Weave that everyday magic

Leverage your intuition to live your best life

Turn up the heat on love!

Ancient ruler Jupiter exits your sign this week returning to your depth-defining 12th. Don’t worry – it will be back in December. For now it supersizes your superpower – your intuition.

This coincides with Mercury’s arrival in its ruling 6th (28th). Take the time now to look at those everyday needs and how they are being met. By you. This is your grand design and you need to be aware of how all the small stuff clicks together to make a far bigger picture than you think. Small adjustments bring big changes. This isn’t about living your best life ‘someday’ or during the times you go on holiday. But every day. What do you need to change to arrive at this? Your intuition – always your superpower – knows.

Begin close to home. Your living space, house, apartment, flat. Your family, sharers, Airbnb even. What supports and ultimately replenishes and sustains you on a daily basis. Does there need to be a move, a rearrangement, a declutter or simply a fresh set of priorities? Ceres now in your 4th from the 31st opens the doors to all this.

Know where to find love – or let it find you

Take that va-va-voom and strut it. Mars in your 7th puts purpose back into the pursuit of passion. If it’s missing – you either reignite it with your current bae or if you have no special someone, Mars could send you off in search of it. If you are waiting for love to appear, don’t go looking in all the wrong places. You should have learned by now where these are, Pisces. If it didn’t work in the past, it won’t in the present. Instead get a new tactic which could literally be pouring that creative force into something you love to do. And love could just find you as you do.