Astrological Gemstone Meanings

There are specific stones and crystals that resonate with the date of your birth, and exploring gemstone meanings is a fabulous way to “know thyself.”

But this article doesn’t discuss gemstone properties in the strictest sense.  Rather, we’re going to take a look at gemstone meanings from a personality viewpoint.

You share an energetic resonance with your birthstone. Your birthstones are powerful talismans.  You and your astrological gemstones are connecting in a sparkly dance of life.  When we partner up with the matter and energy that aligns with our birthdays, we become part of the endless rhythm of life – and better understand who we are in the process.

The following observations about your birth gemstones deal with your personality.

Bear in mind, these aren’t the only gemstones aligned with your date of birth.  All of us inherit multiple crystals, stones and gems at our birth – each one is an expression of your unique beauty.

If your birthstones could speak on the day you were born, these are thoughts on what they might say to you:

Aries – Diamond:

You are a magnificent beacon, shining brightly for the world to see.  In fact, others around you are illuminated by your mere presence.  The light you radiate outward to others was created from your own soul searching.  You’ve had to do a lot of digging in order to shine that amazing light of yours.  You’re naturally charming and you’ve a streak of compassion for humanity.  You can be very angular, and have a tendency to charge into new projects with a specific (sometimes narrow) mindset.  Sometimes inflexible, doesn’t mean you can’t be inspired.  In fact, you’ll change creative directions in mid-stream (no matter what the risk) if you’re inspired to do so.   Wear diamonds for luck in love, and to enhance your skills in financial acquirement.

Taurus – Emerald:

That which you hold valuable is protected by a magnificent force-field you powerfully cast over your domain.  Perhaps you don’t even recognize the immense power you wield in protecting the things and people you love.  If you’re unsure, just take a look at all the people who come into your life whom you protect, advocate and support.  That comes from this deep earthy energy pulsing within you – it compels you to unify, solidify and guard that which is sacred.  In many ways, you are guardians of the earth, as the gemstone meanings are intensely earth-bound.  You see value in rich, pleasurable hues.  Not many people can appreciate the gifts of life as deeply as you can.  Emeralds can remind you to step into this soulful knowing.   Keep emeralds around you to keep your health, home and loved ones protected and safe around you.  Emeralds will also enhance your natural ability for healing.

Gemini – Agate:

There is no end to your lustre, and your intellect surfaces in your communications like a shining dawn.  Sometimes people don’t recognize you for an intellectual, and that’s okay because you’re accustomed to being more than meets the eye.  Even though you are often underestimated, you have a keen sense of self knowing.  Naturally self-assured, you tend to get around misconceptions with ease and charm.  You can be quite gregarious, and people warm up to you easily.  You tend to internally process – taking a time of thoughtful gestation.  Then, when the time is ripe, you miraculously launch your projects with incredible aim and alacrity.  Wear agate for continued success in academia and to augment your gift for motivating others with your charisma

Cancer – Pearl:

You’ve your own special kind of wisdom, the kind that churns within your deep waves of understanding.  And, after a time, your conclusions about whatever you’ve been contemplate are remarkably deep, intuitive and accurate.  You just have a sense about things, and a special way of coming to your own way of seeing things.  Others see you as caring and devoted to those whom you love.  You always seem to see a deeper beauty to things, even when scenarios look grim.  And, when the going gets tough, you are able to call on unfathomable resources.  You have reserves of energy that are astounding.  Keep pearls with you to heighten intuition and enhance your  knack for bringing the light of beauty in spaces of darkness.

Leo – Ruby:

There are depths to you that not even you are awareness.  Indeed, you’ll spend your whole life contemplating your intricacies and complexities.  Each new discovery makes you more radiant and wonderfully vital in your function within the world.  People detect your strength, and gravitate toward you for protection and leadership.  It’s because you fuelled with a powerful drive to express your intense energy.  You’re passions are voracious, and your loyalty is fierce.  You’re particularly intrigued by lineage, heritage and your place within your royal blood line.  It has to do with your nature conquest, and that part of you always going deeper for personal discoveries.  Wear rubies to keep you focused on the goals you want to achieve.  Rubies will also fortify your ruling nature in a noble way.

Virgo – Sapphire:

You are an empowered being, whose path of self improvement and betterment is fraught with keen strategy.  You have a remarkable intellect, and can analyze the most complex formulas down to their simplest denominator.  You’re gifted at cutting through the fluff, and getting right down to the core issues.  You see through clutter, and have incredible clarity.  People seek you out when they need a sharp mind with equally sharp wit for their projects.  You’ve a specific way of dealing with challenges, and most people might not agree with your tactics.  Nevertheless, you’re methods are extremely effective.  Wear sapphires to enhance your well-developed ability for communication.  Sapphires will also calm your nerves and subdue your worries.

Libra – Opal:

Your gemstone meanings describe your ability to both create and appreciate beauty in all its forms.  You draw inspiration from nature and organic flow.  People are also a source of inspiration for you, and you easily sociable.  In fact, people love being around you because you put them at ease.  Your gregarious, easy-going ways make you a preferred friend.  You tend to equalize and balance your environment.  You have impeccable style and expensive taste too. You have incredible reasoning abilities tempered with emotional influence.  This also makes you a peacemaker in your relationships.  Keep opals with you to keep your intuition keen.  Opals will also help you with emotional and psychic balance.

Scorpio – Topaz:

There is a clarity that moves within you like a laser-beam.  You are at once, so incredibly focused in your attention on a thing, while simultaneously processing deeper motives and purposes in your background.  All the while, that beam of clarity and knowing moves within you, shining more meaning on the subject of your attention.  Further, your impressive imagination adds another level of complexity to your perceptions.    All of these factors cause you to be extremely intense, and often misunderstood.   People are attracted to your passion, intensity, and your unique way of viewing life and the world.  Wear topaz for recharging your creativity – it will give you a breath of fresh air.  Topaz will also bring more light into your darker realms.

Sagittarius – Turquoise:

You follow the currents of deep, philosophical rivers.  These thoughtful rivers take you to places where few go, and you can often lose your way in a myriad of directions. You’re naturally curious, and exploration is necessary for your happiness.   This curiosity bleeds into almost everything, including people.  That’s why people are drawn to you, because you tend to make them feel special or important with your endless questions about their lives.  You’re also very intense, but you balance this well with an easy charm and balance sense of humour. Wear turquoise to keep you focused amongst all your diversions.  Turquoise will also keep you protected during travel.

Capricorn – Garnet:

You bring a sense of order to your environment that is essential.  Indeed, situations would crumble a bit if you were not present to take stock and organize the details.  You take on incredible responsibilities, and you are dogged in your loyalty to provide for your charges.  You can be very serious, but you do have a light side – even if you keep it latent.  In fact, you keep a lot of yourself and your feelings subdued.  You’re most known for your ability to provide security and stability in an unsure world.  Keep garnets with you to keep your energy up.  Garnet will also help you to consider your own needs and aspect of self-care.

Aquarius – Amethyst:

You’re blessed with higher perception, and you often use this keen awareness to uplift your fellow man.  Those of you who have found your groove are catalysts in making changes in your environment and shifting paradigms.  You recognize strengths and abilities in others that are often overlooked (even by the person you are observing).  You also have a knack for bringing people together and accurately matching their skill sets to bring about awesome teamwork settings.  You communicate very well, but on a level that is sometimes lost on mainstream population.  You tend to be okay with this, because you’ve got an unwavering confidence in your own point of view. Keep amethyst with you to help you maintain a well-balanced disposition.  Amethyst will also keep your perception keen, and help in relationship matters.

Pisces – Aquamarine:

You’ve hidden depths that stir within.  Sometimes this stirring unnerves even you.  But you have a profound knowing about who you are, and from where your knowing comes. It’s your depth that makes you brilliant at your craft – which absolutely must engage your imagination.  Sometimes distinction between real and dream is all folly for you because your psychic realm is in the forefront of your experience. This sometimes causes you to behave in emotional and dreamy ways.  You’re often self-forgiving of these ways, and clearly recognize your changeable nature.  Wear aquamarine to gain stability when you feel yourself diving into the mysteries that engage you.  Aquamarine will also assist you in gaining a deeper trust in your gifts of perception.

I hope you have enjoyed these gemstone meanings.

NB some sources give alternative stones which may suit you

Aries          Aquamarine, Jasper, Carnelian
Taurus        Rose quartz, Tourmaline
Gemini        Tiger’s Eye, Citrine
Cancer        Moonstone, Amber, Chrysoprase
Leo            Topaz, Sunstone
Virgo          Opal, Sodalite
Libra           Peridot, Lapis lazuli, Jade
Scorpio       Turquoise, Obsidian, Smoky quartz
Sagittarius   Garnet, Malachite, Blue lace agate
Capricorn     Onyx, Jet, Black toumaline
Aquarius      Diamond, Garnet, Ulexite
Pisces         Amethyst,  Bloodstone, Calcite

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