Go big or go home!

Take your ideas to a new level

Pay attention to what happens behind the scenes

Big, bigger, biggest – there is no way to under-sell what is happening in your sign this month, Pisces. The last time your ancient ruler Jupiter paid you a visit was 12 years ago. The last time both your rulers were in your sign together – 1859. That’s right. This is a once in or actually in your case – twice in a lifetime event.

Why twice? Well, Jupiter will arrive, take a look around, hit any of your Pisces factors between 0-2 degrees. Then turn back and re-enter. So yes, the fat chance planet really does ring twice. And second time around opportunities reappear.

Now, take everything you know and love about your sign. And simply go large with it. Huge insights, enhanced intuition and sensitivity. Your favourite Pisces themes also get super-sized by the presence of the Fat Planet. (It’s not fat – it’s power incidentally. We do not body-shame planets here!).

The list is as big as the multiverse. Which falls under the rulership of both Neptune and Jupiter. Everything and anything ruled by both your sign and Sagittarius. And then mixed up together to great a bigger, more depth defining experience. Yes, as we begin this cycle many of us are still experiencing some form of restriction. But these should lift in 2022 when Jupiter and Neptune meet. So, think of where you want to get to now. And start planning!

Opportunities are all around you from now until July. And again at the end of the year. But Jupiter wants you to make the most of the ones in the here and now as it lands on the 13th.

Get ready for exposure!

During this May-July period Jupiter will expose answers, solutions and opportunities for you. There is one small exception to this rule however which I will delve deeper into later in this forecast. This can also relate to what you have missed out on, second time around changes and leaving behind a rinse-and-repeat cycle that has kept you confined for far too long.

Check your chart for factors between 0-2 degrees of Pisces or any of the other mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sag. Also, check your chart for any factors in any of the other water signs – Cancer and Scorpio. Because if you have them again at this pivotal 0-2 degree arc, stand by for even bigger benefits. Especially around love, romance, children, creativity, learning and experiences.

The big mutable weather we are in this month sees Mercury and Venus enter your 4th and fellow mutable sign of Gemini. You already have the North Node in here and what we are seeing are the planets colliding with this as they move through here. There is a big focus therefore on your home, homeland, family, living arrangements, lifestyle and path ownership. Where you feel you belong and how you want to be living.

If you are old enough, you need to be looking back in 19-year increments to see what happened around these themes.

Ceres enters Taurus and your 3rd on the 9th, two days before we have a new Moon in here. This is the time to harness your smarts, your ideas, your message, your desire to learn, make more money or discover what you want – and do something with it. Expect engagement now. A flow of WhatsApp, emails, texts, connectivity, conversations, meetings, networking and even invitations. Time to talk and also flirt if that’s what on your mind too!

Be aware that from the 15th, Mercury is slowing down in preparation for full retrograde on the 29th. This tells you to tie up property and long-term plans now and not to push forward after that date unless it cannot be helped. This especially applies due to the Saturn retrograde in your 12th from the 23rd. We’ve left the direct weather behind now. And take it you are now in the dark over something.

Check your chart again!

The Sun lands in your 4th on the 20th, heating up that mutable weather front. The forecast – cloudy with a chance of confusion and fog. Check your chart again for any factors in your own and the other mutable signs at 5 degrees. This is the degree at which we have a totally eclipsed full Supermoon in Sagittarius and your 10th house on the 26th.

So, it will square any Pisces or Virgo factors you have close to 5 degrees. Conjunct or oppose them if they are in Sag (10th) or Gemini (4th). What do we know about eclipses? That’s right. They conceal and total eclipses tell is we are utterly in the dark now. Especially when it comes to the Moon our emotional realm.

This eclipse impacts on your career, status, public image and reputation, your relationship status – as in that title married, settled, divorced etc; and how you are seen by those in positions of authority. For some, this can even include your partner’s status as this comes under your 10th house. So, best advice I can give you now is to guard your reputation, act in a practical and professional manner at all times, be mindful of your image and also the profile of those you are aligned or connected to.

When it comes to your work, there may be things that are happening ‘behind the scenes’ that you are presently unaware of. And with Mercury about to head backwards this really isn’t the time to apply for a new job unless you are presently unemployed.

The upside – because there always is one, is that the final day of May delivers a key meeting between the Sun and North Node in your 10th. Which also happens to be the same day as Mars in your 5th trines ruler Neptune. Passion and proactivity open new portals to love and opportunities to begin a fresh cycle. This may light up one certain person, action or path you can take that is a sure thing amongst any darkness or shadows, Pisces. Step out into the light again as we head into June!

In a nutshell: Ancient ruler Jupiter lands in your sign this month. Making you the one its impossible to overlook. Whatever you want to have, do or experience – get ready for those dreams to get supersized, Pisces!

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