Get ready for recognition

Dress to impress

Open to opportunity

Opportunities, solutions, personal ambition and that next big step. Time for some fierce, confident, determined self-promotion now, Capricorn. The month begins with you inspired and ready to explore what’s on offer for you. Believe me – a lot, Capricorn.

Your core beliefs around what you can do and achieve will also have a bigger role to play than usual this month. You need to feel what you do counts, has a purpose and above all, will be recognised and rewarded. Now this applies just as equally if you are a CEO Sea Goat or one that engages in unpaid work. You need it to add meaning to your life and you aim to set a new standard while doing it. And have others recognise that fact.

Capricorn doesn’t climb that ladder of success simply because it can. It does it because how it does it gives it the soul power to get there. Capricorns usually love what propels them higher. In fact, Cappy Gone Bad usually gets tipped off the top of the mountain or out of the boardroom when they got there out of nothing but ambition for its own sake. Capricorn’s long term success in any area rests on a true passion for what they do. And also in taking the time to admire the view on the way up.

Keep this all in mind as September begins. As pathways to progress are eased and new ones appear. The rewards or simply recognition you have been working towards – those too. The 3rd brings us a Mystic Rectangle. A super-charged aspect which looks like the back of an envelope when we see it in a chart.

Knock, knock, ding dong, ping ping. Answer the door or the call to action. Let opportunity in. Don’t procrastinate or worse – pretend you’re not home! The last Mystic Rectangle appeared back in July. What happened back then? Or was in its beginning stages. This was the time when the Sun was in your 7th and house of partners. Who had a co-starring role in your life?

Think message in a bottle, email, snail mail, news, texts, that WhatsApp group, answers, announcements, invitations or door knocks. There’s an offer, acceptance or something opens up for us under these aspects which are a mix of trines, sextiles and oppositions. They are free-flowing but at the same time we have to make some kind of effort or stretch ourselves. Or we have already done that and now comes our result. Or we now make that extra effort to make it real.

This could involve that other half of a past, present or potential double act I mentioned as this rectangle has the Moon in your 7th opposing Pluto in your sign. Then there’s Mars in your 9th opposing Neptune in your 3rd. There could be a joint desire here to make something real or one party hold out an opportunity, offer or helping hand to the other.

Open to opportunity

This appears just before the new Moon in your 9th on the 7th. When the new Moon appears in this house it tells you that a new journey is beginning. It’s designed to take you away from what you know and into fresh territory to explore. It asks that you get serious about wanting to be all you can be, to truly desire to live up to that potential you know you have. And above all, to grab any opportunity that comes your way. So, just say yes, Capricorn and go along for the ride!

A planetary shift is happening elsewhere in the sky giving you extra resources to tap into. First Venus changes signs on the 10th and its now not just about what you know but who. Venus in your 11th enhances all your connections – social and professional. Venus in here is all about making that introduction and also in others just wanting to be around you. People will be in a mood to offer help and assistance with Venus in here. So, mine your network.

Venus can also deliver creative, glamorous and generous friends in this house. But not usually lovers. Don’t spoil the vibe by wanting more unless you enjoy being friendzoned. Mars changes signs on the 15th giving you that shot of extra fierceness and confidence to tackle anything like a boss when it arrives in your 10th. Bear in mind that Mercury is now in retroshadow in here from the 7th pulling a full reverse on the 27th. So, seize the day and don’t delay when it comes to those moves.

Travel and study may feature for some of you. But as Mercury is slowing down, please put those Retro Rules in place even if you are setting out before the 27th. Projects peak and promises could be delivered by the full Moon in your 3rd on the 20th. One piece of news, click or conversation could be pivotal. But watch for restlessness and saying or even releasing something that’s only half-formed (that Mercury retroshadow again as this is Mercury’s house!).

This is the full Corn or Harvest Moon. The time of gathering as the year pivots and day and night becomes equal on the 22nd with the Sun’s entry into your 10th and the equinox. Or if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, this is spring and your time for planting. There’s no better time to begin something serious than the 21st – 26th when trines with the North Node in your 10th and a Grand Air Trine offer inroads to income and career progress.

On its way to Pisces and your 3rd house, the waxing Moon passes both ruler Saturn and Jupiter in your 2nd. Income, money, possessions but most of all – values will be highlighted. What you do with your resources. What adds value to your life. By the time the Moon reaches your 3rd, you will be looking at how you can utilise what you have to leverage more of what you need. And you may initiate conversations or actions under this full Moon designed to achieve just that.

However, ensure your message is clear. And if you are not clear about what someone else is saying please ask for clarification. Combined with slowing down Mercury this full Moon can produce confusion and misunderstanding. Also, don’t believe everything you read on social media. And please, avoid pointless spats with strangers on it over who is right.

This process will have you looking deep into your needs. Especially when it comes to being supported, nurtured and accepted for who you authentically are. Do you feel you have to bend yourself out of shape to people please? It doesn’t matter who – family members, partners, friends. Do you worry if you didn’t they would withdraw? As the Moon waxes you’ll see who or what provides you with the kind of love that allows you to be seen and heard and appreciated for who you are.

Gather your smarts, walk your talk and work it like a boss once the Sun lands in your 10th. This is one of your arrival points of the year. You are now on the radar in a positive way. Especially when it comes to people in high places – decision makers, bosses, authority figures, influencers, VIP’s.

Dress to impress. Even if you are just taking a Zoom meeting. Your image and reputation is everything now, so guard it. Even your on-line one. Someone may be checking you out to see if you’re The Right Stuff and belong ‘up there’ with them. And that promotion, client or job could hang in the balance.

You may find yourself moving in new, exciting or even elevated circles as Venus in your 11th opposes Uranus in your 5th on the 23rd. While the free-flowing Venus/Neptune trine on the 29th promises easy, pleasurable conversations and encounters between like-minded souls. This month should open doors or offer opportunities and rewards for that long game you’ve been playing. Be ready, Capricorn. Your dedication and patience could just pay off.

In a nutshell: Expansion, freedom and opportunity take you up, up and away from the everyday and put you back up there where you belong, Capricorn. You’re in a position to make your move and impress this month. Work it!