Ruler Mercury arrives in it’s ruling 6th this week. But it is in retroshadow phase preparing for its shift backwards next month. So, prepare yourself for an extra dose of Mercury Mayhem.

We can’t talk about your 6th without touching on health, routine, work (paid and unpaid), tasks and wellbeing. You also have Juno, the asteroid which rules marriage, promises, commitments and contracts in your 6th from the 21st. These are the kinds of commitments which are lasting. Or those we can’t get out of easily. And yes, of course we can change our minds, but if we do, again this is a long-term decision we are making and we won’t be able to U-turn easily.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but YOUR truth!

So, be aware of the retroshadow when it comes to signing contracts, agreements or entering or exiting anything with long-term impact now. You need to check within on the effect it has on your energy, overall physical, mental and soul state, and how it makes you feel emotionally. Agreements could even go back and forth. But you need to stick to what feels lasting for you.

State that truth on the 22nd when Venus and Vesta meet in your 3rd. This also marks the start of an important cycle of attraction for you as the Sun lands in your 5th. So, focus on lasting, long term love potentials now. In terms of others and even what you love to do.

Just prior to arriving in your 6th, Mercury will oppose retro Mars in your 11th on the 24th. Mars pushes you towards something you want, need or desire for your future. So, despite it being retrograde, this Mars is directing you towards a goal you mustn’t give up on. Have the confidence to commit and go for it, Gemini.

The deal or commitment you make could simply be around more freedom as retro Ceres re-enters your 9th of expansion this week. Or you having the courage to suggest a better compromise solution with someone. One that has lasting benefits for you both.

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