Plug into empowerment

Fierceness is a force for change

Shift your thoughts, set the future on a fresh course

Feeling fierce, Leo? The line-up in your 8th should be igniting that warrior spirit this week as it includes your ruler the Sun. Venus joins in from the 25th,

The rulers of your 8th – Mars in ancient times and Pluto for the modern era; point to that fierce, confident attitude being channelled into any unresolved areas or issues. And coming up with solutions that are both empowering and strangely enough, surprisingly easy to initiate. As we head towards the full Moon in your money zone on the 27th, Mars in your 10th aligns to Pluto in your 6th.

Change your attitude, change your world

What occurs the day of the full Moon or a day after, may frankly astound you. As a situation which has been hanging around or blocking progress for far too long is effortlessly transformed. It begins with a shift in how you are seeing it. And then a ripple effect occurs.

The result could be something which could boost your worth – in monetary or just soul terms thanks to the Moon, Mars and Pluto all aligned on the 28th. You’ll see then just how powerful and permanent a shift in perspective can be.

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