Opposites reflect the truth

Know your true worth

Work that magnetism!

One particular person or connection is on your mind as September begins. It could be your partner. It could be someone you work closely with, that bestie or even that opponent, rival or frenemy. Watch who is literally on your mind or ‘opposite’ you at the time of the full Moon in your sign on the 2nd. No matter who it is or what the relationship is, they are holding up a mirror for you which is telling you something about yourself.

Sure, it can be positive. It can reveal your strengths or how you are seen and loved. Or it can show you where your weaknesses lie due to how they are acting towards you. If so, you will have plenty of opportunity this month to demonstrate your self-worth and show them and the world, how you expect to be treated from here on in.

Know what your assets are

Your greatest asset is of course, you. Your talents, skills and anything you bring to the table. Caring, compassion, empathy for instance. This month marks the start of an important cycle where you can upgrade how you see yourself and your values.

The 5th has Mercury planet of communication and business, move into your 8th of other people’s money and self-empowerment. You also have Venus on the move too. On the 6th it enters your 6th of work (paid and unpaid) and wellness. So, how you are paid, rewarded and treated by others and the link between this and your wellbeing are areas you are set to explore now. Don’t undersell yourself in other words.

Let’s go back to your values and worth, Pisces. More than money can buy in other words. Although your money may play a bigger role than usual now Mars, planet of action and assertive confidence, turns retrograde in your 2nd from the 9th.

Mars retrogrades approximately once every two years. But it has been 32 years since it was last retrograde in this sector of your chart and its ruling sign of Aries. This won’t happen again until 2047! Mars rules confidence, assertiveness, action and boundaries. And this is the house where your values and self-esteem are stored. So, aside from how confident you feel when it comes to being in charge of your cashflow, expect to be looking at your beliefs around what you feel you are worth – and how you expect to be treated by others and the world in general.

Mars is about boundaries. Which of course are set by saying no and by what we will and won’t accept, compromise or ‘sell out’. So, the foundation of boundaries are set by our values. Especially how we first value ourselves. Mars retro gives us the opportunity to examine these. And also to test how comfortable we are in saying no to people or asking for what we know we deserve.

Mars retro in here is also very good for saying no to ourselves. To setting boundaries or limits on our spending. With Covid-19 so many of us have re-examined what we spend our money on and even if we ever really needed those things to begin with. If you have started this process, you’ll go deeper into it now. Buying ‘stuff’ may have been replaced by doing things instead. Or spending our time and money on items which enrich our lives – like exercise equipment, that bicycle or a hobby for instance. Mars likes us to use our resources for activity!

Because I’m worth it

Being confident in asking for more or something better, is another element of Mars retro in here. And also being confident in taking action to get it if the answer we get is ‘no’. That value upgrade Mars wants to put on a slow burn while in here includes saying no to taking on too much at work without the commensurate rewards. To asking for a pay rise and if we don’t get it, to looking for something better without getting bent out of shape. This is purely business and a value-system mis-match.

You also have Chiron in your 2nd and dates to watch out for are the 11th when Mercury opposes Chiron. The same day you have the Sun in your 7th oppose your ruler Neptune in your sign. So, take note of what you are offered, what others are suggesting to you and how you are treated on this all-important date. As it is going to tell you how your internal values align with how the world sees you.

Invest in self-love

How you value yourself is always reflected by how others treat you. What are you prepared to accept now and what isn’t what you are worth or deserve? If we have low expectations, it’s funny how others or the world will mirror these. Raise the price of your stock by letting someone know what you are or aren’t prepared to put up with on a personal level too.

Your 2nd is the house which rules those relationships and connections which are ‘assets’ to you. The people who love and support you emotionally. Has anything become too much take and no give? Now is your chance to have that discussion and state your terms if things are to continue. Mars tells you if they can or cannot continue as they are. And also gives you the courage to act if you cannot get what you want.

Straight talk

You’ll also crave honestly as you are being so upfront yourself. If you think someone is hiding something or holding back, you’ll be double determined to get to the truth! If a relationship cannot continue under its present conditions, Mars retro in here guarantees you will at least walk away with your sense of self-worth soaring. That feeling – priceless. And it sets the value of your next encounter so much higher.

The 13th has Jupiter direct once more in your sector of friendships and the future while Venus trines Chiron. This could bring real validation as to your true worth via someone you know. They are showing how you are treasured. So, take this as how you should expect to be treated across all your relationships.

Friendship and so much more

Important new beginnings in love could be set to follow the new Moon in your 7th on the 17th. It’s bringing in an important new phase in relating which is being fuelled by you going over how you see and value yourself. This is no ordinary new Moon but a Supermoon. New Supermoons can often happen without us realising it as they are invisible. But you of all signs appreciate the power of the hidden realms!

This new Moon trines Saturn in your 11th. It points to a relationship which could start out as one thing but evolve into something so much more. There may be a difference in your ages – plus or minus 7 years or more. Don’t let age stop you from exploring its potential. It could be romantic even if it does not start out that way. Even if it remains just a friendship, this person has the ability to influence your future path. And there could even be a strong karmic link between you.

Back to basics

Time to get grounded and show everyone you encounter that you are serious about being taken seriously. The Sun’s arrival into your 8th is always a time of intense transformation and an opportunity to get back in touch with the fundamental needs of your soul.

Don’t forget – Mars is the ancient ruler of this house in your chart. You may be dealing with people in positions of power, gatekeepers and people who guard the vaults of power so to speak. Bank managers, bosses, VIP’S, power players. If so, you will need that surety about your self-worth and abilities we’ve been talking about all along. You can deliver on what you say, keep your promises and also, know your limits and what you will and won’t accept.

Creativity and self-control need to be worked in equal measure now. Above all, if you are dealing with anyone in a power position, you need to show you are in control of yourself and your destiny. In other words, don’t lose your cool.

Magnetise your desires!

We can’t talk about this house in your chart without talking about that passion and sexiness you are also broadcasting, Pisces. Empowerment and self-worth just fuels sexiness. Because you are now a magnet for your desires, you are going to attract now. Especially potential lovers but expect opportunities in so many areas to gravitate to you as well.

Dates to watch for this in action are the 24th when Mercury opposes Mars. The 28th has Venus trine Mars from your 6th making this a wonderful day to shake up that dull routine and for attracting work and money-making ventures including that side hustle. Your confidence to showcase all you can do or offer should be at a monthly high now.

Mercury will move on into your 9th on the 27th. Explore the internet, learning opportunities and new ways to experience the world from right where you are. The 30th could hand you an unexpected money making opportunity or job offer as the Sun in your 8th opposes Chiron. Or simply see you receive validation around the price you’ve set on yourself and all you are, Pisces.

Again, it’s what you’ve drawn to you simply by upgrading how you see yourself. Ensure you set your expectations and ability to accept more, higher this month, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Think of everyone you meet as your mirror this month, Pisces. They are showing you how you value yourself. Up-grading your worth turns you into a magnet for love – and opportunity!


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