A milestone you have been diligently working towards for some time could now be within reach. With the recognition that goes along with this. As a result, you may be looking at what is your next logical step in terms of where and how you live, your lifestyle and what you have been or are working towards.

Your value system has been evolving ever since Uranus arrived in your sign in 2019. What once mattered may have increased in value for you. Or you may have decided it simply is no longer worth it. This week sees Mars meet Uranus in your 1st. This could see you showing others just where you stand on this. Especially if you have been putting up with something that simply goes against the grain for far too long. This is not a week to hold things inside.

Sudden shifts around your career could occur one way or another. As in an unexpected promotion or opportunity. However, this is one of those weeks where if you are on the wrong path, you will now realise you can no longer walk it. Or pretend it is okay when it’s not. Remember, when we do not make the decisions we need to, in the end, the universe makes them for us. And in ways we may not initially like even if they do turn out to be to our benefit down the line.

So, as Mars squares with Jupiter on the 23rd, do what needs to be done be it committing to the path you are on and expanding it. Or breaking out and setting off down a new one. You deserve recognition and rewards, Taurus. So, if they are not offered this week, take action to get them.

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