Strike a new deal on self-love and soul freedom

How have your choices evolved your soul?

Exploring the impact past promises and commitments have had on your path could send you into a deep dive into soul truths this week, Taurus.

You have Mercury entering your 7th from the 27th. It’s slowing before heading retro in October. It will meet Juno which rules marriage and commitments we cannot easily go back on two days later. Plus you have retro Ceres re-entering your 10th of status and reputation on the 27th while ruler Venus trines retro Mars in your 12th on the 28th.

What this all adds up to is you looking at where or what those commitments you have made have brought you to. Hopefully a happy place. Remember, promises and partnerships are intended to enhance our lives. And give us the incentive to be the best possible version of ourselves. So, as the full Moon appears in your 12th, expect to be looking at how your promises have evolved you to where you are today.

Choose love – and self-love

Is it time to talk new terms? The Sun in your 6th opposes Chiron in your 12th on the 30th. How have those commitments enhanced how you feel over time? Don’t be afraid to change the terms of your agreements now. Even ones you have made with yourself. The full Moon could see you consult the Tarot, astrology, talk with a counsellor, meditate or seek answers deep within. It’s about your deep emotional core beliefs and what rings true and what doesn’t.

Ruler Venus’s arrival in your 5th the next day could remind you that love and passion are as essential to your wellbeing as air and water. If you’ve been denying yourself these – perhaps out of a sense of duty and responsibility, time to restore the balance. It’s a new day – and a new deal dawning. And one you have a conscious role in creating.

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