Love gets unstuck – finally

Continue to refine those ideas

Bring the focus close to home

Siblings, commuting, short trips, writing, design, images, the internet and your devices/car have all been hit by Mercury retrograde in its ruling 3rd. Plus you have had Jupiter retrograde in your 7th of partnerships, duos, double acts and duels. Both planets move forward again from the 18th. Any kind of relationship deadlock or indecision involving anyone from a significant other to a close relative could move forward again now.

Your way with words

When it comes to that message, statement, trip, idea, vlog or presentation, do be aware that you need to allow for the retroshadow to end. So allow another three weeks for continued repositioning, revision and refinement. And know that work or business decisions may remain up in the air until then. Watch your words, not checking the facts or being in a hurry at the time of this week’s full Moon in your 9th. It gets all caught up with Mars also in your 3rd. Someone may be looking for an argument. Your best tactic may be not to oblige them if so.

This full Moon however does lend itself to you selling in your ideas or getting your point across in a positive fashion. You won’t however have much patience with anyone who waffles in meetings for instance. Or who performs a sudden u-turn or goes back on their word. You have the ability to cut to the chase and this no-time-wasting precision can bring you results in that interview, pitch or presentation.

Venus is in your 5th and along with Jupiter now direct hands singles that swipe and all of you an opportunity to make a shining fresh start around something you love. After the intense activity at the start of the week, ruler the Sun’s arrival in your 4th offers a welcome change of pace. And of thinking. Spending time at home and contentment with all you have achieved begins to replace the desire to take action and rush around. A downshift? You’ve earned it, Leo.

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