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Fire up the heat

Small stuff leads to big growth opportunities

The more you show the small stuff the love, the bigger the benefits on a larger scale, Virgo. You begin the month with ruler Mercury still retrograde in its ruling 6th. Along with a slew of other planets in your house of daily living for the Now Age. Wellbeing and reclaiming your mojo if you lost it, should be your focus. As should be your daily work (paid or unpaid), studies, habits and routine.

Tiny little shifts now bring big results. As you may know, this is a Mercury retro like no other. Sure, you need to keep those retroactive rules in mind. Especially with Mercury retrograde in a ruling house. But as you know, Mercury will encounter Jupiter for a second time in here this month. Plus we have Venus and the Sun also meeting it in here as it travels backwards. This is Mercury Retro Lite. The beta version not 2.0. It offers new beginnings woven from old. Gold from straw.

Reawaken the Magic!

You know the magic spells for a Mercury retro. They all contain ‘re’ words. Reawaken. Revise. Return. Reapply. Recommit. Review. Reconnect. Revive – especially when it comes to those mind, body, spirit issues. The Now Age for you really does begin with a renewed focus on you, your body and your health. Taking better care of yourself. Looking to what you put in your body. And also, what you expose it to. I’m talking atmospheres, negativity and even toxic thinking. Not just junk food! So, your way forward this month is to start with junk thoughts – and put yourself on a diet from those!

Tune in to what your body is communicating. How your energy goes up or down depending on what you are doing, thinking, consuming or who you are interacting with. What boosts you and what drags you down? Sure, we all have mundane tasks we have to do to get on with the business of living. But are there better ways to do or schedule these? This is in your super-power area, Virgo. You got this!

If you are seeking work or looking to change jobs, the retro rules are lifted from the start of the month. Venus adds a touch of glamour as it arrives in your 6th on the 1st. It is set to enhance any work or wellbeing activity. And if you are seeking work or that new job or way of working, there is a promise in the air of long term moves as Venus meets Saturn on the 6th. Running rings around the competition or even those chores could be part of this. But this also promises rewards for long term efforts or something permanent on offer.

Push forward with those work plans as doors to opportunity open wide or solutions designed to propel you up, up and away out of that rut or drudge factor appear. News could arrive or you could be the one broadcasting it in the form of that submission, application, project or plan or simply shaking up that routine when the Sun and retro Mercury meet on the 8th.

Re-Capture the Love!

The 11th promises all kinds of new beginnings thanks to a new Moon in here which has you looking to how you want to work, live and feel for the future. This new Moon really is future-focussed as it marks the start of the Chinese New Year of the Ox. It just happens to coincide with the merging of Venus and Jupiter on the same day. Venus will then hook up with Mercury on the 13th. As I have said before, this cycle is about creating a life you can fall in love with. And living it each and every day.

As Mercury and Jupiter meet for the second time on the 14th, love could spring from your daily life or literally be found all around you. Recapturing that love could be your V-Day task for settleds. Have you been making enough time for it? Give this priority. Some of you could simply feel how loved you are via friends around now. Or literally feel you have fallen in love with where you live and the lifestyle you are creating. Or even co-creating with someone or people you work and live with.

Valentine’s surprises around emotional satisfaction, living arrangements or family could be your gifts thanks to a beautiful superconjunction in your 7th between Cupido (yes, him with the bow and arrows!), Ceres and a sensitive, loved up Moon. All these square the cosmic and mysterious Galactic Centre in your 4th. Something or someone you love could be here to stay.

The Sun arrives in your 7th from the 18th putting even more focus on partnerships, double acts and duos of all descriptions. Venus rules this house of course and it too lands in here on the 25th. There’s been a certain amount of passion, fire and heat around you all month, Virgo. It would have given you the impulsion to make those daily changes. But it is also firing up the need inside you for something bigger, freer and yes, more exciting. Don’t forget this really does include those work and career factors too.

Remember what I said about this being a special Mercury retrograde? Days to push through resistance or make your move around your career are the 1st when the Sun in your 6th strikes Mars in your 9th, and the 19th when Venus in your 6th makes the same angle to Mars. You don’t have to wait until Mercury heads direct again on the 21st. Doing what you love is a big factor in feeling good about your life each and every day.

Ceres’ arrival in your 8th could see you renegotiating something important such as a new job offer, pay rise or even living arrangements. Perhaps freeing you up to pursue what you really want to do as opposed to what you have to do. Pent up passion or simply your desire to express what you are feeling could make the 25th hotter than Valentine’s Day for you as Mars in your 9th trines Pluto, the final slow-moving planet left in your 5th on the 25th. If you are seeking love, this is also a fab day to double up on your efforts. You’re crackling with the force of attraction now.

Wrap it up

Of course, your moment to bring anything you start this month to a grand conclusion is the full Moon of the 27th in your sign. This full Moon on the 27th is known as the ‘Snow Moon’ – although January’s full Moon is sometimes also called that. It is called the ‘Hunger Moon’ by some native cultures owning to the fact that food was in short supply. February in Romani tradition is called ‘Little black month’ – a reference to its short duration and also the winter depths. We are however now a month away from the spring equinox so remember that.

This marks the end of one cycle and the start of the next. Especially around love, partnerships and all kinds of It Takes Two related activities. It could be this Moon reflects on one person in particular. Or an empty space in your life which needs filling. But what it will shine on is love in some way, shape or form. Love for someone. A space where love can move in. Or simply love of what you do. One over-arching theme of this month is do the small stuff to make way for the big. When it comes to everyday wellbeing, love in all its forms, really is the best medicine!

In a nutshell: Your feel good Now Age wants you to have a daily dose of every day love, Virgo. But the Sun’s arrival in your 7th from the 18th could just bring you the more personal kind.

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