Choose your company with care

Reputation is your calling card

Changes around resources open new portals of potential

Push forward with anything connected to career now Mercury alights in your 10th. You and your smarts are on show this week especially on the 1st when the Sun and Mercury meet in here. Ensure you guard your public image and remain aware at all times of how you come across. The impression you make and also the company you keep counts in ways that may not be immediately obvious now.

Ancient ruler Mars is on the move into your 11th of goals and friendships. This house also rules contacts of all kinds and this includes the professional ones and your larger networks. Mars in here powers up your desire to go for those goals. But it also has you looking at who you align yourself to or with. Hence you being judged by the company you keep. Who you are seen with. Mars in here hands wallflowers confidence to get out there and mix and mingle.

However, the downside of it is that it can fire up long standing dissatisfaction with others and lead to confrontations. It can also put you in situations where you are dealing with people who are unstable or amp up that desire to walk on the wild side to such an extent you find yourself in the wrong place with the wrong person at the wrong time. So, be mindful of this and also what you post on social media.

Get a dose of long-term satisfaction

Elsewhere in the sky, Jupiter returns to your 4th of home and lifestyle on the 28th where it stays until December. Property, home matters, security and what sustains you is back in focus. Ceres also shifts into your 8th this week. This is your house of transformation. Powerful changes around your salary, income, assets, benefits or payouts could stem from strategic career moves or new negotiations. It’s both who and what you know now.