Step into a world of pure imagination

Invisible assets boost your self- worth

Revelations hand you solutions

Time for new beginnings and to expect expansion and new growth. Provided you work with the tools of insight, intuition and imagination, Aries! This week sets you up for what will be a bigger, better cycle than what you have experienced in a very long time. One where the only limitations may be those you place on yourself.

This week delivers a new Moon in your 2nd (11th). It’s an invitation to begin relating to the material world in a new way. Your money, assets, income, possessions and your self-worth. Your value system. How you value yourself above all. This is your emotional connection to what you have. And whether you realise it or not, it determines not only what you get or receive, but how you are treated by others. It forms a subtle yet crucial role in how we navigate the material world. So, this new Moon allows you to re-value everything, stop selling yourself short if that is what you have been doing, and also to see yourself in a relationship to what you have or earn. This can be a real game-changer.

Tap into invisible assets

However, this is over-shadowed by Jupiter’s arrival in Pisces on the 13th. Gifts of the soul and spirit should not be under-estimated in value. Simply because they are lasting. Jupiter’s arrival in here links you to universal wisdom, ‘Ah-ha!’ moments and hands you the keys to your Good Karma Safety Deposit Box. Jupiter rules Pisces and your 12th, so we say its happy in here. It’s your ultimate benefactor working with the ‘other side’. You have a two-month window which will show you just what the universe has in store for you in 2022. And it’s about more than just what money can buy you.

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