Have you taken on too much?

Make yourself your #1 priority

Tackle the truth

For a while now you may have been all too compliant, accommodating and eager to please, Taurus. What do they say? The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Despite you going that extra mile someone seems determined to take advantage of this. Continuing to meet their expectations could simply push you to breaking point this week.

Looking back you may see how you have inadvertently set this up. Yes, as usual your heart was in the right place. And you take love and other responsibilities seriously. But if you are now expected to continue to shoulder more than your fair share, or if this has now tipped into someone taking you for granted, it’s now time to say ‘No’. Especially if continuing this means putting your own life, dreams and plans on hold.

Work on your relationship with yourself

Ruler Venus in its ruling 7th is demanding a deep dive into what is working in your relationships – and what isn’t. Are you truly getting enough time for you? This week also has Mercury retrograde in its ruling 6th (that extra serving of chaos and confusion) which adds to the retrograde backdrop and brings the backwards planetary total to six. So, this tells you now is the time to tackle what needs to change.

This may mean a radical overhaul when it comes to those responsibilities you take so seriously. But there’s a need to create more freedom and ‘me’ time for you. If what you have created with those good intentions now has you trapped, this retrograde cycle allows you to make changes – radical ones if needed, to transform this totally. Deep down inside if you are honest, you know this can’t go on, Taurus. Tackle the truth this week and break yourself out into flow and freedom again.

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