Time for home truths

Emotion is power

Opportunity brings a release into something bigger

The 2nd hands you a full Moon in your 3rd. What’s on your mind, Capricorn? Bring any work or communication projects to a closure. Tie up those loose ends. Your siblings may feature under this full Moon if you have them. It’s excellent for getting together. Sibling rivalry? It may be better to put off that gathering for another day!

The truth needs to be out there

If you’ve got something to say, nothing is going to stop you saying it. This makes this full Moon an excellent one for pitches, interviews, presentations, public speaking or launching anything on the internet (which your 3rd rules). However, if doing anything on line, don’t get drawn into pointless differences of opinion with others. We are all entitled to our point of view. Be open minded and practice tolerance. And hey – if you don’t like something the remedy is simple – keep scrolling.

That being said, this full Moon can clear the air or deliver news you have been waiting for. Mercury which rules your 3rd is on the move too. It enters your 10th of career, status and your public image from the 5th. All the more reason to be walking that talk.

Venus also shifts signs from the 6th and lands in your ‘other’ money house – your 8th of sexy empowerment. Throw into the mix a Grand Earth Trine between the Sun in your 9th, the Moon in your 5th and Jupiter in your 1st on the 8th, and this could see you reaching for an opportunity or a solution to a long term issue.

Bring it on home, baby!

Getting things off your chest at the start of the month is your best plan rather than holding on to them. You’re feeling more sensitive and vulnerable than usual this month, Capricorn. How confident are you when it comes to sharing this with others? There’s a call to let others see your softer side as Mars, planet of assertive action, turns retrograde in your 4th from the 9th.

Your 4th house is the sign of Aries. And this is the sign Mars rules. It’s not a happy houseguest in your 4th usually. That’s because your 4th is a softer, emotive and feminine house. Mars is old-fashioned masculinity in a bottle! It does action not all that touchy-feely stuff. Mars wants an outlet or at the very least, a problem which can be solved by doing. Mars backwards in here however slows things down to more relatable proportions. And asks you not to be afraid to let others in or be upfront about those needs.

Mars retrogrades once every two years. But we have not had Mars retro in this house and its ruling sign for 32 years! And we won’t experience this again until 2047. Aries is a cardinal sign like yours. So, if you have Capricorn factors between 28 degrees and 15 degrees, Mars will square these twice during its retrograde period. You also have Pluto and Jupiter in here so Mars is going to square these as well – making this a Mars retrocycle like no other.

What can you expect? Changes and also commitments around home, living arrangements, career and family matters. Mars rules boundaries and for some this could be literal boundary issues around property, or saying no to someone. How comfortable are you with this?

Some of you may commit to moving in with a partner, to relocating or to sending those roots deeper where you are. Be aware that commitments also include leaving or moving on. Your mission should you choose to accept it is also to share those needs with those close to you. Don’t hold back or give in to fears. Or worse, shove those feelings aside.

We need to talk about Mars

Mars energy needs an outlet. And if you don’t express those feelings now what you will find is they burst out in expected ways – especially if Mars is at that point squaring a personal Capricorn planet. Or around the 11th when Mercury in your 10th opposes Chiron also in your 4th. This is just prior to Jupiter heading direct once again in your 1st which it does on the 13th – the same day as Venus trines Chiron. So, ensure you express yourself in appropriate ways instead of allowing things to come to the boil.

If you have questions, one of our astrologers can give you timings on this. What you need to avoid is flying off the handle over nothing. To avoid over-reaction and hurt feelings all round hand others the keys to your innermost thoughts and feelings. Give emotion house room. Above all, trust it’s okay to be vulnerable.

You’ve a great deal of personal power to tap into now to make changes or to push forward with career matters. So use this, Capricorn. Just avoid the feeling you have to ‘go it alone’ and if you end up feeling like the card of The Hermit in the Tarot – time to open up to someone and share. Even if it is a professional. You need to talk.

Walk through a door to new beginnings

This month’s new Moon in your 9th on the 17th, offers a new way to explore the world. Or a door opening opportunity, Cappy. If you have been feeling restricted, the 19th could mark the start of a fresh cycle of freedom. Your generous nature sparkles under this new Moon which is actually a supermoon. So, think supersized new beginnings and fresh starts. This Moon will trine your ruler Saturn in your 1st. You’re stepping into a fresh cycle of personal experience. Solutions to something which has been holding you back could also appear now.

Often under this new Moon, travel opportunities appear. But right now, this may simply be a chance to experience the world in a new way. Or via someone or something that expands your horizons. Take a chance now. It may be that you need to give yourself permission to explore something bigger. Above all, this new Moon wants to connect you to people. Perhaps even more so than a new Moon in your 11th. Don’t be a hermit, Capricorn.

Time to bring your best game as the Sun shines on career matters when it arrives in your 10th on the 22nd. The 24th sees Mercury also in here oppose that retro Mars in your 4th – so again, it’s all about knowing when you need to talk. And picking when you do and your response to what others say. In other words, avoid arguments and choose your battles wisely.

Mercury moves off into your 11th on the 27th. Expect messages, emails, invitations, calls, texts, followers, fans, likes and increased social interaction. New contacts and unusual connections can be made. Or friends open doors to new experiences.

Work some fierce confidence on the 28th as Venus trines Mars. The 20th also sees the Sun in your 10th oppose Chiron in your 4th. This is about a different kind of success story to the script you may have been following up until now. It’s about accepting or suggesting something radically different. The result could change everything especially when it comes to money, those you live with or love. Don’t be afraid to try it. This September says emotion is power. So, come from your truth, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Express, don’t repress your feelings now, Capricorn. You need to speak and share your truth. Being unafraid of the power of your feelings releases you into a new love cycle. That’s your power now.