Partnerships, duos and double acts feature

If you need to know – then ask

Take your time with love

Confused around love? Understand a direct question usually gets you a clear answer. Discussions with others may take a surprising turn this week. And you need to uncover the truth about your feelings and/or theirs around a key issue. Take it that jumping to conclusions without fact checking first isn’t your best tactic this week. But if you get that icky feeling something is being withheld – hold that thought.

You’ve an eclipsed full Moon in your 1st on the 30th. And we are now in eclipse weather with a total Solar eclipse to follow in your 7th in December. Past, present and potential partners of all descriptions will feature now. Especially as ruler Mercury enters this house from the 1st. If you have questions – ask. And look at the future of love too. Not how you would like it to be but how it is now and what this tells you.

Ask away!

The answers you get to questions you may have hesitated to ask in the past could surprise you. As could you saying yes to an invitation or how one particular connection suddenly becomes more prominent thanks to Mercury’s trine to Chiron in your 11th on the 4th. But give all connections time. Because that’s what the truth needs now.

When it comes to worldly success however, state your terms and know what outcome you have in mind. Be very clear on this. Career matters call for a combination of business-like direction and intuitive intent. Don’t allow yourself to drift off course or be distracted from that routine, schedule or deadline. State or set those intentions and then stick to them as Venus in your 6th trines Neptune in your career sector on the 6th. Your ability to work it like a boss is one area where there’s no confusion this week, Gemini.

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