Dig deep and recover your optimism, confidence and faith in the future

Own your path

Commit to that inner vision

Take time for that pre-birthday reinvention and re-set process now, Scorpio. You are going to be going back to head forward again.

Mercury arrives in your 1st on the 27th while retrograde Ceres backs into your 4th on the same day. Mercury is slowing down despite still moving forward so is in fact in retroshadow. Ceres is revisiting your house of home, security, family and roots. But this is also your house of owning your path. Of adulting if you like. So, this is about making a commitment to yourself and your future. It’s about knowing what you want, owning it and then making a promise to yourself to see it through when Mercury and Juno meet in your sign on the 29th.

Part of this process may involve you looking back at past decisions and choices. Looking at where you may have compromised too much. Perhaps to people please or out of fear of what others may think. The new cycle that’s emerging wants you to have the confidence in YOU and your vision. And to understand that this is your life to live your way. That’s what your ancient ruler Mars – presently retrograde in your 6th, wants you to understand.

Do the right thing – by you

You have Venus in your 10th until the 2nd. Enhancing your public image and reputation. Along with Chiron keeping that Mars company in your 6th. You’ll be aware of how not living your truth makes you feel this week. It’s time for bold moves as a result. Speaking up, standing by your ideas, putting yourself forward for something, daring to try. Especially if an opportunity re-presents itself when Venus trines Mars on the 28th and the Sun in your 12th opposes Chiron on the 30th.

The full Moon in your 6th on the 1st – the first of what will be two full Moons this October, links you to a deep emotional truth around following your heart or doing what you know to be the right thing for you. You will see all too clearly the effect this has on your energy level. You’re either energised and elevated because you are opting for what supports you mind, body and soul. Or feelings drained and mired in the mehs. So, if something needs to be re-aligned, this full Moon will show you.

Venus’s arrival in your 11th is about the love and support of friends and also the future. Especially those goals. Time to set some new ones or recommit to one you now see should never have been let go of. Optimism and your faith in yourself could be reawakened this week, Scorpio. This is all part of that soul re-boot you’re undertaking ahead of a fabulous relaunch!

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