Reveal a more magical version of you

Upgrade those expectations

Magic acts happen

No way are you working down-low magic this week, Scorpio. You’re the headline Vegas magic act – not the disappearing one thanks not only to the Sun in your sign but the arrival of ancient ruler Mars on the 30th.

Wear those wizarding robes and wield that wand with pride this week. Ditch the cloak of invisibility. Mars in your 1st is best-face forward. You’ve a desire to stand out in some way. The start of the week asks that you pay attention to any areas where you may feel over-looked or under-appreciated. And to make adjustments if so as Venus in its ruling 2nd squares Neptune in your house of romance and all things centre stage. Venus in its ruling 2nd is all about connecting to scintillating self-worth. Especially if that connection has been lost. Are you allowing yourself to shine? Or is someone taking all the attention and not giving you your fair share?

Get ready for the big reveal

Don’t be afraid to simply take your rightful place in the spotlight, Scorpio. No, it’s not selfish or narcissistic. And we all need positive strokes, to be loved, recognised and allowed to express ourselves. Our birthday cycle is always about giving ourselves the gift of self-love and acceptance. Plus permission to shine.

There’s a magic act happening possibility between you and someone else but certainly you and the universal source of abundance on Halloween. It could be time to upgrade that broomstick or simply those expectations. Permanently. The knock-on effect of this restores your belief in your own abilities to attract or simply make that magic happen effortlessly, Scorpio. Shine on, stand out and fly high this Halloween week!