Love puts you back in the flow

Attend to home matters

Yes, your feelings ARE valid – don’t dismiss them

Love gets a new life or undergoes a powerful transformation as the Sun lights up its ruling 5th in your chart. Time to fall in love with love again. Or even just with your own life. Being in love doesn’t have to be confined to just love for a person. Whether we are single or settled we can fall in love with the flow that we have created all around us.

High time for this to happen. Mercury retro in your 4th and Jupiter retro in your 8th may have added up to uncertainty around those all important home matters. Or even cash outcomes, Cancer. Mars also in your 4th makes for an unsettling house guest. Think short tempers and feelings that others are not respecting your space or house rules. How many times do you have to repeat yourself? Why won’t people listen? Jupiter and Mercury direct on the 18th may relieve some of the tension or feeling stuck, but not all of it.

Use caution with property dealings and money matters for three more weeks and bear in mind that nothing may be settled until mid-November. The full Moon is always a big deal for you. Bringing something to a climax or conclusion or showing you that those feelings are actually valid and not to be easily dismissed. And you do know you can do this, dearest Cancer. Due to your kind and selfless tendency to put the emotional wellbeing of others before your own.

Give your emotions space

Mars is all caught up in this week’s full Moon in your 10th on the 20th. Be aware that it won’t take much now to make you fly off the handle. It may be hard to decompress but that is what you may need to do. Above all however, take what you feel seriously now. Especially if it is impacting on home or anything to do with your security – emotional, material or financial. Do you need more help for instance? Are you running on empty?

A work or career matter may peak or demand your attention. As could something closer to home. If you feel someone is deliberately going out of their way to annoy you or push your buttons – they may not be but this could simply be the result of you being unwilling to upset the apple cart by dealing with it earlier. But now’s your chance. But take a deep breath first before rushing in and giving someone a piece of your mind. Keep your response appropriate to what is happening in the moment – not the weeks leading up to it! Someone may have to do the adulting in your house this week. This may be you after all, Cancer.

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