Shake up that status quo

Bring love into focus

Practice extreme self-care

Look beyond the obvious this June, Capricorn. Especially if something happens to turn your world or simply your plans, upside down. And give them a good shake to boot. Because if something doesn’t go exactly to plan, it could be because the universe simply has a better one in mind for you. And what is more, if that’s the case you won’t have to wait too long to discover what this is.

Before I get to the frankly miraculous movements across your news and partnership sector, let’s look at the unexpected. Uranus rules this of course. It works with the element of surprise. Sometimes upending our plans and turning our world upside down in the process. But there’s always a plan behind the random twists Uranus produces. That’s for us to gain our freedom on some level. So, bear this in mind this month. Especially in the middle and at the end of the month.

This could involve a lover, your children if you have them, your adult children or even a creative project. The 11th sees Uranus and Ceres meet in your 5th. While the 30th has Uranus form a tense T-Square between ruler Saturn in your 2nd and Mars in your 8th. Hang on to that value system and don’t compromise if you know it simply isn’t right. If you have been ignoring something for far too long, maybe just letting it slide, then this will show you that you simply cannot afford to do this any longer. Prepare to stand your ground if so.

You also have two major oppositions occurring between Mars (5th) and Venus (23rd) in your partnership sector, and Pluto in your 1st. Again, if you have been avoiding something, these key dates could make them unavoidable. Don’t let things drag on however. Uranus in the mix here means that if we don’t deal with things, sooner or later the universe steps in and deals with it on our behalf. Usually in a way that is a big wake-up call. This month hands you massive servings of midsummer magic. So, don’t allow lack of attention or cruise control to mess with this, Cappy. And again, look beyond the obvious and go beyond your usual reaction too.

Practice Extreme Self-Care

June is all about the love for you, Capricorn. Or the future of a partnership. Venus arrives in its ruling 7th on the 2nd. And then trines Jupiter in your 3rd on the 3rd. This could deliver news that’s simply too big to miss across a personal or even a professional relationship. Again, this could be unexpected but in this instance, oh so beneficial. We’ve a series of duo, duet or double act forming trines this month. This one being the first.

Before we get to the others, pay close attention to what happens around work or wellness around the 10th and ask yourself what self-care actually means for you? Yes, we know what Instagram images of this look like. But the reality may be very different indeed. That’s what the eclipse in your 6th on this day wants you to delve into.

This is an Annular Solar Eclipse – so one that produces that ‘ring of fire’ effect that we see in eclipse images. As you know, eclipses are a cover up, a blind spot in our lives or an act of concealment. Total eclipses mean we are utterly in the dark. An Annular eclipse means we get that glimpse of the truth. A flash of insight – but as this is fleeting, we may not give it the attention we should.

This occurs in your house of your day job (paid or unpaid), your health and wellbeing, study, diet, exercise, pets if you have them, habits good or bad, and your routine and daily responsibilities. Mercury is the natural ruler of this house and it is retrograde in here plus is caught up in the shadow of this eclipse. So, if that ‘flash’ you have echoes a thought you have had before around any of these areas, you need to pay close attention. And also understand that extreme self-care sometimes doesn’t look like candle-lit baths, but is actually doing the things we know we need to get done so we no longer worry about them.

Get a serving of Midsummer Love Magic

This simply realisation can be all you need to release yourself to take full advantage of the magical series of attraction-in-action trines that define this June. Jupiter heads backwards in your 3rd from the 20th and will land back in your money zone shortly and then spend the rest of the year in there. With Mars (11th) and then Venus (27th) in your 8th and ‘other’ money house, expect assets and resources to take on new meaning that goes beyond what money buys you or how much you earn. It’s all about how you handle it and how you experience it rather than actual amounts.

The 21st-22nd puts love and all kinds of twosomes into the spotlight. The Sun arrives in your 7th on Solstice Day (21st). This same day also brings you a beautiful trine between Venus in here and Neptune in your 3rd. High summer could simply translate to a higher love experience. Or the pursuit of it. The 22nd ripples with love and relating potential as Venus and Neptune now link to the Moon in your 11th. Look to your love expectations now. And having done the extreme self-care work around the time of the eclipse, know just what or who you need to support you.

If you have no partner at the moment, you are now in one of the best period of the year to attract a new potential partner or relationship experience. Especially when the Sun trines Jupiter on the 23rd. But the Venus/Pluto opposition is a reminder to know you are complete on your own and you don’t need anyone to complete you. You especially don’t need the wrong one. These trines can bring someone new into our orbit, but also along with that Uranus rollercoaster in your 5th, release you if something is no longer working.

Maybe to pursue the magic again. Because that’s what’s happening high above our heads in the month of June – magic. I’m not referring to those trines either although they are straight out of Disney sparkly. But the migration of the Painted Lady butterflies. Each year at this time, clouds of these beautiful butterflies arrive. Their paper-delicate wings having brought them all the way here from Africa. And they continue on from here, up into the Arctic Circle – to Norway and Iceland, in search of the perfect place to mate. And then they return.

This is a 12,000 km round trip and no single butterfly completes it. It takes several generations to head north and then back again. When they arrive here, the conditions are just right for them. Or if not, they will continue onwards. So, they too are in search of the right experience, the right time for love and to weave a new chapter. If not, they fly on alone. But knowing that if they do, they will find what they are looking for.

So, use this as a metaphor this month. This applies to each and every one of us but in different ways as we are all on a bit of a quest right now. For you, this is about duos and double acts. For other signs, work with meaning and yet others, that perfect ‘place’ to build a life.

Butterflies use the earth’s magnetic field to navigate by. As do migrating birds and whales. The shadow of this month’s eclipse will directly cross the North Pole. Watch as cover ups could occur around climate change and the effect this is having on the earth’s magnetic core and orbit. Again, this is related to those butterflies and their migration. If travelling, you really do need to allow extra time for delays, cancellations, detours or even the weather!

Who is in the spotlight now?

This month’s full Moon appears in your sign on the 24th. Remember that full Moons shine their light back into the house opposite to the one they are in. So, this will highlight one particular past, present or emerging relationship for you, Capricorn. As we head into July look closely at this connection be it with that love partner, that bff, that working relationship, activity partner, collaborator or even that empty position that’s highlighted. And ask yourself how this all fits in with your commitment to self-care.

Because if you can’t love yourself – well, we all know you can’t love somebody else. This full Moon is traditionally known as the Strawberry Moon as this is the time when we would see them ripen – before air transport made them available year-round. So, new or potential love could be doing just that, a new working dynamic could be off to a flying start, a friendship forged or you just fly higher buoyed by that self-love promise to only commit to anything or anyone that truly supports and enhances who you are. You are complete already, Capricorn. Self-love is that realization.

In a nutshell: If you’ve been neglecting yourself lately, this month tells you to make self-care your priority. You’ll be glad you did, Cappy. It’s all about the love come midsummer. Try a little self-tenderness first.