Don’t fall for fake news of the soul kind

Make ‘Just the facts’ your mantra

Ask those angels

Do fact check and take it your most reliable source of information may be that psychic reporter within you this week, Aries. We have a full Moon in your 3rd and an eclipse on the 30th. This may push some buttons for you. But what you hear or are told may not be the truth.

This is Mercury’s ruling house in your chart and Mercury itself enters your 9th on the 1st. It then trines Chiron in your 1st on the 4th. This could mark the point when your gut feelings about something get validated or more information emerges. What does may surprise you. Or simply put a whole new spin on things. For this reason, try to avoid big decisions or jumping to conclusions around this eclipse.

Love has a hidden truth

No matter what emerges or how things appear to be packaged up, take it that even if you can’t see it, what is happening is to your benefit. Eclipses conceal so we are talking about secrets and hidden truths. Because the Moon is involved and this rules our emotions, we may feel things intensely but this does not necessarily make them true. Neptune rules secrets and also your intuition which may be your most infallible guide now.

The 6th has Venus in your sector of change make a beautiful transformative angle to Neptune. The hidden truth being that any changes may have a plan and a purpose. So, this week wait before reacting. You’ve an angel on your shoulder. Ask it for guidance. You may just get to the heart of the matter if you do.

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