Initiate something new

Step out in search of success

Every witch-way for love this Halloween, Leo!

Moonwalking Mercury retro in its ruling 3rd may seem to be targetting you unfairly, Leo. It will head direct again from the 18th but please bear in mind you’ll still need those Retro Rules in place for another three weeks until it is clear of its retroshadow. We’d all like to think the moment it shifts forward everything is reset but that’s just not how it works. No matter what some astrologers may lead you to believe.

We do have extremely heavy retro weather occurring right now. As well as Mercury we have all the outer planets retrograde including two – Jupiter and Saturn, in your partnership sector. Again, this may have meant slow progress in love or serious work related matters. And because these are emotional areas, again this would have added to that feeling this is all strictly personal.

What’s not helped matters is that ruler the Sun also in your 3rd has you buzzing with plans and ideas which may be slow to start or simply on hold. Mars also resident in here until the 30th, fires up your intention, confidence and conviction. You feel the need to express yourself and aren’t content with simply talking. It’s cheap. You want to take action. You’ll also have little or no patience for those who waffle or fall under the category ‘Gunna do’. Your attitude is stop talking, just do it. And you’re apply this mantra to yourself.

If you have been having mixed results with initiating anything, stop instead and focus on what you have achieved so far. Revise if necessary. Reframe, revisit, realign, reinvent. One good thing about Mercury retrograde in here is that it can redeliver or have you seeing fresh potential in something you may have set aside. Something can return to you, maybe in a slightly new form or you decide to revive and relaunch.

Dates to watch for this are the 4th which hands a superb trine between Mercury and retro Jupiter in your 7th, the 5th when your ruler trine Ceres in your 11th, the 9th when the Sun and Mercury meet and then the 15th – a superb Sun/Jupiter trine which is all about you and another. A past, present or potential partnership.

You will be filled with the desire for something new now. And despite the retro flavour which does begin to break up from the 6th when Pluto heads direct in your 6th, you will begin the process of initiating or revival a new cycle just before that fully fledged Mercury green light winks on again.

The new Moon in your 3rd on the 6th nestles against Mars in here. It’s a great time for learning, study, PR, self-promotion, marketing, ideas, business, applications, design, advertising, photography, writing, anything to do with the internet, publishing, vloging, your website, podcast, screenplay, thesis or pitch. You get the idea – and that is literally what this new Moon is all about with the passion and push of Mars behind it. You should at least know what the idea or what direction you need to go in is now. Even if you are waiting for Mercury direct.

Venus moves into your 5th of all things Leo-ruled with a touch of the far far away, opportunity and expansion about it. Needless to say, this is one of the best transits of the year to go on holiday keeping that Mercury retro in mind. Try to at least take a short break if you can while Venus is in here as you should be assured of a good time!

Do what you do best – being you

Lovers, children, babies, millennials, teenagers, young people, adult children, grandchildren and relationships that have the potential to turn you into a parent or step parent are those Leo themes you know. As are opportunities to shine, stand out and be noticed when fused with those 3rd house activities. Venus simply does not play the understudy or second violin. Being the second choice because someone’s first didn’t work out? In your dreams! Time to werk what you do best – radiate and attract back in kind. Helped along now by Saturn and Jupiter direct in your 7th.

Reaching for something bigger, showing others just what you’ve got to offer than no-one else has, big plans and dreams, solutions and opportunities could make themselves known at the time of the full Moon in your 9th on the 20th. This is known as the Hunter’s Moon. And once again, Mars pushes your emotional boundaries and sets you off into new territory as this Moon opposes Mars as it is waxing.

It tells you that to fulfil those goals and reach your potential, you have to push against your own emotional barriers. You need to step into unknown territory and push the envelope a little – especially when it comes to ideas or what you desire to achieve now. It’s about trusting your own inner compass as this is an explorer’s Moon. Knowing you have what you need – knowledge, experience, talent, skills – to get you where you need to go.

As your ruler the Sun switches signs on the 22nd and heads into your 4th on the 23rd, resist any impulse to stay stuck and cling on to the past. This needs to be a time of release where you look at the difference between what sustains and supports you and what simply restricts and ties you down, preventing you from moving forward. You will be aided with this process once Mars arrives on the 30th.

All Hallows Eve is when the doors between this world and the spirit one open wide. In the United States we see the more playful aspect of this with trick or treating and getting dressed up for Halloween. In Mexico this coincides with El Dia de los Muertos – the Day of the Dead which is celebrated on Nov 1 & 2. Both are strangely similar in that tradition. Celebrate our ancestors. Not with sadness and mourning. Food, drink and yes, parties – or dressing up.

October 31 sees Venus meet Juno in your 5th. Juno rules marriages, commitments of all kinds and promises we make we can’t easily back away from. Or even want to for that matter! Love gets dusted with long term potential for witchey wizardey every witch-way dating opportunities. But as your 5th is all about showing out, zhuzhing up and general fabulousness why not launch yourself into a full on Halloween festivale of glamour, partying and celebration – in your own way? All treat, no trick, Leo.

If you can get together with your squeeze or friends so much the better. If not – party of one is fine. The doors to the other world are open wide and if you have a request now – make it and show your intention but your fabulizing presence. All efforts will be duly noted. Express your soul as we head into November.

In a nutshell: After what may seem like months of spinning your wheels, love and life shifts forward again. Time to leave that comfort zone behind and play and experiment when it comes to going after what you want, Leo.

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