Give your heart some living room

Upgrade that lifestyle

Create a home for your future to begin

This week sees you focussing on home, lifestyle, living arrangements and family now the Sun lands in your Now Age 4th. Joint decisions around living arrangements especially with partners or someone you share your home with may feature.

Shifts around your relationship status or even your career, may have the ripple effect on your lifestyle now. Some of you could be looking at moving in with a partner, changing up your home, upgrading to a larger space or simply a different dynamic. You have Uranus as a long-term resident in your 7th of partnerships of all kinds. This week it will meet Mars in here pointing you in the direction of anything that makes you feel more alive.

Live it Large!

For some, this may involve a literal moving experience. The heart needs space to grow after all. Mars will square Jupiter in your 4th on the 23rd. Jupiter always wants to offer solutions and likes to live it large in every way. If your present home or lifestyle feels cramped or confining, this could act as the trigger which frees you.

At the heart of all this is a desire for security and something lasting and long term. So, think about how you want to be living in the future – or even where and with who, as the Sun and Saturn meet on the 24th. Time to establish something for the long term. Even if it’s not four walls, make it a lifestyle you can love, Scorpio.