Link to inner knowing

The truth is in the little things

How does this make you feel?

With an eclipsed full Moon in your 12th on the 30th, take it you are in the dark, Cancer. This may be around someone else’s true feelings or intentions. Above all, you need to stay connected to those gut feelings. No matter what someone is telling you. If that inner voice is contradicting them, you need to listen.

Eclipses conceal. And in your 12th of secrets, you have to feel your way intuitively in the dark back to the shining light of the truth. This could even be the truth around how a particular situation or person makes you feel. And this may be something you may not want to look at.

The truth takes time

Expect more revelations to come. Above all, if love is on offer now, take it slowly before falling heart over heels. Soul to soul connections can and will occur thanks to Venus in your love zone making that lifting me higher angle to Neptune in your 9th. Just guard against putting that person on a pedestal or simply using love as escapism.

Lucky you has Mercury in its ruling 6th wanting to keep it all real. Where you can move forward with daring and confidence is with your day job, studies, work (paid or unpaid) and your career. Break free of anything from a glass ceiling to that rut as Mercury trines Chiron in your 10th on the 4th. So, this keep, keep your heart safe and your intentions clear. The final outcome is down to you.

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