Showcase that game face

Passion peaks

Avoid the feeling you must win at all costs

Star light, shine bright. That’s always your birthday message, Libra. And honestly, Mercury retro in your 1st shouldn’t really do anything to dull that shine. The final week of your birthday cycle sees it finally head direct along with Jupiter in your 5th. You, your image, brand, what you stand out for or are known for, your unforgettable attributes, face, appearance, social media feed and what makes you well – you, draw the new to you now. Be this in the form of that birthday present, people or simply opportunities to get yourself noticed.

Ruler Venus in your 3rd opposes Ceres in a Deal or No Deal moment also on the 18th. It’s asking you if something actually works in your favour – or not in fact. Is there wiggle room with this? Can you or even should you, compromise? Think long and hard.

Make love, not the opposite

Before the Sun exists your sign and moves into your 2nd on the 23rd, we have a full Moon in your 7th on the 20th. This full Moon opposes Mars still in your 1st. This is why this week is so image-centered as Mars rules the 1st house and our appearance – especially that game face, Libra. This is about your ‘opposite’ number too. How they see you. You will be extra sensitive to this under this full Moon. So, take care with what you project, put out there and how you react. Understand that being in the spotlight can trigger jealousy or insecurity in some people. And you react more intensely than normal. This is a real ‘Make love, not war’ full Moon. Or can be.

Maybe someone is being critical or insensitive. Or simple trying to throw their weight around. Step back and ask whether their opinion really matters. Which if it involves some random stranger on the internet – not at all. This full Moon can bring passion to a head. The heart stopping kind but also the seeing red variety too. And it can also show you that being right is over-rated at times. As can be having the last word. You don’t have to prove anything, Libra. The retrograde rediscovery of you should have shown you that!

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