Make your move

Embrace the multi-hues of love

Does the past still hold potential?

Ancient ruler Jupiter is heading back your way but while it retrogrades back in your direction it continues to give a helping hand when it comes to your income. You need to follow through on those money making ideas this month. Or get those pitches or applications happening. Speak up and above all, don’t be shy about shouting out all you have to offer. The meeting between Mars and Uranus in your 3rd at the top of the month tells you that this is no time to stay quiet.

This doesn’t just apply to selling yourself but to having that all important talk with someone or that great opening line. Venus remains in your 5th right up until the 11th meaning you have elevated the art of flirting to award winning levels. Re-approaching an employer or client you have contacted in the past or even offering that olive branch to someone is also favoured. You may see things from a different perspective or make a different approach now.

One reason August favours this is we have big retrograde weather occurring. Both your rulers – Jupiter and Neptune are retrograde and once Uranus retrogrades in your 3rd from the 24th, all the outer planets are backwards including turn back time Saturn in your 12th. The Venus/Saturn opposition at the end of the month could quite literally reset the clock or karma between you and someone.

Then there’s Mercury which enters your partnership zone on the 4th. On the 21st it begins its retroshadow phase even as it opposes Neptune. Again, this may bring a missed opportunity or connection back in.

Mars is on the move this month. The 20th sees it enter your 4th where it unpacks its bags until 2023 due to a rare retrograde in here. Mars is not the best house guest in here. Those minor niggles, narks and snarks you may have with those you live with – which you usually manage to ignore, get blown out of proportion. Family members and flatmates can irritate you. Anything from their loud chewing to persistently ignoring your requests not to leave the toilet seat up. Minor gripes suddenly become major areas of conflict if you are not careful with Mars in here.

Managing Mars in here means channeling your energy. Finding plenty of things to do while at home – DIY tasks, decluttering, gardening; and being out of the home and active as much as you can. Avoid: house guests especially needy and demanding family members who will wear out their welcome very quickly. Also passive/aggressive behaviour or anyone whose default setting is to resort to this. The results will not be pretty.

If you have been contemplating moving home, Mars is at its best position to accomplish this now and pushes you to get your home ready to sell and/or out looking for a new one. Do however remember we are heading into Mercury retrograde weather which is not good for contracts and leases. And also that you have a long Mars transit in here!

Make your move in more ways than one! Work matters continue in focus up until the 23rd when the Sun changes signs. Venus’s entry into your 6th on the 11th shows you the way to a better, more enjoyable work dynamic. If you have been looking for work or seeking a new position, many of you may receive an offer this month and again, this is linked to Jupiter in your 2nd. Best days for anything job, money or even study related are the 9th when the Sun in your 6th trines Chiron (also retrograde) in your 2nd and possibly the best day of the year for your income which is the Venus/Jupiter trine on the 18th. Again, don’t be afraid to contact people you have either worked for or approached in the past. The 22nd indicates a deal or offer may be on the table.

If there is still potential in anything from your past, your intuition highlights this at the time of the full Moon in your 12th on the same day. Or you may be surprised by the past returning and contacting you as this full Moon squares Uranus in your 3rd. This full Moon is known as the Sturgeon, Grain or Lynx moon. It boosts your creativity and psychic gifts and it may also nudge you to backtrack and re-explore a past path. If only to answer a ‘What if . . ?’ question or to give yourself closure. However, that is not to say the past cannot give birth to someone new. Again, allow your inner compass to guide you. More insight is in your Full Moon in Aquarius Moonscope.

Your yearly love and partnership begins when the Sun enters your 7th on the 23rd. No matter who you are, love is very much in the air for you. LGBTQIA+ asteroid Ganymed is already in residence and meets with Mercury in here on the 15th. The Sun will also meet Ganymed next month. Love’s true colours simply have to shine through no matter what their multi-hues are. Duets, double acts and duets in all their forms from long term loves, marriage partners, besties and baes, mentors, working partnerships, collaborators and activity partners. What kind of dynamic serves you best now?

Venus will arrive in here next month simply handing you that feeling that love is all around you. But the new Moon in here on the 27th marks when you enter a new phase of relating. You are at your most giving and magnetic now. It is time to ask what you want from the future of your current relationship and talk about this with you present partner. Or to take this forward with you in your search for a new one. Singles should see at least one potential partner appear between now and the end of September. Just remember, love takes the form you most need to learn from.

If your relationship has run its course, please don’t go looking for a rebound one. You need self-love and to reconnect to your needs. For more on what love has planned, see your New Moon in Virgo Moonscope. Single or settled, love may have an exciting change for you as you enter September.

In a nutshell: You are about to enter your yearly love peak this month, Pisces. Look to the future but at the same time, don’t fail to re-explore potential that still exists from your past. Is it time for an olive branch or to say ‘Hello!’ again?

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