True colours stand out

Change allows you to fly free

Leave that comfort zone for something bigger

Hey there butterfly. If things do not change they cannot improve. So, look to who or what is resisting change in your world this week. Is it you for instance? The final meeting between Mercury and Jupiter in your 8th is designed to solve an issue that holds you back. Or simply remove barriers to progress. Sometimes this arrives as a wake-up call where we see we simply need to get out of our own way.

Ditching that comfort zone or familiar choice could form part of this. And if you haven’t been able to see exactly who or what is holding you back you will now Mars lands in your 12th from the 4th. People will show their true colours so be prepared.

Colour your world

As will you as butterflies unfurl their wings to let their colours show. You have a big line up of planets now in your 9th (which incidentally Jupiter rules). Soul freedom or simply the freedom to pursue what you want is promised. If you need more assistance or time to do this, you’ll adjust or ask for it especially around the 4th when the Sun in your 9th opposes Vesta in your 3rd.

Venus aligns to Uranus on the 3rd while playing-for-keeps Juno in your 6th of wellbeing and Neptune tells you its time to embrace reality and breakout or break-through barriers once and for all. Don’t hold on to the status quo this week, Cancer. Holding yourself back simply isn’t the way to let those true colours come shining through.

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