Go straight to the point

What are you really saying?

Make that pitch and package too good to say no to

You are now in a position where you should know exactly what you want, Leo. And are unafraid to state it and go after it. Time for straight talk and to walk that talk with that signature confidence and open heartedness your sign is famed for.

Mercury lands in your 1st on the 28th and will meet your ruler the Sun in here on the 1st. If you are a Leo with your birthday on August 1, this is truly a time to be upfront about what you want for the coming year and to state your terms around anything from that job to that relationship. It’s also about your personal message, image and intentions. Communication has so many layers and I’m not just talking about your social media feed. But the non-verbal messages we send which can be even more impactful than the verbal ones. Look at how your entire ‘brand’ fits together and what this says about you.

This is all important work this week as Mars leaves you sign and powers up your desire for gain and glory when it lands in your 2nd. This transit is all about working your relationship with the material world. Mars gives you the confidence to go for more – usually in here the folding stuff. But also injects your bloodstream with a shot of searing self-worth.

Too good to refuse

Just at the right time as retrograde Jupiter lands back in your 7th of partnerships, potentials and possibilities involving others. It will stay in here until the end of the year. Even better, Ceres arrives in your friendship and goals zone on the 31st pointing to entrée into fresh circles and fresh paths to take to goals. So, if what you want involves a duo or double act of any description, you’ll have no hesitation to start that conversation with them. Ensure you come across exactly how you need to, Leo. That pitch is irresistible.

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