Work it with love

Revive, revise, revisit

Spark to a flame or fire to a fizzle?

Ruler Mercury goes retroactive in your house of lovers, creativity and children from the 27th, Gemini. You of all signs know the rules off by heart. This all occurs against a backdrop of all five outer planets retrograde. So, Mercury brings the total to six. And if we throw retrograde Chiron into the mix – not a planet, a comet, we arrive at seven reverse engines turning back to the future in the skies.

Pay attention to your children or even adult children if you have them now. A past concern or issue may resurface. Guard your creative ideas and you should know that this is no time to launch but a time for revision and reimagining. I am also going to give you the same advice I handed out to Aries. Mercury retrogrades in their 7th of long term partnerships and marriage. So, not a good time to go looking for love if you seek something lasting. The same applies to you as this occurs in your love zone. Put it this way, despite this retro weather there are other areas to explore for you. Love simply isn’t one of them. Enter the realm of ideas instead as something could be firing up your imagination for the long term now.

Hot – or not?

Mercury’s angle to Pluto in its ruling 8th on the 1st will show you if love is built for the long haul too. Maybe it’s been on like Donkey Kong between you and that red hot bae. But now you’ll get to see one way or another if that attraction is a flame or a fizzle. Your union transforms into something deeper or else it could snuff out. Last week may have provided you with a clue as to which way things are going. Get talking if needed.

While your ruler is retro and Venus sits in Mercury’s ruling 6th, refine your routine, work (paid or unpaid), habits, health regimen, diet and exercise. Changes to these areas will bring you more time for the things (or those) you love to do, Gemini. You know the retro factor brings refinements which simply add up to improvements over the long term. So jump in and work it with love.

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