You have the love mojo

Cupid has big plans

Passion opens doors to possibilities

It’s all about the love this week, Scorpio. Yes, it’s a many splendoured thing. You are stepping into a brand-new cycle of relating marked by the new Moon in your partnership zone on the 11th. One particular double act will be in focus now. A past, present or scintillatingly enhancing potential one. Remember – it’s all love no matter what form this dynamic duo takes. When we interact with another, we are in a relationship pure and simple.

For love to bloom and last, you need planets in both your 7th and your 5th houses. Along with the new Moon promising important emotional beginnings, you have the love mojo now thanks to Jupiter’s arrival in your 5th of romance, lovers, creativity, glowing self-expression and children. So, this also includes relationships or potential relationships that could see you becoming a parent, adoptive parent, step or foster parent, godparent, grandparent etc.

Who and what you love

It’s been 12 years since Jupiter last came to party and play in this house. This visit only lasts until July. But when the after-party occurs later this year it will take you on in 2022. Jupiter can expand your family with the addition of a new baby. Others could see the arrival of a new lover. Teenagers, millennials and younger generations may feature and bring you gains. While others could see their talents and hobbies open doors to recognition and even in some cases fame. Time to lighten up and see the world with the eyes of a child again. Jupiter in your 5th is all about the good times set to roll once more.