Hidden benefits last the longest

There’s no fate but the one we make

Karma could pay it forward now

There’s nothing better than a transit of the heart and soul that involves Jupiter, Pisces. Your ancient ruler in your 12th is all about delivering something linked to your past, good karma or which is timeless and cannot ever be taken from you. This includes taking it on into your next lifetime. Sure, it can be intangible like a belief, hidden truth or knowledge, a personal quality or again, a karmic contract there for you which is clocking up the interest. Take note of who or what appears on the 5th when Jupiter and Mercury make their third and final meeting in here.

Cosmic connections could play a role this week as Venus in your 1st aligns to Uranus in your 3rd. Unexpected news or a surprise development again designed to benefit you, could form part of the Jupiter offering. Juno in your 10th wants you to say whether you are in or out on something linked to your status on the 2nd when it asks ruler Neptune the same question. Time to do the deal. Or walk away.

Let destiny drive you

Of course, this could be you asking someone else if they are really serious – or not. The Sun in your 1st opposes Vesta in your partnership sector. Just what are the terms – spoken or unspoken, in a particular relationship? This could be your bae, your boss, your bestie, your business partner or even that roomie if you have one. You need to ensure that one party is not more equal than the other. Mars’s arrival in your 4th on the 4th really does tell you that the time for talking is over. Actions speak louder than words. Is someone all promises but doesn’t deliver? They could simply get left behind now as you get propelled down a fresh path towards what really matters to you the most.