Long live love in the here and now

Don’t let small obstacles get in your way

Inspired solutions and strategies for success appear

Venus lands in its ruling 7th at the start of the month. Joining ruler the Sun in here along with Mercury retro and of course, lucky Jupiter. And making this one of the best Valentine’s line ups you’ve seen in a very long time, Leo. Especially as at the time of the new Moon in here on the 11th, we will have a grand loved-up total of six planets in here. Talk about love ruling the stars.

Venus will meet Saturn in here on the 6th. Think serious love or any kind of partnership or double act. Many astrologers associate Saturn in your 7th with attracting an older partner. This is due to Saturn’s association with age – or should I say wisdom? However, in my experience, Saturn in your 7th can bring in a relationship where age can be a factor one way or another. Yes, an older partner is a possibility. But so is a younger one. You may be the older partner – not the other way around.

Remember – it’s just a number and love doesn’t do that. If it doesn’t worry the other party then it shouldn’t worry you either. Settleds could be taking existing unions to a deeper level of commitment. But please bear in mind that even Venus and Jupiter working together can’t fix anything broken beyond repair. Saturn also rules time – and this includes saying ‘Time’s up!’. And having the wisdom to know when it is.

Your status and your ambitions will also feature this February. This includes your job status, the title on your business card, your relationship status and also your public and professional image. How you are seen or want to be seen by others. This is always an important area for any Leo. You will feel the push to act and to pursue permanent, positive shifts around these areas as your ambitions soar due to Mars in your 10th. This of course goes hand-in-hand with the confidence to make them!

Strategies for Success

If a square involves your ruler the Sun, or enchanting, diplomatic Venus, then take it that while you may have to push through initial obstacles or make that determined effort, the outcome is going to be to your advantage. Any Leos seeking work or wanting a new direction will feel the impulsion to take hold of their destiny and act on the 1st when the Sun squares Mars. And again, around the 19th when Venus squares Mars. The same goes for anything you want to tackle regarding relationships and partnership matters of all kinds. Act in the name of love. Despite Mercury retrograde in your 7th until the 21st, if you are seeking love, put yourself out there.

This is a Mercury retrograde like no other as new beginnings are possible. And so are revivals, reconnections and returns. Those ‘re’ words still apply but this retro, embarking on something entirely fresh is no longer a no-go activity. Sure, it may go back and forth for a bit. At least until Mercury is finally clear of retroshadow next month. But the important thing to remember is you can begin it NOW. Or at the very least see the first signs of what will manifest appear.

News or progress around this could arrive around the 8th when your ruler meets retro Mercury. The 11th comes gift-wrapped with potential. The new Moon in your 7th is always one of the most important of the coming year for you. It is a time to focus on what you want from love in the next 12 months and to set your intentions. Or any kind of double act for that matter. Do not look back at the past. Know that if it still has a place in your life it would reappear anyway. But if it did it would have to be in a different form or a new deal would have to be worked out.

Make Love your Goal for the Now Age

This new Moon also marks the start of the Chinese New Year of the Ox – again making it a key one under which to set your goals. And it is also no coincidence that on the same day Venus and Jupiter meet in here. The promise is there of a big love experience for you for the upcoming cycle.

Or even right now. Venus meets retro Mercury in here on the 13th which could see the return of a lover or else something to celebrate for Valentine’s Day. V-Day itself is beautifully starred for you as it is the day Mercury has its second encounter with Jupiter in here. You have one more to come when Mercury is direct again next month. So, again, something may appear or be on the horizon but go back and forth until then. Understand if love is meant for you – or any opportunity for that matter, you don’t need do anything but relax and wait.

Let’s talk about the Galactic Centre as well. It is permanently in your 5th house – Sagittarius. And of course, this is your house of all things Leo-centered too! Around which your world revolves. Astrologers are now beginning to embrace the importance of this in our charts. Its gravity is so powerful it is literally ‘the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart’. In other words, our entire galaxy spins around it! At its heart is a supermassive black hole. This is where the laws of time and space break down. So we can also say, what we know or imagine is possible.

Valentine’s Day hands you a significant aspect between the Galactic Centre and a super-conjunction between Cupido (in mythology Venus’s son and yes, Cupid!), the Moon and Ceres in your 8th. Powerful and even cosmically driven changes around relationships or money could occur now. Bear in mind, this could be the beginning of something which may peak from May to July.

Your ruler is on the move from the 18th, arriving into your 8th of sizzling passion, shared assets and money. Don’t be surprised if someone offers something to you now or gives you access to greater resources. Especially around earning, income, shares, assets or even influence. Sometimes what someone offers is simply entrée which can be the most powerful catalyst of change or them all.

Mercury is finally direct from the 21st and you may now see what has been stalled or simply hanging around take on new life. Venus also enters your 8th on the 25th. If you’ve got that hottie in your sights now, expect the temperature to rise. But again, along with the Mars/Pluto trine the same day, this should give you that edgy, sexy confidence when it comes to going after what you want. Be it someone or something.

This month’s full Moon on the 27th is known as the ‘Snow Moon’ – although January’s full Moon is sometimes also called that. It is called the ‘Hunger Moon’ by some native cultures owning to the fact that food was in short supply. February in Romani tradition is called ‘Little black month’ – a reference to its short duration and also the winter depths. We are however now a month away from the spring equinox so remember that.

This full Moon is all about self-worth and self-esteem. It sends you deep into areas around what you deserve, attract and even how you are treated by others. Don’t forget the other lesson during this full Moon – how you value yourself, your skills and your talents. With your ruler now in your 8th this is all about empowerment and how comfortable you feel with that. Hopefully it shines on self-belief and go-getting desire that propels you on into March now, Leo.

In a nutshell: Love could rule the stars for you this Valentine’s month, Leo. Expect duos and all kinds of double acts to feature. It’s love for the Now Age and the future. But to be lived in the here and now.


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