In or out? It’s for keeps!

Make a heart-centered promise

Time for a new deal

Powerful promises and commitments we don’t make lightly and can’t easily break are themes this week. It asks: Are you in or are you out? One way or another. All or nothing. There’s something long-term about the decisions you’ll make or agreements you under into this week, Aries.

Juno, which rules marriage and commitments, arrives in your 8th of shared (marital assets) property, loans, mortgages and your salary. So, some of you may make or even consciously uncouple yourselves from anything from that job to that person or loan. Just understand no matter what decisions you are making now – you’re playing for keeps. Or entering into something you commit to for the long term.

Make a new love commitment

The 22nd sees the Sun arrive in your 7th putting love and all partnership matters in the spotlight. With Venus in your fabulous and romantic 5th, this is one of the best transits of the year to be seeking love – even with your ruler retrograde. However, if there are inequalities around an existing relationship you could have arrived at make-or-break moment as Venus and Vesta align in your 5th on the same day.

You’ll either be able to strike a new deal between you as Mercury also in your 7th opposes retro Mars in your 1st and Ceres – broker of deals and compromises re-enters your 11th. Or not. One thing is certain. You’re serious about anything you decide or enter into this week, Aries. That includes signing on the dotted line as Mercury arrives in your 8th. State your terms, know the outcome you want, know when to compromise and when not to. Then – stick to it.

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