S/he who dares – usually gets

Take the direct approach

Get ready for your Whole Love Edit!

Time to focus on what you love. And don’t for one moment forget this includes YOU, Virgo. Or should. You are the sign in the spotlight pointing the rest of us towards a way to live more mindfully in this changing world. How? By creating order, structure and loving the tiny details that make up the bigger picture in our lives. By understanding that by committing on a daily basis to the smallest change, we can bring about the most massive shifts in our own lives – and the world.

If you’re a fan of The Home Edit then think of this as your Whole Love Edit. One where you get to showcase your true colours, brand and style once Venus arrives in your sign on the 2nd. This is one of your major transits of attraction for the year. And by now you should know the simple rule: what you radiate you attract back in kind. Knowing what you want in the first place is a big part of this so have that outcome in mind based on those love needs on the 28th when Venus opposes Mars.

Edit every room in your life

Ahead of this ruler Mercury lands in its ruling 3rd on the 27th while retro Ceres returning to Mercury’s other house – your 6th. With the other main focus of the week on your 8th house of transformation and re-birth, you could be set for a relaunch or simply a new appreciation of all you have to offer. Seek out new ways to express this.

Mars retrograde in here is showing you the importance of passion in your life. And also, to ask for what you want and need. Especially around the time of the full Moon in here on the 1st. Mars says take the direct approach, speak up and understand if you don’t get the answer you want, it was never going to be ‘Yes’ anyway. But that Whole Love Edit hands you the ability to not only attract but conjure positive change or hand you surprising outcomes. The Sun in your 2nd opposing Chiron also in your 8th says s/he who dares to ask, wins on some level. This occurs just prior to that full Moon and Venus’s arrival in your 1st.

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