Embrace what (or who) you really need

Change is in your best interests

Pave the way for new beginnings

What you need as opposed to what you imagined you wanted features this week, Pisces. If something doesn’t go exactly to plan now, know it hasn’t happened simply because it isn’t in your best, long term interest.

This can sometimes be challenging to say the least. Especially when we are heavily invested in an outcome, personal dynamic or situation. But if you are faced with a reversal, please be as philosophical as your gorgeous higher nature is hard-wired to be. Understand there is a plan and a purpose even if right now it doesn’t appear that way. And please, don’t try to de-fib a situation that is clearly now showing you it has flat-lined. Not unless you want to cause yourself pain.

Lay the groundwork for a once-in-a-lifetime event

You are being prepared for the once-in-many-lifetimes opportunity that 2022 brings you. One way or another, this week is setting you up for this. And it wants nothing to get in the way of it. If you experience a sudden release back into opportunity or solutions and new beginnings present themselves as ancient ruler Jupiter in your 12th and Mercury in your 8th head direct on the 18th, then know this is a foretaste of what’s to come.

No matter what, this week is your seed time for this. The full Moon in your 2nd opposes Mars in its ruling 8th and both square Pluto in your house of the future on the 20th. This full Moon brings a transformation and rebirth to follow although just how powerful this is may not be apparent until November. Just remember, unless things transform they cannot improve.

The Sun is on the move into your full factor freedom inspiring 9th from the 23rd. It’s an invitation to change things up by igniting something bigger. So, this week one way or another delivers the means to begin just that. Bear in mind – love and other opportunities often arrive in disguise, Pisces. Stay connected to the bigger picture this week.