Own what it is you really want

Like the Virgos next door, you may be on a truth-seeking mission this week now Mars is in your 12th. However, this may take a slightly different form or impact on a different area of your life.

Without going all Lucifer on you – what is it you desire, Libra? I mean really, really want? How about just admitting it and owning it and then going for it? And not worrying about what others may think or whose apple cart may just get upset if you do?

This may be something you shove aside, don’t want to admit to wanting or have labelled ‘unrealistic’ or even ‘scary’ because deep down you know having it or simply going for it, involves change. But the fact is not acknowledging it leaves you with this empty feeling inside that nothing fills and which returns to haunt you every now and then.

It you don’t desire it, you can’t own it

Fill the need but setting off in search of ways to make it real. Jupiter is returning to your 5th of fabulosity this week where its going to stay until the end of the year. You have Mercury entering your 11th of goals and dreams from the 28th and meeting the Sun in here on the 1st – highlighting people who could form part of your dream team or ways to make it happen.

Now, throw into the mix Ceres, the ultimate sensual powerhouse, in your 9th of expansion, opportunity and freedom. Ceres puts a new way to get where you want to go on the table and opens up new pathways. This is your green light, Libra. Take that dream out of neutral, into first and pedal to the metal as we head into August!

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