Go with intuition

Work your brand and image

Play with the Law of Attraction

Your annual soul declutter begins this September. That 4-6 week period before our birthday season starts where we go within and look at what we need to keep – and what we need to let go of. This starts from the 5th when Mercury arrives in your 12th. This also hands you a high-speed connection to intuition and insight. So, when you receive those messages – act on them.

Show the love

Before this – babies, children, the generation that is younger than you and lovers – past, present, potential, are highlighted by this month’s full Moon in your 5th on the 2nd. You may also feel an intense emotional desire to express yourself, to stand out and be noticed. Is there anything wrong with that, Scorpio?

Your creative talents will be demanding an outlet too. This is an excellent full Moon under which to bring any projects you are working on to completion. Or to launch that re-envisioned blog or Insta feed. Social distanced good times could also allow you to step free of any feelings of being overlooked, unappreciated or waiting in the wings. This Moon wants you to lighten up and offers a release into something more emotionally satisfying. If you have no lover but would like one, think about what makes you special and stand out. Now – work that!

Venus which rules both your love life and your bank account is also on the move this month. The 6th sees it land in your 10th of status and career. Venus in here enhances your professional and public image. It’s asking how you want to be perceived by people who count. Or you want to make your best impression on.

Work some fierce glamour!

This is a good time to look at how you ‘present’ yourself and your public (as in on line presence) persona. The term ‘classy’ comes to mind now. As does dressing for success. You are in an excellent position to make upgrades to your image. Go for timeless. This isn’t about looking like everyone else. But projecting that aura of someone to be taken seriously. Same goes for romance. You can make your best impression now.

So, think about whether that declutter I talked about earlier includes letting go of items in your wardrobe that no longer reflect the image you are trying to project. Look closely at how you can in fact, clothe yourself in an aura of glamour and allure – no matter what you are doing or trying to achieve. The 11th delivers a Sun opposition to Neptune in your house of creativity and being ‘front of house’ – your 5th. this is also your house of romance! The same day has Mercury trine Chiron. Is it time for a radical new approach. Or a new you for that matter?

Showing your fierceness but in a timeless way could be one result of Jupiter direct in your communication sector from the 13th. The day that Venus also trines Chiron in your 6th – which is where the main action is now centered for you.

Back to wellbeing

Both rulers ancient and modern will be retrograde this month now Mars heads backwards in your 6th from the 9th. It will remain this way until November. Pluto however will head direct next month.

Mars turns retrograde approximately once every two years. But it has been 32 years since Mars pulled a U-turn in its ruling sign of Aries and your 6th. And we won’t experience this again until 2047. So, add this transit to your list of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Yes, we’ve had a few of them lately and they do seem to be involving your rulers, Scorpio!

In your 6th, we have to talk wellness. Mars can have us rushing. When we rush we can burn-out, make mistakes or else have accidents. This is our house of our day job and even if we are not in paid work, our chores, routines, responsibilities. If you have taken on too much, Mars retrograde may have you realising you are simply running on empty. Remember, Mars rules boundaries. This includes saying no if others expect superhuman efforts. Whether this is at work or home.

Go back over that routine, habits, ways of doing things and see how you can make these ore streamlined and supportive. Above all, do a declutter of everything from that stuff to those thoughts. We cannot talk about the 6th house of your chart without touching on the current health climate ‘out there’. Mars rules boundaries. As in – keep your distance. So, please adhere to all distancing guidelines at all times during this retrocycle. If your body needs a re-charge or re-boot, please listen to it. It may be difficult to unplug for a while but if you do, you are going to end up feeling so much better for it in the long term.

Be open to boundaries

Watch for narky, snarky people and encounters however. Especially around anything that involves your daily routine. Your neighbours, local area, co-workers or boss unless you are working from home and if someone is losing their cool, try to keep yours. If this is someone you have to deal with on a regular basis and this is a pattern, you may want to think about distancing from them – permanently. Again, this is all about Mars’s ability to set boundaries.

This is slow-burn Mars. So, if you are making changes to your diet, exercise, wellbeing or way of working you won’t expect results overnight but you will be committed to the long haul to get them. Just think of Mars as burning away anything you don’t need during this period. That includes the weight or the responsibilities you may be carrying around.

Having a plan, a schedule and a routine that works. Getting things organised and your act together body and soul, will be what you can emerge from this cycle with. Mars retro isn’t bad medicine. It’s good for you, Scorpio!

This month’s new Moon on the 17th is no ordinary new Moon. It comes with hidden superpowers as it is a new Supermoon. Just call it the Clark Kent of new Moons. There’s a steely new promise behind that mild-mannered sliver. This Moon appears in your 11th of friends, contacts, groups, clubs, bands, associations and anything that involves you and the collective.

This is also the house of your future. And when it comes to our goals, the fact is, nobody gets there alone. This new Moon aligns to Saturn in your 3rd. Influential friends, older friends or simply those with more life experience could feature. Or you could receive an introduction to someone noteworthy. Take it that anyone you meet now has the ability to impact on your future in an extremely positive way.

Existing friendships will be locked down for the long term. And coming together for a cause you share with others could also open doors to new people and experiences. The message? Accept all invitations or contacts now. People are the co-creators of our future. So be a future focussed friend.

The 22nd throws a searchlight into the nooks and crannies of your life. And further ignites that desire to reframe the past and to discard what no longer works or reflects who you are. This is also about cutting those fears and limitations down to size as the Sun arrives in here.

Take a deep dive into the law of attraction

Your 12th is of course your house of secrets and all things hidden. It’s also a house of manifestation but in a way that can be hard to grasp or understand. That’s because of the nature of your 12th. We have to take a deep dive in and let go of logic and let intuition and insight act as our compass. When the Sun is in our 12th we can attract what we have thought about either consciously or coconsciously, for a very long time. Especially if it pushes our buttons or helps us to spiritually evolve.

Watch what manifests or even returns around the last week of the month as a result of this. Mercury will oppose retro Mars on the 24th before arriving in your 1st on the 27th. The same day as retro Ceres hints at a new deal on offer as it backs into your 4th. The 28th has Venus in your 10th trine Mars while the 30th sees the Sun oppose Chiron – also in your 6th. So, this could see someone or something you have been focussing on one way or the other, reappear or manifest. The only question remaining being: does it (or they) support who I have become or am becoming?

Only you can answer that question, Scorpio. But one way or another, it is showing you how powerful you are. What you can imagine, you can bring into being. So imagine the very best now.

In a nutshell: Powerful aspects take you into a deep-dive, Scorpio. Explore how the Law of Attraction actually works. Hint: It’s linked to you prioritising your wellbeing and what truly works for you!


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