The truth sets you free – from confusion and not knowing

Seek out a fresh path to what you want

Get a dose of everyday miracle revelation

The truth is out there this week, Virgo. And you are determined to out it. Ruler Mercury lands in your 12th and meets the Sun in here on the 1st while Mars blazes a trial into your 1st from the 29th.

If you are seeking the facts, this week is when you will find them via a combination of intuition and information. Your capacity for looking closely at the details shows you where there may be discrepancies and if found, you won’t let these go until you arrive at the truth.

It may be that you have had a feeling for sometime something was going on behind the scenes. If so, this is the week where it is revealed. Your talent for discovery and details is supersized now Jupiter returns to your 6th where your superpowers reside on the 28th. It will be working everyday miracles in here for you from now until the end of the year. But if someone or something is no longer serving you, you’ll be able to see it (or them) for what this is and deal with it – once and for all.

Power moves

Time to explore new pathways and potentials around your career too as Ceres arrives in your 10th on the 31st. This could see many of you looking at what you are getting out of your current position. Whether the work you have done, the seeds you have planted and that all-important sense of satisfaction is being fulfilled? If the take-out hasn’t been equal to the effort you’ve put in or something is simply missing when it comes to fulfilment, you may now think seriously about a change of direction.

Powerful women in positions of authority may feature or act as role models, mentors or hold open doors for you. Time to honour the strong feminine who may appear in person as often happens when we have an important transit. Look to the deal you can make or what you can create with them. The truth leads to something fresh to discover.

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