It takes two this week

Time for love

Let’s talk partnerships

Fabulizing trines and a full Moon in your 12th mark the end of one major phase and door opening opportunities to the new. Time for closure emotionally, spiritually and perhaps even on a physical level as this week highlights what still works for you and what doesn’t.

Don’t ignore those instincts around this. This week says ‘It’s time’, Aries. Time to shrug off the shadows of past hurts and to step free of them and on into something healing and better. If you need to end something now, please try to do so as tactfully as you can. Chances are however you are already focussed on the future, the new and enticing with the line up in your 7th – the Sun from the 22nd, and trines from ruler Mars to the North Node in your 3rd.

The Venus/Uranus opposition on the 23rd points to you only opting for what chimes with your value system. With the heavy line up now in your 7th you will no longer put up with any imbalances or injustices.

Tangos and twosomes

But we have a week like no other when it comes to partnerships of all kinds. Love, live-in, work, marriage, divorce, double act, duel. Single or seeking any kind of alliance? The trines of the week involve the North Node in your 3rd. Again, this points to discussions or conversations. I dos and I don’ts. One particular twosome will be your focus as the Grand Earth Trine of the 26th ropes in ruler Mars. Mars brings intensity to those feelings – one way or the other.

Along with the Moon in your 3rd and Saturn in your 11th it’s time for love, time for that talk or agreement, or time to leave. While Libra and your 7th rules that horse and carriage it also rules its opposite – as in uncoupling them. Remember, falling in love or out of it, is all part of the partnership dynamic. One way or another, you’ll be exploring some facet of togetherness this week.

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