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Stars shine brighter when the sky is darkest

Shantay – you stay!

Shantay – you make an entrance and you get to stay in the spotlight this week! RuPaul has defined ‘Shantay’ as ‘To weave a bewitching spell’. It’s that unstoppable and breath-taking combination of fierce and beautifully unique. Hint: That’s YOU, Libra.

Or it should be now the Sun lands in your Now Age 5th on the 19th. Yes, this is your house of children, babies, young people, teenagers. But don’t forget this is also a house of attraction, romance, creative self-expression, indulgences and what it is about you that allows you to stand out and be noticed. In other words – dare I say it, shine like a drag queen.

Get Your Glamazon On!

What do you need to do to express all of this? Has lockdown dulled that lustre, Libra? Do you need to Fab Five yourself? Dress up and feel like a star even if you are staying home? The red carpet is wherever you find yourself this week. And you can share you, your experience and the end result even from the comfort of your lounge room.

So, ditch any self-neglect. Act and feel like you are ready for your close-up. Seeking love? A creative platform? Put yourself out there in any way you can especially on line. There’s the promise of radical and much needed change attached to this. Self-transformation is the key as Mars and Uranus offer the potential for a re-birth as they meet in your 8th on the 20th. Mars then says go big or go home as it angles to Jupiter also in your 5th on the 23rd. You’ve the confidence and the charisma to get this done.

Taking your need to shine, to express yourself, to receive love, recognition, adoration, applause and pleasure seriously is NOT indulgence or self-absorption. It’s good for your soul. And hey, as you radiate it out there, good for those whose lives you touch too. So, don’t be selfish, Shantay. Share yourself.

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