Continue to watch where the money goes

Don’t be rushed

Stand by your values

Ruler Mercury heads direct in your money zone this week but you’re not out of the financial woods yet. You know that until Mercury clears retroshadow you can count on nothing being final. And that includes that bank balance, income, savings, investments or deal hovering about!

Jupiter only has a couple more months in your 6th of all things Virgo-centric. Your work (paid or unpaid), studies, daily duties, health, wellbeing, co-workers and habits. Have you seen your working life shift while Jupiter has been in here? Perhaps you have switched to permanent hybrid working, begun a course of study or established a new and better routine. If adjustments still need to be made, time to implement them between now and December as Jupiter heads direct also on the 18th. Remember – it won’t return to this sector of your chart for another 12 years.

Ask for what you know is right

Watch for impulse buys or pressure to agree to something you are just not comfortable with under this week’s full Moon in your 8th. Hang tight to your values and also don’t be afraid to enforce those boundaries if necessary. Above all, don’t be rushed especially around finances. If you are entering into a long term agreement – a loan, mortgage, salary negotiation – ensure you and the other side know what you are getting into. And if it doesn’t feel right – don’t be afraid to ask for more time or else walk away entirely.

Mars also in your 2nd is caught up with this full Moon which is in Mars’s ruling house. Of course, the upside to this is you are emboldened to ask for something you may have hesitated to before. But the flip side could be pressure or feeling you need to rush. Resist above all hard sell sales pitches or any demands that make you uneasy or just plain uncomfortable. This is about more than money. It’s that personal value system that is simply always retro-proof, Virgo.

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