Own what it is you want from love

It’s not what you’re asking – it’s the way you ask

The deal may change – but not the outcome

If you are seeking something long term – especially around love, time to own that, Cancer. This week is about compromises too. But only where this does not compromise your own soul integrity.

Juno enters your 5th of love affairs and all things pleasure-centered. Juno is about commitments and promises. Ones we cannot easily extricate ourselves from. So, if you are single and seeking something serious – let others know. If you are in a relationship and have expectations, hopes and dreams, you need to make these clear. It’s not about ultimatums, just honesty and ensuring you are on the same page.

Venus in its ruling 2nd is all about your values and how you value yourself. It meets Vesta in here on the 22nd. This is about coming from a place of love and balance. But seeking an outcome that is fair and equal. Again, this may involve talking about those expectations and your needs. Even on a domestic level as the Sun arrives in your 4th on the same day.

Compromise is key

Again, this is about ownership of everything for your need for practical and emotional support, your ambitions and desires and what you want for your future. You’ve the ability to keep a cool head combined with a warm heart in any discussion now thanks to Mercury’s opposition to retro Mars in your 10th. Above all, seek the middle ground and understand that sometimes we just need to frame what we are saying in a new way to get the answer we want.

Mercury shifts into your 5th on the 27th adding a playful element to flirting, attraction and boosting your creativity. Yet, you are projecting depth and honesty along with this. Your ideas have sparkle and zest now. Retro Ceres also re-arrives in your 8th the same day. Again, if discussions have stalled this could re-open them and push towards a compromise or win/win. Don’t be shy about telling others what you want this week. Cutting to the chase is the quickest way to get there.

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