Explore how far an idea can take you

Prepare for soul-igniting freedom

Not just someday – today, Libra!

Soul irrigating solutions which sweep away blockages just like a fresh, summer tide could be flowing your way this June, Libra. All thanks to your ruler Venus of course working closely with Jupiter now in your 6th of practical, everyday magic.

Venus enters your 10th on the 2nd. This is all about aiming higher but in a way which supports you as opposed to just success for its own sake. You know there’s a huge difference between the two, Libra.

Fall in love everyday

If this requires you looking back and making adjustments, don’t be afraid to do so. The 3rd brings the first of a series of truly awakening trines designed to help you create the life you can fall in love with and wake up to with joy – each and every day. Venus trines Jupiter on this day. One of the best transits of the year for all of us. But especially for you as this involves your ruler. Venus will also trine Neptune on the 21st – solstice day and the day the Sun joins Venus in your 10th.

The 22nd will bring a Grand Water Trine involving Venus, the Moon in Venus’s ruling 2nd and Neptune. The Sun will also trine Jupiter on the 23rd – the day Venus opposes Pluto in your 4th of security, home and supportive pathways. What does this all add up to, Libra?

A better job, a more authentic path for you to pursue, a healthier lifestyle, an energising work/life balance, more energy. Ditching habits that hold you back. More time for what you love to do as opposed to what you have to do. A better way of working, doing what matters and yes, being rewarded for that. Something may begin to emerge at the time of the Venus/Jupiter trine and then finalise or manifest in magnificent, satisfying form on or around the 23rd when the Sun trines Jupiter. So watch these dates.

Keep your cool around the 5th however and remain the boss of your responses. Mars also in your 10th will oppose Pluto in your 4th on this day. Do not get into disagreements with superiors or anyone in a position of influence or authority. Tap into your talent for diplomacy and if necessary, withdraw. You do not have to have the last word. Later this month on the 23rd, the Venus/Pluto opposition will hand you a better way of dealing with this.

Explore a hidden path to freedom

Yes, you have solutions and opportunities to hand this month. But you may have to either wait for them to manifest or else they may ask you to go down a previously unexplored path. Right up until the 21st when the Sun crosses into your 10th, Jupiter’s ruling 9th remains the point of focus for you. This is your house of long-distance travel, foreign affairs, academic study, philosophy, the law, mass media, sports, the outdoors, big dreams and large animals – bigger than a sheep and especially horses.

Mercury remains retrograde in here until the 22nd and you also have the North Node in here. Taking you back 19 years to themes that were beginning then. Due to the Mercury retrograde and the eclipse in here on the 10th, you need to exercise all due caution if you are travelling now. For some of us, things are opening up again. But this is all happening in a mutable sign which tells you things can change.

Ideas have hidden powers

The new Moon in your 9th is always about seeing how far one of your ideas can take you. It’s a time of launching, exploring and mining the stratosphere of possibilities that circulate in your head. But due to this new Moon being wrapped in an eclipse, and Mercury being retrograde and caught up in the shadow of it (the Sun and Mercury in fact meet the next day), it’s the time to refine, review and lab test that plan rather than werk it right now.

Also, disinformation and deep fake rule now. So, you need to fact check or adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach to anything you hear or are told under this eclipse. Look beyond the obvious in fact. Up to that stratosphere where there’s more going on than meets the eye.

Take a look and broaden your vision as another kind of journey is taking place high above our heads in the month of June. It also brings a touch of everyday magic and involves long journeys and the natural world – all 9th house issues. This is the migration of the Painted Lady butterflies. Each year at this time, clouds of these beautiful butterflies arrive. Their paper-delicate wings having brought them all the way here from Africa. And they continue on from here, up into the Arctic Circle – to Norway and Iceland, in search of the perfect ‘home’ or place to mate. And then they return.

This is a 12,000 km round trip and no single butterfly completes it. It takes several generations to head north and then back again. When they arrive here the conditions are just right for them. Or if not, they will continue onwards. So, they have a destination in mind, but they are prepared to keep going, exploring and adventuring, depending on their needs and what they find.

So, with this eclipse, be prepared to change course if necessary, depending on what you hear or discover. Remember, eclipses are neither good nor bad. Because this eclipse is in Jupiter’s house, this tells you that what you want or are seeking, may be hidden right in front of you. This is an annular solar eclipse, the kind that produces that ‘ring of fire’ effect. So, we get a flash of insight. Your may be to look closer at what you have in the here and now. If you get a flash around this, wait as there is more to be revealed.

In the big wide world out there, as well as Mercury, the shadow of this eclipse will directly cross the North Pole. Cover ups could occur around climate change and the effect this is having on the earth’s magnetic core and orbit. Again, this is related to those butterflies and their migration. If travelling, you really do need to allow extra time for delays, cancellations, detours or even the weather!

Technology, your car, appliances etc may be prone to breakdowns. Remember the rule – unless something is broken beyond repair, don’t buy any of these until Mercury is direct once more and certainly not under this eclipse!

Set that value system

Is time something you value? What about your energy, wellbeing, the value you bring to what you do? In the wake of this eclipse what you are or aren’t prepared to sacrifice or sell out over could just see your life spin out in a new and unexpected direction thanks to new deal Ceres and visionary Uranus collide in your 8th the day after the eclipse. This day also sees Mars leave your 10th and head on into Uranus’s 11th house. So, think freedom, new goals, fresh visions and worlds to be conquered But via having fun, feeling empowered, allowing yourself to shine and with a touch of charisma nobody can miss!

Exciting new people may cross your path now. So what about the love I hear all those single Librans ask? Venus follows Mars in here from the 27th. Next month brings the star-struck meeting between these two. Also, Chiron remains in your 7th. So, while we might usually be saying this is about shared passions with friends, Chiron says all bets are off now. Powerful, influential or radically different friends may feature and what starts as a friendship could turn into more. Or who you know or meet provides that key introduction. Whatever your goal now be it personal or professional, who you know could well hold the key. Circulate, Libra!

If you’ve been deferring projects and plans, then Mercury’s move forward from the 22nd gives you an amber light to move forward. Just remember, it will take another three weeks to fully clear its retroshadow phase. So, you can launch or move forward now, but know there could still be refinements or delays.

This month’s full Moon takes place in the Moon’s ruling 4th on the 24th. The day after Venus in your 10th opposes Pluto in here. This is a challenge and asking you to rise to the occasion. Perhaps by seeing success to terms of sticking to those values and not selling out in the pursuit of status or ‘stuff’. This full Moon is traditionally known as the Strawberry Moon as this is the time when we would see them ripen – before air transport made them available year-round. So, something you have been working towards for some time could literally be ripe now. Visualise the card of the 7 of Pentacles in the Tarot to tune in to more insights around this.

With Jupiter and Neptune both in reverse in your 6th keep focused on your daily routine and the small tasks you can undertake that result in a big difference when you add them all up. Focus on where you spend your day especially if you are now in permanent hybrid working. Ensure your space is energizing. It doesn’t have to be Marie Kondo minimalist, But it does have to feel free flowing, spark energy and be free to distractions like those dirty dishes or piles of unopened bills!

Venus’s arrival in your 11th from the 27th is as good a reason as any to get this done. Then you are free to explore exciting connections old and new and focus on your goals. Bear in mind next month sees Venus and Mars meet in here, igniting daring and passion. Plus, Jupiter is heading back into your 5th of romance and creative self-expression. Just call this month your preview, Libra with the best yet to be revealed.

In a nutshell: It could be an idea you dismissed has over-looked potential, Libra, If so, revive it now. June shows you there’s more to be experienced or explored than you realised. Hidden in plain sight in that everyday life.


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