Get ready for the next big thing

Start a new learning journey

Come and get your love!

Ruler Mercury is slowing down from this week in your 10th. In preparation for Retro 2.0. You know what this means, Virgo. Start to bring those career or study matters to a stage where they can either be sent out or refined and revised.

Now we have the mundane stuff out of the day – let the magic begin! This week sees a new Moon in your 9th – and the ruler of your 9th, Jupiter, enter your 7th. Time to big up everything to do with double acts, dynamic duos, duets and any kind of love that lifts you higher – especially one that connects you to learning, exploration and discovery.

Big Up That Love!

Take it that between now and July and then again in 2022, Jupiter is going to act as Fat Cupid. Bigging up that love experience and in the process, enabling you to understand more about yourself and your own needs in a relationship. Settleds can look forward to a period of smooth sailing and even aiming for a new, joint vision together. Jupiter should bring in at least one potential suitor for singles. Look for that free-spirited, funny and effortlessly sexy individual. Broke down love? Jupiter can’t fix anything beyond repair. But it can heal and free you for the next big thing. Or next big fling in some cases.

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