Ditch those outdated 12th house expectations

Step into healing, dreaming and future creating

Happy birthday, Pisces!

The Now Age of Aquarius is all about what lies beneath for you. Your hidden depths and dreams – Your creativity and psychic ability – Your past. Not just in this lifetime but others too. Secrets could also feature this month. Secret loves and also secret goals. Perhaps the things you want but you won’t want to admit to. Either to others or even yourself.

Working behind the scenes or on something you are not yet ready to reveal is favoured this month. Investigations, healing, charity work, occult studies and also something or someone from your past reappearing could also feature. Especially if you have thought this was a chapter than was closed.

Put a ribbon around the past

It’s also a time to bring projects to completion, tie up loose ends, have a serious declutter and look at what you want to take forward into the next 12 months with you. While the past may indeed reappear now, ensure that the only elements of it you bring with you into the future are those which support you, hold meaning and uplift you.

Your Now Age 12th is a very different place to what traditional astrologers would have you believe. Forget all that doom-and-gloom about self-sabotaging behaviours and denial. Institutions and hidden frenemies. Instead, embrace deep joy, inner knowing and a touch of magic if you use your intuitive gifts. You can heal now, reconcile your past and seek out not just spiritual truths, but connections too!

Self-care, meditation, connecting to what truly energises you, ditching what doesn’t – see this as your gift to yourself to get you new-cycle ready. Moving out of stagnation and back into flow and optimism. Let your creativity out to play. Give your intuition free rein. Suspend disbelief. Write down what you feel and you could be surprised as how spot-on you are.

Above all, observe how everything makes you feel and how it affects your energy on a physical, mental and soul level. What lifts you up and what drags you down? Who makes you feel good simply by talking to them and who drains you? Again, you may want to jot all this n your journal and look for patterns that emerge.

You will feel the tug of fate, time or karma at the start of the month when Venus arrives in your 12th. It will meet Saturn on the 6th and Saturn rules all these themes. Something could return or come full circle. If it is meant to be, then you will see doors open as if by magic. Or simply things fall effortlessly into place. But if it has been lived out, Saturn also says: Time’s up!

Try a Little Self-Tenderness

Take responsibility for your past choices too this month. And if you regret them or they didn’t work out the way you hoped, please be gentle with yourself. Your 12th is the house of self-forgiveness too. You did the best you could at the time. Now, move on. Especially if you are looking at blow-back from past actions around the 1st and also the 19th. Both days involve tense angles between the Sun and Mars (1st) and Venus and Mars (19th).

That being said, past debts could be paid, good karma catch up with you, someone from your past could return or something you had thought was over, revive in a spectacular fashion. Second chances are what Mercury retrograde in here is all about. As well as the past being re-worked so it has fresh relevance. Or returns in a new way as something better.

Dates to watch for what gets paid forward or begins anew for you are the 8th when the Sun and Mercury meet, and the 11th when the new Moon in here coincides with Venus and Jupiter meeting. Because although Mercury will stay retrograde until the 21st this is a Mercury retro like no other. Instead of red or amber lights, it hands you green ones when you act with intuition.

This new Moon is always associated with powerful new beginnings. To set our course towards our goals under. It also coincides with the start of the Chinese New Year of the Ox. Another reason for it to be linked to potential. So, set fresh goals based on your deepest dreams and longings. Start a new creative venture. Take that first step towards getting what you want.

Venus and Mercury meet on the 13th while Mercury will meet Jupiter for the second time in your 12th on the 14th. Whether you know it or not, you are embarking on a journey into a new reality for yourself that will colour the upcoming year and your relationships too.

Valentine’s Day could bring up shades of the past. Or is that the ghosts of lovers’ past, Pisces? One thing is certain this V-Day month, it’s the time after Valentine’s Day that is going to be best for love for you. In other words, once the Sun lights those birthday candles from the 18th and definitely following the arrival of Venus in your 1st on the 25th.

However, as well as that Mercury/Jupiter Palentine’s Day date happening in your 12th, you also have an intensely personal love-in happening in your sign between Cupido (yes, him with the arrows and the crazy aim!), Ceres and the Moon, and the Galactic Centre in your 11th.

Now, the Galactic Centre does not move. Our entire galaxy spins around it. You might want to check your chart for where your Pisces factors are. Do you have anything at 26 degrees? If so, expect this V-Day to be especially significant for you. If you are unsure, one of our astrologers will be happy help you.

Astrologers are now beginning to embrace the importance of the Galactic Centre in our charts. Its gravity is so powerful it is literally ‘the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart’. In other words, our entire galaxy spins around it! At its heart is a supermassive black hole. This is where the laws of time and space break down. What is impossible or improbable becomes the opposite in fact. It is asking what you think is ‘out of reach’ for you. Perhaps in a past, present or potential relationship? Because the message here is the only barrier between you and what you want is your thoughts.

The Sun in your sign from the 18th brings you your first birthday for the Now Age. Look to what has emerged for you during the past three weeks. Or is showing signs of a new beginning. This is a preview for what will manifest in full force for you between May – July this year.

If your deep dive into secrets and mysteries has seen you do a temporary disappearing act for the first part of the month, your birthday cycle and Venus arriving in your sign on the 25th sees a new you emerging from this. You should have received valuable information during this time about your past and your past choices. Insights into past and present connections may have emerged too. Now, as Mercury heads direct on the 21st and Ceres leaves you sign for your 2nd, use these to focus on creating a fresh reality around love and your future for yourself.

Again, go back to those notes you have been making about the impact people, situations, places and even what you think, eat or do, these past week as the full Moon appears in your 7th on the 27th. It may shine on one relationship or person in particular for you. Look to see if anything you have written could refer to them.

This Moon is known as the ‘Snow Moon’ – although January’s full Moon is sometimes also called that. It is called the ‘Hunger Moon’ by some native cultures owning to the fact that food was in short supply. February in Romani tradition is called ‘Little black month’ – a reference to its short duration and also the winter depths. We are however now a month away from the spring equinox so remember that.

The person this full Moon illuminates is a reflection of some part of you. They could even show you what you are becoming. Or are capable of should I say. Is this someone you admire or look up to? Someone you think of as punching above your weight? Or as more talented/beautiful/deserving than you? If so, understand all they are showing you is yourself.

Or perhaps this person shows you how much you are loved? If so, that’s what you’re taking forward into your new cycle. Or the ability to get exactly that, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Weave a little 12th house magic for the Now Age, Pisces. You of all signs knows how much potential you can create for your new cycle. If you can imagine it, you can have it. Happy birthday!

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