Open the vault on those beliefs

The world mirrors your outlook

Love favours the bold

Mercury leaves your sign this week and heads on into your 2nd while ruler Venus arrives in your 12th. This is about money and values. And most of all the messages or beliefs you have had about these in the past.

Mercury is slowing down to go into retro full fat later in October. Venus rules your 2nd of course and is in the house of your past and also secrets. What we believe and think about money and our self-worth is often locked deep in a vault. So deep in fact even we may be unaware of what is actually in there. This is your opportunity to out it. And perhaps re-set those values to reflect what you are truly worth.

With Mars also retrograde in your 7th, there’s a distinct chance people from your past or past issues with present partners will reappear or re-surface now. If so, take your time to measure them against that self-value system. Daring to ask for more, making a stand-out and bold move could bring amazing results now. Retrograde Ceres re-enters your 5th on the 27th pointing to a new deal on love or you simply refusing to be overlooked or confined to the background now. Love simply favours the bold move now.

Once in a Blue Moon

Long term commitments can be made around finances or a key relationship as Mercury and Juno meet on the 29th. Your all-important 7th house is where the main action takes place this week. The Sun opposes Chiron also in here on the 30th while the following day brings a full Moon in here. This is the first of two full Moons we will see in October so yes, the term ‘once in a blue moon’ applies.

Both these full Moons are linked to your values. How you are seen and valued by others and also how you believe you should be treated and valued in turn. So, someone will be showing you this very clearly now. Knowing you, you probably have it right, Libra. This week says know your worth. And expect nothing less in return.

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