Know what you want to achieve

You can’t – and shouldn’t – hurry love

Is it time to say yes the second time around?

The full Moon in your 7th this month on the 2nd says ‘Backatcha’. Someone is acting as a mirror for you. This could be your partner, someone from your past thanks to Venus’s arrival in your 12th on the 6th. Or someone who reflects your inner thoughts about yourself.

Who is your mirror?

This may not be a romantic partner. It could be a close friend, work connection, business or activity partner. Or yes, that frenemy, rival or opponent. But what they are showing you is an aspect of yourself. So, think of how you can relate to yourself better. And in doing so, improve your relationships all round. Think of everyone you encounter at this full Moon as a facet of you. Your ability to love others and attract love is in direct proportion to the love you show yourself. You are known as the sign of devotion, Virgo. And the relationship you have with yourself is the only one guaranteed to last a lifetime. So, don’t you deserve everything you have to offer?!

If at this time of this full Moon you find yourself saying ‘I can’t stand the way s/he . . . ‘ then look at why they are triggering such extreme reactions. And if you think you see some aspect of yourself in them or their actions, send both of you some acceptance. Note, I did not say love. If someone is on your case all the time, you don’t have to love them. Acceptance however says ‘You are where you are, I am in charge of how I react to you. I release us both.’. That’s powerful stuff.

This goes hand-in-hand with setting some boundaries this September, Virgo. Not just for others but for yourself too. And once you have them in place – keep them there until November. Ruler Mercury is on the move. The 5th sees it leave your sign and enter your 2nd. Expect the talk to shift to finances, money matters and your income.

Cash comes down to earth

The 8th brings us a rare Grand Earth Trine between the Sun in your 1st, retro Jupiter in your 5th and the Moon in sensual Taurus – the sign of your cash. This could bring back an opportunity to shore up your finances or the bottom line. Make security your focus and come from a realistic place when it comes to money matters.

It’s time to feel empowered but not to take huge risks. Especially when it comes to your income and resources. It’s also time to look closely at any relationship or financial arrangement and see just who calls the shots. Sure, someone always has to be in charge. In fact, all human conflicts boil down to just two issues. ‘How much do you love me?’ and ‘Just who is in charge?’. Expect to encounter one or both these themes as Mars heads backwards in its ancient ruling 8th in your chart from the 9th.

If something is unfairly loaded in one person’s favour, then you could find yourself in a position to change the terms of the agreement between now and Mars moving direct again in November.

Unlike Mercury your ruler, Mars only retrogrades once every two years. But it’s been 32 years since it was last retrograde in its ruling sign of Aries and your 8th. So, for many of you this will be the first time you have experienced this energy. And we won’t see Mars retro again in here until 2047. So, for lots of us this is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Mars rules confidence, assertion, power and passion. It’s about taking action. Retro in your 8th and it wants you to consider your actions but feel your power as you do so. This is your house of transformation and endings. Often problems or issues don’t really get resolved. Our energy shifts and takes us away from them. This could happen for you now.

Above all, know you are more powerful when it comes to directing your life, your money, your love life or T&C’s of any relationship or agreement than you have previously given yourself credit for. Mars will have you reclaiming your lost power if you have given it away.

What you share, loans, mortgages, your salary, joint accounts and assets could be reviewed now. Again, tap into reserves of confidence and don’t be afraid to state some terms of your own. This is a time where you need to understand that if someone says ‘No’ to you – they were never going to say yes. Now, this can apply to that promotion or raise or something you need from your partner.

Your role here is not to get angry or upset about it. But to take their response and use it to plan your next step.

This is your house of sex and relationships were sex is important. Spotify Sexual Healing and hum along. Be aware that someone could grow on you now. That slow burn could be well worth the wait.

You can’t hurry love

Look at this and also don’t rush into any new relationship as on the 11th ruler Mercury opposes Chiron and the Sun in your 1st opposes Neptune in your 7th. If you are settled, don’t be afraid to suggest something a little bit outrageous and inspired when it comes to something you share. Singles could be enchanted and enraptured by a love prospect who embodies something different. But take your time getting to know them before throwing your heart into the ring.

Love takes on a new form

Bold, beautiful new beginnings with lasting, long term promise are about to appear. But you need to ensure what is on offer is the real deal. First, we have Venus in your 12th trine Chiron on the 13th. Which is the same day you’ll feel a new openness coming in around love, creative ventures, pleasure and play as Jupiter moves forward in your 5th.

Next, go with the self-love as your extra special super-sized birthday new Moons appears in the 17th. And it’s a supermoon! The new Moon in our 1st is always the start of our fresh cycle no matter on what date our actual birthday falls. This tells you it’s time to begin something fresh. Thanks to this happening at the same time as the Mars retro you may be extra impatient for this to start.

If you want to make changes to your appearance, diet or exercise routine, now is the ideal time. Use your Virgo attention to detail to come up with a schedule or plan. Anything that enables you to commit or create a structure to work within. The changes you make are likely to be permanent ones thanks to this supermoon trineing Saturn in your 5th.

Look to the past at any opportunity you may have felt you should have pursued or taken up but didn’t. This new Moon is saying it may not be too late to try or begin again. This is highly creative energy but it is also linked to how you feel. Your physical energy and yes, that passion you need in order to go for it.

This Moon says it’s never too late but you need to prioritise. If you need energy to fuel your dreams, then you need to ensure it is not been drained or wasted. Look at where, what and who you direct your precious energy now. And conserve it for what really ignites your soul, Virgo.

The Sun joins ruler Mercury in your 2nd from the 22nd. You’ll be taking a more considered, organised approach to your money now and may re-negotiate something around the 24th when Mercury opposes retro Mars. Come from a place of surety now and know the outcome you want.

Mercury is about to move off into its ruling 3rd which it does on the 27th, putting weight and determination behind what you say. Yes, you are willing to compromise thanks to retro Ceres re-entering your 6th on the same day. But not if it means sacrificing your wellbeing in the process.

The 28th has a ‘coming around again’ flavour to it as Venus in your 12th trines that retro-active Mars. While the 30th has the Sun in your 2nd oppose Chiron. Something you thought done and dusted could return now. The difference is you and the fact your needs have changed. Sure, it (or they) could still fit the bill. Or you can find common ground.

But ensure it does fit with who you are now – not the way you were, Virgo. Because this month is all about knowing when to know something is right for you. And when to have the courage and empowerment to hold out for something better.

In a nutshell: There’s a re-birth happening now, Virgo. It could be deep within you like a phoenix waiting to rise. Or it could take the form of a new agreement between you and someone else this September.


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