Promises are kept close to home

Actions in the present are building blocks for the future

You’re ready for the big ‘C’ – commitment!

Your need for security, permanence and a home base will be amplified this week, Leo. Long-term decisions can be made now and agreements entered into thanks to Juno in your 4th from the 21st.

Mercury also enters this house from the 27th. Mercury rules contracts, work, business and communication as you know. Juno rules marriages and commitments – promises we make that are lasting or which we cannot exit easily. You could be ready to do this now.

Commit to moving experiences

Some of you may take the step of moving in with a partner. Others may move, sign a mortgage agreement or lease or even change jobs or accept a pay rise or promotion. Our job or income is often the bedrock on which we build our security after all. So, don’t shy away from those big decision or agreements. And think in the long term.

Ruler the Sun is on the move into your 3rd on the 22nd – which of course, is Mercury’s ruling house. Talks, ideas, discussions, paperwork, writing, speaking and the internet are all in focus now. Push ahead with work, business and communication related plans now. That big idea needs action behind it as just prior to exiting its ruling house, Mercury opposes retro Mars in your 9th from your 3rd. This is no time for procrastination. Either in pushing ahead with your ideas or in putting off that conversation you know you need to have. Take the initiative and the lead now, Leo.

The 27th has retrograde Ceres re-enter your partnership sector. It’s all about win/win solutions when it comes to partnerships and those close to you. A new deal around love or work could be on the table. And one which simply adds to that sense of security for the long term.

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