Truth telling leads to healing and freedom

Work that value system

Claim something priceless – your own empowerment

No more secrets, just the truth now Ceres lands in your 12th, Cancer. And no more holding back your truth from others either. Ceres says speak up and speak out. Above all, ask questions. If there is a middle path to be found if you and someone are having disagreements or discussions, Ceres opens this up to you.

Not speaking out or sharing can come out in other, negative ways so watch this now especially as Mars enters your house of communication from the 29th telling you its time to speak up. And also, to take action on what you say.

Matters of the heart and work

Just prior to Mercury leaving your sign it will oppose Pluto in your 7th on the 25th. Discussions this week may involve a partner – past, present or potential – professional or personal. The outcome of which could well usher in a change around your status or your income.

Money, assets, income, joint accounts, mortgages, loans and shares, benefits and bonuses – finances could play a role in what’s tabled as Jupiter moonwalks back into your 8th on the 28th where it will spend the rest of the year. This coincides with Mercury leaving your sign and entering your 2nd of money and also self-worth.

Asking for what you feel you are entitled to and also even setting some boundaries with others leaves you feeling pricelessly empowered. And this could be the biggest change that results from this and the most lasting when it comes to love or money, Cancer. So worth speaking out over.

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