Love and partnerships are back in focus

Prioritise that ‘Me’ time

Happy birthday, Leo!

Jupiter planet of expansion and opportunity, is heading back into your 7th of dynamic duos, double acts and duets of all descriptions at the end of the month. It will then remain in here until the end of the year giving you one more intense focus on partnerships – past, present and potential. Just who could this be? Chances are the full Moon in here on the 24th will show you just what exiting or emerging relationship could be your focus, Leo.

True love begins with you

Venus is the ruler of your 7th and opposes Saturn, also trawling here long-term on the 7th while simultaneously trineing Chiron in Jupiter’s ruling 9th. What is it you are seeking around love? Doesn’t matter if it’s an existing union or a potential one. All this is asking you is to get serious about it. Especially and please, this is important, if you have a feeling something is not quite right. Your most important partnership in life is the one you have with yourself. It is the bedrock from which all others are formed. To have trust in a partner you must first trust yourself. So, this month is already telling you to tune in to what you know about love and please, do not invalidate your own feelings.

There’s a need to explore this more and go soul deep at the time of the new Moon in your 12th on the 10th. Yes, with all the pre-birthday planetary action in your sign, chances are you have already been radiating that signature Leo show-stopping qualities and pizazz. This new Moon tells you it’s time to withdraw and engage in a little self-reflection.

So, if this is what you feel you need to do now, don’t ignore the call to unplug and immerse yourself in serious ‘me’ time. You’ll be glad you did. Honour those emotions and please, don’t doubt the validity of what you feel even if someone is telling you that you should not be feeling this way. I would say especially then.

Cocoon yourself in extreme self-care. The definition of which is different for all of us. Just go with what feels right. But if you can spend some time exploring your inner world now, what will emerge is the feeling that something new is about to emerge. And with that certainty, a very good idea of what or even who this may be. You’ll get a sense of purpose and surety if decisions need to be made. Remember – Jupiter offers solutions and freedom. Freedom often simply amounts to the ability to go in the direction we want and to make the choices we need to. You are about to move in a new direction and just before your ruler lands in your sign!

Even if you don’t get that precognitive vibe, this new Moon is one of the best for setting your intentions for the coming year. And then taking action on them. Either at the time of the new Moon in your 1st next month. Or even sooner if the desire to do something fills you with passionate intent.

So, prioritise this as you are now looking at one of the best days for attraction, love, recognition, partnership matters or what fires up your soul occurs on the 13th when Venus and Mars meet in your sign. Think passion, inspired action, confidence, desire and oh yes, mutual attraction too. At its highest level this is the card of the Two of Cups made real. Align with your purpose, your dreams, your desires. And expect the universe to reciprocate. This is a divine day for love, romance, enjoying time with your partner or for taking that step towards whatever it is you know will make that Leo heart beat faster.

Come from the heart

In fact, heart-centered action in any area is what makes the most of this meeting. Just as you may be off in hot pursuit of something or someone, expect others to seek you out too. Magical, mysterious alignments, that gut feeling confirmed, a fresh sense of certainty, deep resolution and healing – one, some or even a mixture of these could be contained in the Mystic Rectangle of the 15th. Mystic Rectangles look like the back of envelopes. And pretty well do what they say on the label. A message of some kind – an announcement, invitation, offer, acceptance, big news, result etc.

This one tells you to follow your gut, push through resistance and if there is a choice to make or path to take, you need to take the one that will bring you the most change. And do this fearlessly. Don’t allow doubts – especially the self-generated variety, to cloud your judgement. If you can follow the instructions in your envelope, it could just open up those opportunities and solutions Jupiter is waiting to hand you.

The 22nd sees two events occur simultaneously. The Sun lands in your 1st and Venus exits your sign to enter is ruling 2nd. Mercury will also join your birthday celebrations from the 28th while the 29th has Mars join Venus. Time for new beginnings, fresh starts and to put the past behind you. Hopefully that time of self-reflection and inner alignment has now handed you your mojo back freshy minted and gleaming.

You are heading into a year where sharing dynamics and mergers will feature. On both a personal and business level. Mortgages, loans, property – especially the joint kind as in marital assets. Your salary, benefits, payouts etc. Handling larger sums of money or being offered access to other people’s resources which can be intangible but incredibly valuable nonetheless, are part of Jupiter working your 8th. It will then spend half of ’22 in its ruling 9th giving you the biggest expansion boost you’ve had for 12 years.

For now, the focus remains on you and another. A key dynamic that brings you love or other benefits (and it’s all love). Time to rock your stock on a personal level and get your shine on if its been dulled recently. The month ends with powerful Ceres landing in your 11th opening up new worlds of experience around friends, groups, movements and people you know. By now you know what’s right for you and what isn’t, Leo. Go into your new cycle working that truth and shine on!

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Leo! Your royal progress for the year ahead coincides with Jupiter returning to your 7th of partnerships and lasting love. Long may you reign – with the right person at your side!


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