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Happy birthday, Libra!

As Mercury enters your sign from the 5th and a full Moon shines on your routine, responsibilities and daily duties on the 2nd, we can’t not talk about your responsibility to yourself, Libra. Make wellness your priority and follow through on any insights your ‘gut’ is telling you around how to achieve this.

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Eating better, fresh air, exercise and support from what you do on an everyday level is what you need to focus on now. This full Moon may highlight something that has been allowed to go on for far too long – to your detriment. So, be empowered by what is shows you and make some changes. You will be amazed at how even the smallest adjustment leaves you feeling energised and more alive.

Share the love

Ruler Venus enters your 11th from the 6th. As we are now heading towards your birthday, it’s time to look at your goals. Which ones you attained during the past year. And what is still on that bucket list. Then there’s friends. Your ruler in here is about the love of friends rather than one particular person. And you’re about to experience love on slow burn now. So, between now and November at least, if one to one relationships get put on hold, focus on the love you share with that group, band, circle, network, club or association.

Why? Well, like your opposite sign of Aries, you are going to be one of the signs most affected by the Mars retrograde in Aries which begins September 9. It’s been 32 years since Mars last went backwards in here. So, despite the fact Mars retrogrades every two years, you will not have experienced one quite like this. And won’t again until 2047!

As this is your house of marriage and partnerships, this is going to affect a past, present or potential partner. Or even that frenemy, rival or opponent. There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. Just ensure it is the healthy kind however. Feeling you have to compete for someone’s love, time and attention – that’s the unhealthy kind.

Feeling left out of love can be a common experience during a Mars retro in our 7th. A bit like Aries, you may wonder where love has gone. You could feel on a different wavelength to your partner for instance even though you usually feel close. Keeping the passion burning may require more effort than usual.

Stop/start in the name of love!

Act don’t react is your best tactic for Mars retrograde. And if you are thinking about long term love decisions right now – anything from moving in to consciously un-coupling, then please, don’t rush. Take all the time you need. In fact, if anyone tries to pressure you into making a decision then this should be a red flag for you. And please, keep in mind, if something or someone looks to be too good to be true – it or they probably are.

If there is any kind of imbalance in your relationship – and here I am including close working relationships and friendships, Mars is about to hand you the way to restore that. For singles, the next six months could bring through an intriguing love possibility. But don’t expect it to be the fastest thing out of the starting gate.

Questions around the compromises you have to make in order to have the relationship you want or dream about, will form a big part of your ‘To do’ list. If we want a committed relationship, we will have to make them on some level. In other words, we can no longer expect to have things all our own way. So, looking at whether you have made too many, not enough, are ready to make them or not will preoccupy you. As could whether you will in a heartbeat, but not right now or only for someone ultra-special. Go with the truth of this Libra.

Spark to a flame

Reviving an old passion – eminently possible. Just don’t be in a hurry to jump straight back in, that’s all. Ensure you set the pace and have the respect you know you deserve whether it is from a returning, existing or potential partner, Libra. If not – you’re hot to trot to the next opportunity! Dates to watch are the 11th when Mercury in your 1st opposes Chiron also in your 7th. And the 13th which sees Venus trine Chiron. What you think impossible between you and another or a frankly improbable opportunity, could appear now as this is also the day Jupiter heads direct in your 4th.

You will have an intense feeling something big, something important is about to begin at the time of the new Moon in your 12th on the 17th. But you may not be sure of what this is. This new Moon is actually a supermoon. Your 12th is the house of all things hidden. It’s where potentials are born. We are usually unaware that a new Moon is a supermoon unless we are told. Because yes, it is hidden. So, its energy fits in with your secretive, intuitive 12th.

This new Moon also aligns to Saturn in your 4th – and the Moon’s ruling house. Home, family, those you live with, safety, security, feeling settled and roots are themes which will be triggered under this Moon/Saturn alignment. With your birthday around the corner, you may now be looking at how or where you want to be living. And wanting to establish that base for yourself.

Don’t be surprised if you go on a voluntary retreat now to the comfort of your home. Or simply want to spend time alone. You’ll be searching for insight as to what answers those needs within you. And yes, what this cycle is going to bring. For more insight, why not ask one of our gifted psychics as a birthday present to yourself?

Shine on!

The 22nd sees the Sun appear in your 1st house. The upcoming 12 months are going to see you enter the Now Age of Aquarius as both Saturn and Jupiter move into your 5th. Children, the next generation, your creative self-expression and yes, romance, will play a more prominent role than they ever have before. Only the most serious love will do now.

You are also going to see the difficult and restrictive cycle you have been experiencing around home and property issues, ease. Expect solutions to appear between now and December.

Before moving off into your 2nd on the 27th, Mercury in your 1st will opposes Mars in your 7th on the 24th. See this day as the start of an important discussion between you and someone else. And also, being the sign of partnerships, possibly provide you with an opportunity to revive an old one or begin a new one.

Ruler Venus in your 11th trines retro Mars on the 28th while the 30th has the Sun oppose Chiron also in your 7th. Your birthday present if you like could be being in the right place at the right time to make the right connection. Or simply that outcome in love you thought frankly impossible – ever. September sets you up for the Now Age of Love that’s coming for you next year. Enjoy your preview, Libra.

In a nutshell: Your birthday cycle promises an exciting preview of the Now Age you’re about to enter, Libra. It’s all about love, creativity and attraction. Ready? It’s a slow burn but so well worth the wait.

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