Review the past to reimagine your future

What’s that reflection say about you?

A soul sparkling new love cycle begins!

We’re still in your birthday season as we enter 2022 but first you have to look back and pluck what still holds meaning for you from your past before moving forward, Cappy.

Ask yourself just what you want this year to bring for you. Because you’ve changed and its likely your desires and goals have along with this. and it’s all about new beginnings. The Now Age is pulling you into the future like an irresistible force. So, as January unfolds think about just what this new you wants from it, Capricorn.

You’ve been forged in the fires of transformation these past few years due to Pluto’s long term stay in your sign. You want something new from love and life and this has resulted in you having a new set of priorities. Especially when combined with Uranus in your 5th (more on this in a moment!). Your needs may have changed along with your attitude. Is that self-appreciation you’re projecting? By now you should know just how much you are capable of as you met the challenges in your path head-on. So, enter this new cycle knowing nothing is beyond you especially when Mars hands you self-confidence and scorching sexiness when it lands in your sign on the 24th. Just in time for Venus to head direct again on the 29th!

Before that occurs however you can weave new magic from past potentials. Due to the retro feel the new Supermoon in your sign on the 2nd is all about reclaiming something from your past and repurposing it for your future. Especially as this is combined with collisions and decisions around commitments this month. This includes commitments you have yet to make or are right this moment unformed but will await you on your future path. All down to the meeting between retro Venus and Juno on the 7th and the Sun and Venus on the 9th. An ‘are you in or are you out?’ moment will occur later this month when Pluto and Juno which rules marriage and all serious commitments we make, on the 24th – same day as Mars arrives in your sign. You’ll know the right choice to make at this point.

Even though the Sun will leave your sign for your 2nd on the 20th, this month sees the planetary focus remaining in your 1st. So, it’s about you, your image, your appearance, style, brand, message. You’ll be looking closely at how your outer appearance reflects the inner you and adjusting your look if necessary. Something that Venus retro in your 1st supports. Don’t forget – Mercury leaves your sign on the 2nd but returns during its retrograde on the 26th handing you plenty of opportunity to refine or reinvent that personal message whether it is visual or verbal. Certainly, once Vesta arrives from the 12th, you will be more aware than usual about how seriously you are taken. And correcting any misconceptions others may have about your meaning.

Love lights the way ahead

Enter into a pivotal understanding of both your needs and those of others. And also to stick with the theme about your image – how others see you at the time of the full Moon in your 7th. This is a Snow or Wolf moon. And like all full Moons it reflects its light into the house opposite to the one it is in. So, think of this as someone holding up a mirror for you. Not so you can gaze at your own reflection but look at how THEY see you as opposed to how you see and perceive yourself. Is there a disconnect here? Now sometimes this shows you they see far more in you than what you appreciate in yourself. They can highlight what you are capable of becoming or show how precious you are to them. Leading to the awakening of a new perspective within in that not only embraces this image but also your gratitude to them too.

Other times you see they simply do not value you the way you do them. This can be a hard but necessary wake up call for you. But again, no matter your actions as a result of this, you need to thank them on an inner level at the very least, for handing you this revelation.

Those of you in alignment with your significant other or bae, can take this into the freshly minted love cycle that begins in your 5th this month. Uranus heads direct in here on the 18th but the big news is the arrival of the North Node in here the following day.

Lovers, romance, children, your adult children, the children of your imagination as in your creative ventures, star shining opportunities are now in focus for you in a way they have not been for 19 years. Some of you may be reaching a pivotal milestone with your children – perhaps with them leaving home or moving on to high school. Others may be looking at their adult children making them grandparents. Decisions may be made around parenting. Or for singles, you could meet that lover who comes with the potential to turn you into a parent, step-parent etc.

Young people may enter your life whether you are single or settled and impact on it in a positive way. A creative venture could come full circle. A new talent cycle could awaken within you and taken you in a fated and fresh direction. No more waiting in the wings. It’s showtime for you, Capricorn! Yet another good reason to ensure that self-image is set to dazzle.

The Sun in your 2nd from the 20th throws a light on your resources and all you have to offer. You may be looking at a whole life budget or simply assigning assets to other areas as the Sun and retro Mercury meet on the 24th. Again, this may be in line with a fresh set of priorities for you, Capricorn.

Jupiter now in your 3rd of communication, learning and getting around meets Eros on the 30th. News could arrive which opens up a fresh direction for you in the months ahead. This could be a new work opportunity, a course of study or even an idea you are working on which ends up taking you further. This is a strategic meeting as you are carefully targetting what you are aiming for. Or what arrives seems designed with your future in mind. Venus now direct the day before begins to remove those barriers which will be gone entirely by the time we get to March. For now, this is the first step on a fresh path as opportunity makes a welcome return for you, Capricorn!

In a nutshell: That feeling of dragging a heavy load with you? Gone for good as 2022 begins, Capricorn. Look forward to a sense of life lightening up again. Love or a chance to shine is waiting. January puts you in preparation mode.

Jan 1 2022 Sun in Capricorn Trine Uranus in Taurus (1st to 5th)

Jan 2 2022 New Supermoon in Capricorn (1st)

Jan 2 2022 Mercury enters Aquarius (2nd)

Jan 7 2022 Retrograde Venus and Juno conjunct in Capricorn (1st)

Jan 9 2022 Sun and Retrograde Venus conjunct in Capricorn (1st)

Jan 12 2022 Vesta enters Capricorn (1st)

Jan 14 2022 Mercury stationary retrograde in Aquarius (2nd)

Jan 14 2022 Ceres stationary direct in Taurus (5th)

Jan 16 2022 Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (1st)

Jan 17 2022 Full Moon in Cancer (7th)

Jan 17 2022 Eros enters Pisces (3rd)

Jan 18 2022 Uranus stationary direct in Taurus (5th)

Jan 19 2022 North Node Enters Taurus (5th)

Jan 20 2022 Sun enters Aquarius (2nd)

Jan 23 2022 Sun and retrograde Mercury conjunct in Aquarius (2nd)

Jan 24 2022 Mars enters Capricorn (1st)

Jan 24 2022 Juno and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn (1st)

Jan 26 2022 Retrograde Mercury re-enters Capricorn (1st)

Jan 28 2022 Vesta in Capricorn Square Chiron in Aries (1st to 4th)

Jan 29 2022 Venus stationary direct in Capricorn (1st)

Jan 30 2022 Sun in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (2nd to 5th)

Jan 30 2022 Jupiter and Eros conjunct in Pisces (3rd)