When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars

Okay, so the Moon won’t be in your 7th house as the Now Age of Aquarius begins. That privilege is reserved for Capricorns. Plus, Jupiter won’t align with Mars. It will however, meet Saturn in your 5th on December 21. Which is when we can say the Now Age of Aquarius is cosmically underway.

Ready to be noticed? For some red-carpet action? To be the centre of attention again? VIP moments and pure luck when it comes to love and other ambitions are likely to flow from who you know, Libra. Spread your wings and circulate as much as you can now. What the world needs now could just be your style of loving and spreading creativity and joy.

First, we are in mutable weather with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Juno in Sagittarius. Neptune and Ceres in Pisces. Plus, the North Node in Gemini and Vesta in Virgo. And mutable eclipse weather too with a total solar eclipse in Sagittarius on the 14th. The day when Mercury will oppose the North Node in Gemini. This is a karmic eclipse for many and will take us back to 2002 – or even further in 19-year cycles.

Get set for truth-gathering

Remember – ‘mutable’ means changing. So, what emerges or what you hear under this eclipse is going to change. Especially when you have an eclipse in your 3rd house of news, communication, the internet and everything you hear, say or put out there. Eclipses conceal or cover-up. When we have a total eclipse the cover-up is just that. We are totally in the dark about something.

Check your chart first for any factors at 23 degrees. And especially those in any of the mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sag and Pisces as well as your own sign. If you are unsure then one of our knowledgeable astrologers can help you. If you have chart factors at 23 degrees of ANY sign, then this eclipse will impact you in a personal way on some level. Even if this involves events at a distance.

Your 3rd rules studying, your neighbours and immediate surroundings, your siblings if you have them, writing, speaking, publishing, the internet, business and commerce. Your commute and how you get around. And short journeys in terms of distance or duration. Yes, this all sounds very Mercury influenced and this is because this is Mercury’s ruling house. So, one good way to think about this eclipse is Mercury retro on steroids.

Because something is hidden you may be told the truth – just not the whole truth. So, pay close attention if you feel someone is holding something back. Don’t take any claims on face value – fact check for yourself. And just as you would on a Mercury retro – try not to sign important papers or make a major purchase under this eclipse. Especially around the following: cars, domestic appliances, computers, phones or any kind of electronic device, make a holiday booking or buy a horse. And back up all important discussions you have in writing. And keep a copy safe.

News from overseas could either affect you profoundly or else impact on your job or business. We’re in a Mutable Eclipse cycle on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis with more to come in 2021. As this cycle progresses, you’ll see the truth emerge.

Ruler Venus is on the move into your 3rd the day after the eclipse occurs. With the planets in your 3rd opposing the North Node in your 9th, you could be draw back to somewhere you have been in the past – even if only virtually or via news from that place. Past, present and potential partners could also feature. There’s a time-travel element taking you back to something, someplace or someone now! A link to the past could even be what this eclipse cycle may be hiding. Is revival or revisiting part of your destiny?

Say goodbye to the squeeze

On December 17, Saturn finally leaves your 4th house of home, homeland, roots, family and security. Not to return for another 29 years! For many of us, the restrictions we have been labouring under began at the end of 2017 when Saturn first entered here. And peaked in 2020 when we had the life-changing conjunction between Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Ceres in Capricorn in January. Since then, we’ve had to adapt and work within restrictions – symbolised by Saturn’s rings.

Some of you may have down-sized during this cycle. Perhaps not out of choice. Property issues, your mortgage, leasing, renting, buying, selling, tenants, landlords, roommates – all may have been part of feeling squeezed, restricted and confined. Jupiter’s entry into here at the end of 2019 may have offered some solutions. But not all of them.

However, so many of us are now emerging from this cycle with a new perspective on what really matters. This has also been due to Uranus’s presence in that other earth sign of Taurus. In your chart your 8th house of ‘other’ money. Along with those restrictions, it’s refined our value system. Allowing us to focus on what we will and won’t compromise or ‘sell our souls’ over.

So now, take this forward into 2021 and the Now Age of Aquarius. It’s going to be about a new world where those new values matter. Two days after Saturn arrives in your 5th, Jupiter follows. Now, check your chart again for any aspects at zero degrees of any sign but especially any in your 5th house of Aquarius. This includes your ascendant or rising sign, descendant, IC or midheaven as well as your North Node. Again, if you need more insight, one of our astrologers can help you.

The 21st also brings us one of the most powerful solstice events of the decade. This day sees the Sun light up your 4th house and you will feel the difference in the energy now Pluto remains the only slow moving planet in here. This day brings the ‘official’ start of the Now Age with the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in your 5th at zero degrees.

C’mon baby, light my fire!

In focus now: Babies, children, young people; lovers past, present and potential – especially those who could make you a parent, stepparent, grandparent etc; hobbies, pastimes, creative ventures, areas where you shine, fun, pleasure, being noticed, attraction, luck, show business, reality TV, VIP’s, parties, red carpet events, holidays, sensuality, indulgence, hedonism and ‘lucky’ breaks.

Even if you have no children of your own, young people may feature in some way now. When it comes to having or experiencing what you want, friends and connections are your conduit for getting it. Expect to be attending some glittering or joyful events during the cycle – despite any lingering restrictions. Rubbing shoulders with celebrities or VIP’s is also a possibility. Especially established ones. Or is it you who is the star now? If fame is your goal, you could just achieve it. Saturn can reward like no other planet and combined with Jupiter, those rewards could get even bigger.

Whatever you desire – take a step towards it or to set events in motion. Above all, be serious about having it. This is no time for half-hearted efforts. When it comes to any goal – really, really WANT it. Or let it go. The same goes for that lover. Either they reflect or ignite your passion – or not. You don’t do tepid or Meh.

If you’ve felt over-looked, consigned to the role of the ‘best friend’ in what should be the movie of your life, spent too long working behind the scenes, this cycle offers an opportunity to move to front of house. You could be dealing with larger groups of people that before. Perhaps via your job or even that Instagram feed. You’ve an eye for beauty now so find as many ways as you can to express this, Libra. Begin with your own image and then let this flow into everything you say, do or put out there.

Becoming ‘known’ for something, turning a passion into a profession, effortless attraction and above all, putting the restrictions of the past few years behind you, will act like the ultimate rejuvenation process. Watch that ‘heavy’ feeling fall away like excess weight. You may look and feel younger as a result. All without having to result to Botox!

Life will feel full of future promise again as we approach 2021. The 30th brings a full Moon in your 10th. It may stir up deep feelings around what you have achieved in 2020 and what you haven’t. Don’t be too hard on yourself when it comes to regrets or feeling you could have or should have done more. This has been a year like no other. When you look back at it objectively, you will see that you are heading into 2021 with a stronger sense of purpose. Due to those refined values we spoke of earlier.

The final day of the year sees ruler Venus oppose the North Node in your 9th. It’s pointing you towards something from your past that is going to be a big part of the coming year. A person? A passion? A place? You’ll get that feeling you’re being drawn to it. Or is it being drawn to you? That’s the mutual energy of the Law of Attraction in your Now Age 5th already at work, Libra.

In a nutshell: Step out of the shadows and into the spotlight as the Now Age of Aquarius begins, Libra. Romance, playfulness, creativity and pleasure bring new experiences – and people into your life. Time to shine and radiate to attract this December.

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