Harness the evolution of change

Get a grand design for living

Channel that future!

There’s a shift towards freedom this week, Virgo. Sudden turns of events are designed to un-stick you. No matter how they initially look. Your work (paid or unpaid), studies or routine may be subject to change. Keep plans or that schedule flexible no matter how attached to it you may have become as the Sun’s angle to Uranus on the 26th could trigger unexpected changes.

Especially when you combine this with ruler Mercury retrograde in its ruling 6th from the 30th. You may be asked to show just how flexible and adaptable you can be during this cycle and the major 6th house weather you’re experiencing in the Now Age. Remember what this is about for you: Creating Your Best Life and living in every day!

This week brings a full Moon in your 12th on the 28th. It also opposes Jupiter in your 6th. This Moon is known as a Wolf Moon or Snow Moon. Strangely the term ‘Wolf Moon’ isn’t thought to originate from Native Americans as we might think. But from Anglo Saxon culture. Don’t forget, wolves used to be prevalent in the UK and across Europe.

Channel the Good Life!

If you are into spirit animals, Celtic wisdom or Shamanism, this is a Moon under which to journey or connect to the energy of nature. Even if you are in the city. Guided meditation, visualisation can provide you with insights as to how to live that best life. Or the real message behind any changes. Where you imagination takes you may actually be a glimpse of what is possible for you.

That best life design could also include babies, children, teenagers, parenting, love, hobbies and creativity. Mix and match as Venus and Pluto’s meet-cute on the 28th is about the power of attraction. Best life bonus of the week has to be the Sun/Jupiter conjunction of the 29th. Solutions or opportunities could be on offer to create lasting, every day magic. And next month doubles your potential to do just that.

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