Luck is a mindset

Time for action

You’ve got a ticket to ride!

In a pre-Covid world I would have been telling you to pack your bags and prepare to travel, Gemini. Ruler Mercury’s third and final meeting with Jupiter in its ruling 9th does however mark the start of a journey or a release into something bigger. A new cycle of experience begins now. One which broadens your horizons in some way and expands your world. Be ready to embark upon it.

Make that Major Mojo Move

Especially as Mars arrives in your sign this week. It puts you in sizzling, confident, go-getting mood and raises your personal hotness level to lava. Mars says do it, do it now and no more procrastination. It’s about your personal mojo and your courage, Gemini. Taking a chance as in a calculated risk is favoured and this week shows you that lucky or opportunities are the result of a mind-set.

Venus, Neptune and the Sun remain in your status-setting 10th house. Partnerships are also a feature this week and with all this mutable weather expect shifts around love, living and working ones. So, that opportunity or new experience could involve you and another, Gemini. There’s more than one way to travel. And if the physical option is off the table for now, you could just find a travelling partner for a whole other kind of adventure this week.

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