Untangle your past and free your untamed side

Shine for you are light and wonder!

Your category is – Realness

It’s an Untamed kind of month, Libra. Have you read the book? This fabulizing month is all about authentically being the fiercest most unique version of you that you are capable of. And then seeing exactly what this hands you.

Brave New You

Of course, this is brave work. Not for the fainthearted! But then feisty you has never been that. Yes, we all know you are the sign who strives for balance and harmony. But this doesn’t mean you won’t take a stand if necessary, nor do what needs to be done when it comes to that outcome, Libra.

March initially shows you that there’s a huge potential for healing happening. And it begins with you no longer being willing to compromise or apologise for simply being you. And then asking for what you want directly. Or going after it without caring about what others think. As RuPaul says: What other people think about me is none of my business. Well, that’s true. And also, what you do is none of theirs either.

If you live your life caring about what others may think, you not only give away your power. But you cannot reach your potential either. Holding ourselves back to ‘fit in’ denies us and strangely enough, them, the opportunity to live a life filled with wonder and truth. So, why do it?

So, emotional honesty is your superpower this March. Be open about it or see the past as it was – and talk about that too. Above all, ask for what you need. Directly.

The healing aspects of this month are handed to you courtesy of ruler Venus in your 6th plus the Sun and Neptune and a new Moon pointing to fresh starts on the 13th. This is Mercury’s ruling house but it doesn’t arrive in here until the 15th. The deep healing I mentioned will be a continuous and freeing process all month long. Especially with Venus and the Sun opposing Vesta in your 12th. You’ll make connections between what you do and even your habits and even who you hang out with and how you feel. And why. And channel down healing as a result.

This isn’t a ‘slap a Band-Aid on that soul wound and keep going’ approach. But a deep emotional, physical and mental repair process where you see you have to give yourself understanding, caring and compassion. And take time out to do it is necessary. It’s a realignment process from which you will emerge rejuvenated and feeling whole.

Shine, for you are light and wonder

Shine – for you are light and wonder.
For there are galaxies within you and stardust dances in your soul.
Stars live in your eyes, and glory and grace live in your bones.
You are light and wonder.
You shine.

Doing this kind of work allows you to shine. How long has it been since you felt you were ‘light and wonder’, Libra? Let’s face it, Covid has made this difficult. But as you are undertaking your deep heal, Mars in your 9th tells you that while you may have wounds that need attention, this does not mean you are weak or have lost that fierceness. You are too strong and determined for that. What you are no longer doing is feeling you need to apologise for being you.

Getting on with the business of being you is what the Sun’s entry into your partnership zone from the 20th is all about. The one relationship we are in from cradle to grave to next life is with ourselves. So, love yourself and then yes, you can love somebody else – thanks again, RuPaul!

You are one of the few signs this month where love, what you love doing and the Law of Attraction is in full flow. You will benefit big time from the portal opening final encounter between Jupiter and Mercury in your Now Age 5th on the 5th. Plus once Mercury de-cloaks from retroshadow on the 13th in here, all the planets in the sky are direct. Step through that doorway marked ‘Opportunity’ no matter what form it takes.

And the category is . . .

This could be a self-created one. But one that again, allows you to shine. That should be your sole criteria now. For singles, someone could be drawn to that radiance. Or you attract in opportunities just by being you. Mars in your 9th from the start of the month has you wanting to break free. You’ll be testing your own limits during this time. Especially those that have been self-imposed or by others. And challenging them as part of your healing process.

Ruler Venus in its ruling 7th from the 21st and its meeting with the Sun on the 26th, is all about you drawing something or someone to you. The full Moon in your 1st on the 28th should show you who or what this is. It also opposes Venus. The day after this full Moon, the Sun and Chiron meet in your 7th promising a surprising twist in a relationship. One you may not have seen coming. It all tells you when you allow yourself to shine, surprises are what follow, Libra.

In a nutshell: Ain’t love the surprise this March, Libra. Be prepared for unexpected attractions and surprising developments between you and another. Deep healing clears the way for this to happen. Time to shine for spring!

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