Showing love sends it bouncing back to you magnified

Re-imagine what living means for you

Home is where the heart is – or moves into

Let someone else have the limelight this month, Scorpio. Or tell them how much they or what they do means to you. Let me tell you, a little appreciation or acknowledgement goes such a long way now. So, if you’re after that loved-up feeling, make it a ‘we’ not a ‘me’ month.

If there is no ‘we’ right now in your life– then focus on the work or friendship front where someone can benefit from you showing them how much they matter. And while it is a month to show others how much they matter, you do need to look to your needs too. There’s nothing selfish in that. Especially when it means taking whatever steps you need to take care of you.

Palentine’s or Galentine’s love is all around you and this month wants you to focus on what love you do have, rather than the kind which may be missing. So, keep this in mind as the month progresses. It is an excellent time for home matters, love of family, those you share your home with, emotional security, property and what you and those who matter to you, need for their future.

Usually Mercury retrograde in your 4th would mean a stop sign on any property dealings, moving or even career matters. But this Mercury retro is slightly different to others. I am not saying the retro rules are entirely suspended. They still need to be kept in mind. But returning opportunities, renovations, re-financing or the one that got away, could see you making some kind of new start and moving on up.

Bear in mind your 4th house is not just about lifestyle, family and where and how you live. There’s a secret room in this house that not many people know about! This is where you claim and own your own path. Not your ancestors. Not your parents. Your family’s or your roots. Yours. Now, yours may be the same as theirs. And that is always wonderful when that happens. But if it’s not, the Now Age of Aquarius and February in particular offers you the chance to claim yours and make it yours – once and for all.

Love Comes Home

Venus arrives in here on the 1st and will meet Saturn in here on the 6th. So, think commitment to a place, lifestyle or yes, path. But the 1st is also one of the days where showing your appreciation to someone matters as the Sun in here sears ancient ruler Mars in your 7th. Don’t let anyone feel they are taken for granted now. If disagreements occur, they could well arise from someone feeling this. So, take it your best tactic is to let them know how much or why they matter.

Later in the month you have Venus also square Mars again. This should make doing this easy for you. And the fabulous trine between Mars and modern-day ruler Pluto – the only slow-moving planet left in your 3rd on the 25th, is perfect for letting anyone know how much you care. This also includes letting that present or potential client or employer know how much you would like to be part of their business. Honest appreciation makes love, your world – or business, go round.

This month is about quality of life above all else. Not just now but for your future. Our work and income is of course, linked to this. Chances are the past few years have seen you looking at what needs to be done or let go of to achieve that better work/life balance. For those looking for or seeking to change their job, despite that Mercury retro, you can move forward with positivity and confidence on the 8th (Sun conjunct Mercury), and especially at the time of the new Moon on the 11th.

This new Moon coincides with two important events. First it marks the start of the Chinese New Year – the Year of the Ox. A time for setting new goals and powerful new beginnings. Second, this is the day when Venus and Jupiter meet. Both wanting to bring you home centred expansion, solutions and benefits.

Mercury will meet Venus on the 13th and then have its second encounter with Jupiter in here on the 14th. So, it’s not just about someone to love but somewhere too! If you are settled then even without any restrictions, you would feel the desire to celebrate intimately and at home. If you have no one special to have that Zoom V-date with, then again, look to who amongst your friends just might appreciate that invitation instead or simply hearing from you that you are thinking of them.

Your relationship with your money and relationships you consider valuable – not only the romantic kind, could also feature on your V-Day appreciation list too. A superconjunction in your romance zone between Cupido- yes, the dude with the bow and arrows, Ceres and the Moon aligns to the Galactic Centre in your 2nd.

Astrologers are now beginning to embrace the importance of the Galactic Centre in our charts. Its gravity is so powerful it is literally ‘the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart’. In other words, our entire galaxy spins around it! At its heart is a supermassive black hole. This is where the laws of time and space break down. So, appreciating what you have could simply set these forces in motion. Especially when it comes to attracting more to appreciate. So, treasure your connections. And let them know. Be grateful for all you have. What better way to attract more to love?

This in fact sets you up for the Sun and Venus to arrive in your 5th of attraction and romance on the around your day job, wellbeing or your routine. With Mercury now clear of retro active shadows also from the 21st, promises and plans around home and living should now come to fruition or can be moved forward.

With the Sun and Venus now in your 5th, its time to reclaim romance, joy, fun, self-expression and yes, a little bit of glamour and indulgence. Children if you have them may feature and if you are a parent having to home-school, look to ways to make this engaging for you both. Immerse yourself in hobbies and pastimes you love. Again, if you have children, introduce them to what you used to do to have fun before the Xbox was invented!

This along with your 11th is a house of attraction. So, raise your vibe now in any way you can. If you want a relationship but have none, do whatever you can to feel loved up in the present. Or to feel you have what you are seeking in some way, shape or form. Maybe this involves getting your glam on by dressing up to stay in? Treating yourself to a special self-pamper? Showing off your latest creative project or what you are engaged in with your children?

Work on perfecting this and also those activities that you get so lost in, time stands still. Right up until the time of the full Moon on the 27th. In fact, see this as your ‘opening night’ on some level and get ready to take to the ‘stage’ and launch yourself.

Remember what I said about your 5th and 11th houses being linked to attraction? This full Moon activates this axis in your chart. It’s in your 11th which is all about goals and your future. What you want to attract in other words.

This Moon is known as the ‘Snow Moon’ – although January’s full Moon is sometimes also called that. It is called the ‘Hunger Moon’ by some native cultures owning to the fact that food was in short supply. February in Romani tradition is called ‘Little black month’ – a reference to its short duration and also the winter depths. We are however now a month away from the spring equinox so remember that.

So, as February winds down, ask yourself what you are ‘hungry’ for. What is it you need for your future? This full Moon for you favours creative visualisation, goal alignment with your energy and also delving deep into blocks that may be between you and what you want. Read up on anything and everything to do with entrepreneurship, success setting mindsets and also, practical steps you need to take to get what you want. This full Moon favours fusing emotional desire with a strong pragmatic approach. You’ll leap frog over blocks and on into March if you do. Own that path, Scorpio!

In a nutshell: Looking for love or to share more with those you truly care about? No matter who they are, tell them how much they matter to you. The more you give, the more you get this Valentine’s month.

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