Say yes to what sets your soul soaring

Let inner wisdom be your guide

You need a bigger love experience

What you are saying yes or no to; what you decide to let go of or keep close – these decisions will be locked in for the long-term this week. How you come to that decision? Well, weigh up whether it lightens your life and expands your soul – or not, Pisces. The process truly is that simple.

As always, your inner wisdom is your most valuable resource here. As is looking back at what past experiences have taught you. Juno’s arrival in your 9th from the 21st is all about a commitment to a bigger love. Now this can be for a person. But it can just as easily be for an experience, place or belief. Venus and Vesta’s meeting in your 6th is about what you devote yourself to. Your work, your habits and rituals, and your wellbeing. Does this truly support and nourish you – mind, body and soul? That’s what you measure what you need to commit to by.

Take a leap of love

The Sun’s arrival in your 8th tells you that change itself may not bring you happiness. But unless there are changes, your level of happiness can’t increase. This is your house of empowerment as well as transformation and re-birth. So, again, base your choices and actions on what truly supports and energises you. You should see exactly what this is – and also if you have been dragging your feet around committing to it on the 24th when Mercury still in your 8th opposes retro Mars in your values and self-worth sector.

Mercury moves into your 9th from the 27th. The same day as Ceres leaves your 1st and heads back into your 12th. This could be an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment for you. When you see that the only thing that’s been preventing you from moving towards something better has been your own hesitation. Now you see it – don’t let it stop you any longer, Pisces.