Solutions may hide in plain sight

People show their true colours

Who’s the name that jumps to mind?

One particular connection, group or friendship needs your attention, Leo. Now, bring that attention to the name or names that immediately sprang to mind as you read that. All I would say is – this is your intuitive Marco Polo moment. Only you can say who is ‘It’ but keep that knowledge close and to yourself during the eclipsed full Moon in your 11th.

Someone may show their true colours. Or you may come to realise the resonance you once shared is no longer there. Others may realise their friend needs them – if so, you know what to do. Or you yourself need to reach out if you haven’t lately. However, use caution if anyone new appears who either wants to friend-bomb or love-bomb you now. The truth is – and eclipses always conceal that, is that friendships like love need time to grow and deepen. Chances are if you go all in, you can find yourself all-out just as fast.

Friendships may surprise you

We are now in eclipse season and December will bring your ruler totally eclipsed in about two weeks. This will take place in your 5th of lovers, children, young people and creativity. Hence the need to be cautious now rather than later. However, this week can also expose a previously hidden route to a goal or someone you thought was just an acquaintance but who is now revealed to be so much more.

Mercury in your 5th from the 1st highlights ideas, love talk, children, pleasure and those activities that you adore so much hours pass like minutes when you are doing them. One discovery could be love right under your nose. Or seeing how what you love can turn into something to sustain you workwise.

Mercury’s alignment to Chiron is asking you to take a chance on this on the 4th. Changes to living arrangements or something you share with another could occur around the 6th when Venus in your 4th trines Neptune in your 8th. You may not have seen the benefits or even the necessity to change things before now. But now you do. The solution to something long term is simple and could have been right under your nose all along.

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