Imagination opens up fresh pathways

It’s only out of reach if it’s out of mind, Aries

Get a heads-up on your new cycle

Head in the stars, feet on the ground this week, Aries. And as far as that head goes, keep it cool. Fortunately, that’s the ability this week hands you. The potential to make some seriously cool moves. Especially when it comes to working that work factor. Money and career issues are highlighted as is any activity that boosts your public profile. Aim as high as you can now.

The trine between ruler Mars in your self-worth and money house and Pluto in your status sector hands you determination to succeed. Don’t forget, those ambitions can be personal ones as well as professional.

Look up where you belong

This isn’t just wishful thinking. But visualizing your own success story. And then taking real world steps to convey your ability to make it just that. This week’s full Moon in your 6th is all about utilising the emotional power of cognitive thought. Honing those ideas and also how you apply those skills and a routine to support you and get you where you want to go.

As it shines back into your 12th, it is telling you not to think that all your experience and what you do each day doesn’t count for something. Is there another way you can harness all this? Such as your time or habits for instance to make more room for success?

Venus lands in your 12th from the 25th. This transit can open up conduits to creativity, insight and intuition you might not have known were yours. Your imagination is in overdrive now. But here is where the Manolos on the ground (or Churches, Doc Martins, Converse – Pisces and your 12th rules your feet!) comes in. You need to stay grounded and take practical action and use the insights you are handed now. Especially when it comes to career.

The cool head bit comes in when the Moon still in your 6th until late on the 28th, trines Pluto and also ruler Mars. Mars and Pluto have shifted ever so slightly out of their trine of the 25th. But remain close enough to activate this angle. Power moves by you but also power plays by others could see you either projecting serious credibility or else getting your buttons pushed. S/he who keeps their cool, remains in control no matter who started this. Enhanced power over your own path is the gift this week hands you, Aries.

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