Welcome to Loved Up ‘22, Scorpio. Romance, babies, children, young people and creativity are your themes along with everyday benefits. This year offers a release from the restrictions of the past two. And on to the stars where the magic happens!

The 1993 hit ‘Two Princes’ by alt rock band The Spin Doctors perfectly sums up what it’s like to have two rulers like you do, Scorpio. They adore you in 2022 and yes – one has diamonds and one has rockets for you to paraphrase the lyrics this coming year.

Contemporary ruler Pluto remains in your 3rd of commerce, communication, writing, publishing, learning and the internet. Changing your message, your work, how you get about and your ideas. Ancient ruler Mars will spend an unusually long stay in your 8th house (which it rules of course), from August and on into 2023 due to an extremely long retrograde and will not exit this sign/house until March 2023. Understand you are being asked to dig deep into those hidden reserves of power. And to see those shadow parts of you as your strengths.

Strong boundaries, unapologetically owning who you are and the sheer bravery of taking a ‘Hello world, take me as I am!’ approach during this Mars retro will in fact hand you the kind of self-confidence and feeling of empowerment that is both sexy and what others admire (even if they are too jel to admit it!). The thing is, you will do this for yourself – not to impress others. Which simply sees you owning it even more. Now – that’s sexy.

How you communicate this and all you are about will be important during this Mars retro. Expect a massive shift too around your work, study, ideas or how you get them across. This all occurs later in the year however. First – other planets set you up for that Uber Astro delivery of good stuff.

Mars is busy at the top of the year first joining Pluto and also retrograde Venus in your 3rd. Now, although Mars is direct – Venus retrograde pretty well puts the hold on all creative, money and romantic plans until it heads direct from Jan 29.

Uranus has been putting you front and centre of the love revolution due to its long term transit of your 7th. It remains in this house for all of ‘22. But love is also destiny driven now as the North Node enters this house in your chart plus this year’s eclipse cycle is across your 1st/7th house. Here come your diamonds, Scorpio!

Shine Bright Like a Diamond in ‘22

What do we know about diamonds? That to expose their brilliance they have to be cut and polished! That’s your process during this year’s eclipses so when they occur please pause and see that this is what is occurring around your relationships or you simply getting clear about your needs in relationship. You have to know what you want in order to get it or recognise it in the first place. I could use the phrase ‘Diamond in the rough’ here.

Eclipses hide and conceal. This is neither good nor bad. It just means we don’t yet know. So, an eclipse can throw a cloak of invisibility over something special which is why you need those Scorpio senses tingling to look beyond the obvious at the eclipses this year. In other words, the potential around someone may not be immediately obvious. No matter what, watch and wait at these times:

Apr 30 – New ‘Black’ Moon in 7th – Partial Solar Eclipse. This coincides with a conjunction on this day between Venus and Jupiter in your 5th – making it one of the best days of unexpected, secret and enticing love!

May 16: Full Moon in 1st – Total Lunar Eclipse. That link between you and your emotional truth may feel confused and confusing. If you need to meditate, connect to your core and nurture yourself. The new Moon in your 1st on Oct 25 brings a partial solar eclipse and it may be you are the one not ready to reveal their future plans. That’s fine. Keep your intentions close. The final eclipse of ‘22 takes place on Nov 8 with a total lunar eclipse in your 7th. Don’t know where others are coming from? In the dark about intentions? Don’t panic or judge a book by its cover under this eclipse, phoenix!

As a general rule of thumb – partners of all descriptions will be in focus and not just the love variety at these eclipse times. Also that bestie, collaborator, close working association or even that opponent. Take your time over new relationships and understand this applies both ways. Love could arrive in disguise!

Rocket to the stars!

Daring intentions propel you out of the Venus retro at the start of the year with two meetings between Venus and Mars taking place across Feb-Mar as well as Venus meeting your other ruler Pluto. So, no topic is off-limits at this point. And you will be pushing forward with those ideas and business plans too. Enjoy an unusually long free-wheelin’ retro-free period from February to the end of March. This brings you to miraculous, magical April which will be even better!

Love or stepping out into the divinely driven flow of opportunity is going to feature in April as we have a once-in-165 year meeting taking place between Jupiter and Neptune in your 5th on April 12. This is probably the most important transit of the year for you. It takes place in your 5th of romance, creativity, children, good times and yes, luck. Both Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces and your 5th. So, both are ‘at home’ in here and at their highest vibration.

Now is the time to take a chance, set something in motion or reach higher and go further than you have ever dared. The path you are destined to walk could open wide. Act with generosity, empathy and with your best intention. Wear your heart bravely on your sleeve. Dare, try, experiment, play and let go of worrying about what others think. A gift could be handed out or given or a lucky break occur. But you are the one who sets these cosmic forces in motion simply by taking that first step! Don’t waste this. It won’t happen again in your lifetime!

Lucky Jupiter won’t just big up that love life, your opportunities to get noticed and shine for what you effortlessly do or bring good times via babies, children and those younger than you. It will also hand you everyday benefits to live, feel and work better in the small ways that add up to big benefits.

Jupiter will spend approximately half the year in your divinely driven 5th and then half in your 6th of work, wellness and routine. Loving the small stuff and the details sets you free to experience bigger things. If you are looking for work, to study or change your job or the way you work, Jupiter should deliver at least one opportunity while in your 6th. This is about living your best life now – every day. Not someday. Not just the few weeks a year you go on holiday. Jupiter in your 6th is about everyday magic.

Jupiter arrives in your 6th on May 10 and remains in here until your birthday season when it drops back into your 5th for one final version of Love Island for you. Your birthday season gifts you that blissful higher love vibe because you have Venus in your sign. All your Scorpio planets including Mercury too will spread that loved-up vibe as they trine both Jupiter and Neptune in your 5th making this another wish fulfillment and desire setting period of the year for you.

Jupiter returns to your 6th where it will see in the New Year. Changes propel you forward – or at the very least you will be fuelling another rocket as ‘23 beckons as Mars retro in its ruling 8th is telling you not to give up on that dream or desire. Rockets and diamonds – do you really need any other fuel to shine so brightly in ‘22, Scorpio?

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