th on the 28th.

This is of course, the Moon’s ruling house. And it is shining back into your 10th and striking Venus in here as it does. The next day, the Sun and Chiron will meet in your 10th. You will be aware of having to strike a new arrangement on some level now, Cancer. This may not just be limited to work and career but could also include home, family, living arrangements and who does what. This may also include you telling rather than asking. Especially when it comes to how you need things to be.

Telling yourself a similar story could just put you back on course and in control when it comes to your future or what you need. If you suddenly wake up to the fact you have allowed things to drift in some way. Easy now that our routines have changed for so many of us. Taking a radical step to realign or coming up with new and better ideas is what the Mercury/Neptune meeting could hand you on the 30th. Take the first step on a larger, every day journey, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Expect a release into something bigger this month, Cancer. You are about to take the first step on an important journey. The destination? The future. Live it in the here and now in March!

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