Your weekly horoscope July 19th -25th 2011


Moon in aries conjunct Uranus square pluto in 10th; mars conjunct south node in 3rd; sun into 5th house

The Sun is in your house of fun, which means that you’re feeling a bit giggly outrageously open to being pleasant and charming to others, which is always good news.  Uranus squaring Pluto in the 10th means that you might find yourself having to deal with a work related situation that seems to leap up out of nowhere.  Let’s face it, as an Aries you can deal with the unexpected as you can easily handle pressure and you’re very good at thinking on your feet, so go with the flow and you should be able to manage whatever occurs.  It could actually be a stunning out of the blue happening, but you’re still going to have to run with it. Allow yourself to be open with others and expand your expectations of what the universe can bring to you.  Get out of any rut as this is a time of change.  In fact, Uranus is urging you to take a good look round to see if anything in particular needs an overhaul.  All in all, it’s a week in which your charm and fast thinking should see you make the most of any unexpected events that come your way.     


Moon in Taurus conjunct Jupiter trine pluto in 9th, sun into 4th house

You are feeling good – and it should be a fabulous week for you!  You are expanding and opening up and others are really appreciating you for who you are and what you do.  The theme of your week is change.  It might all take place at an internal level as part of you may even be choosing to see life differently, but whatever it is, it’s hugely liberating.  You’re shining at the best you can be and others are hanging off your every word and think you’re gorgeous.  Your shadow means that you can be a bit stubborn or stuck and hold on to ideologies and beliefs that actually limit you.  As a Taurus, you are here to learn to be fearless around change and the way that you are responding to current changes is a bit of an indication that you’ve actually moved a lot closer to embracing one of the most profound lessons that you could grasp.  So give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy the adulation of others that this week also brings. 


Sun into 3rd house, mars conjunct southnode in Gemini.

It’s almost as if you are on a mission this week and you have the opportunity for a deep and exciting transformation.  You’re open to communication and keen to spread the word about what you believe.  Along with that, you might have a feeling that something fated is about to happen.  It is all hugely exciting, but you could also end up being just a touch over zealous or enthusiastic about trying to get across what you mean or the ideas that you are having to those around you, particularly when it comes to your close relationships. Go gently and easily. What you are destined to do may start to unveil itself this week.  You are in control of your destiny, but if you haven’t already, this week may bring you glimpses and clues of exactly what it is you came here to do.


Sun into 2nd house, mars conjunct south node in 12th house, moon conjunct Uranus in 10th square Pluto in 7th

The sun in your second house means that you can shine from a huge inner security.  You might be inclined to invite a few people over for dinner where conversations could get more deep and meaningful than usual. Mars and the south node in your 12th house means that you might even find that you have a deeply sensual and soulful connection with someone.  We could be talking about something on a tantric level, even if it is as simple as staring deep into someone’s eyes and feeling a huge connection.  As a cancerian, you oscillate between finding it easy to express your most intimate feelings and also moments of wanting to hide inside your shell.  This week, express all of your beautiful self.  You should be in your stunning power, but if not, it’s literally just a step away.  Take it.


Sun into leo, mars conjunct south node in 11th house, moon in 10th conjunct Jupiter trine Pluto in 6th

The Sun in your sign should mean that you are in your full power this week.  Magnanimous, charismatic and charming – it’s like your batteries have been plugged into the mains.  The big theme for you this week is friendship.  There may be some that you feel you’ve outgrown, but you could also discover a whole new group of incredible people who link you with your destiny in some way. If you’re single, you may even meet a romantic partner through your social group. These are powerful times and the south node is urging you to look and see in your external world signposts to your destiny.  When we do something different, we stir up the pot of universal consciousness and make synchronicities more possible.  So if you feel that things aren’t automatically flowing towards you, just by giving your own life a gentle shake you might bring about extraordinary transformations.


Sun into 12th, mars conjunct south node in 10th, moon in 7th square mars in 10th

There’s something mystical and profound about what’s going on for you this week.  You want your depths to be seen and you also want to show the world what you are made of.  At the same time, you can’t bear to be around superficial people.  Tune in to the spiritual side of your being.  You’re able to express yourself on a very deep level and the universe is listening.  Expect to meet someone or make a connection that helps you bring about your dreams or show you that you’re on the right track.  If you’re with someone and they are working too hard, you can be very understanding and supportive.  There could be some friction within you as part of you wants to set off in search of your destiny at the same time as you’re wondering about how to be more settled.  Find the balance between these two desires.  You can if you can flow with all the opportunities and keeping your heart open.  That means if you’re the one working too hard, give your partner lots of attention rather than just collapsing and moaning about how tired you are at the end of the day.  You might also meet someone through work where there is a true and deep connection. 


Sun into 11th, mars conjunct south node in 9th, moon in 7th conjunct Uranus, square pluto in 4th

If you’ve been a bit of a hermit this week you’ll want to mix with those you love and might also be keen to meet a few more people.  Your whole inner being is feeling the need to expand and you may even be craving going and immersing yourself in a different culture or at the very least signing up for a new course.  A voice in your ear is whispering that now is the time to get on with it.  Along with that, you might feel a bit confused about your emotions.  If you’re taken, it could be that you’re pushing and pulling your partners around as your emotions spin one way and then the other, or they may be leading you on a dance.  Singles could meet someone and experience a boom moment of total attraction and then be wondering a few days later what on earth was going on.  The moon is urging you to embrace your emotions but also be true to yourself.  Flow with love and peace and find your true balance by taking time out to meditate.


Sun into 10th, moon in 6th conjunct Uranus, square pluto in 3rd, moon in 7th conjunct Jupiter trine pluto in 3rd.

It’s good news – this week you feel really powerful in your career.  You’re over any old traumas or self doubt.  You’re also feeling good about yourself as a lover and no matter what has been going on recently, or even to a certain extent what might be going on now, you can definitely feel that you’ve got your spark back even if you’re single.  Personally, I feel that as a Scorpio, your energy is particularly powerful and contagious and you’ve got far more of an influence over others than you may realise. You have what it takes to light up a room when you enter, so just remember that this week and be a force for love.  Things should be getting better and better all round and this week is another leap forward.


Sun into 9th, mars conjunct south node in 7th, moon in 6th conjunct Jupiter trine pluto in 2nd.

You’re feeling great about you – outgoing and adventurous and free in some way.  You’re also able to see the whole world and your inner reality from a whole new perspective.  That means you’re able to step out and feast on life itself and others are seeing you for the magnificent creature that you are.  Do good deeds and good work with that energy and you could create something fantastic.  As far as relationships go, you might be drawn to doing something comforting from the past, whether it’s listening to music that you loved when you first fell in love or whether you find yourself reviving that passion you felt at the beginning in your existing relationship.  You may also be thinking of an ex or one might turn up unexpectedly.  If it’s all making you feel a bit nostalgic, it won’t be for long and you’ll be back out there, dashing around and saving the world in a trice.


Sun into 8th, moon in 4th conjunct Uranus, square pluto in Capricorn; moon in 5th conjunct Jupiter trine pluto in Capricorn

You’re feeling intense and analysing all sorts of situations – possibly to far too deep a level.  Try not to get obsessive about anything as the planets are trying to show you a way through, and it’s through very deep and honest conversations about what you really feel in life and trusting love rather than listening to fear.  Allow yourself to trust that what is for you cannot pass you by.  You have to find that faith within yourself to trust that the universe is for you and it’s just a matter of opening up your heart to faith.  Yes, a few upheavals might be on their way.  They may even be changes for the better and they arrive to show you that transformation is nothing to fear.  You have the ability to transform the energy of your life by changing the way that you think. It’s an intense week, but by the end of it, things should look a lot brighter.


Sun into 7th, moon in 3rd conjunct Uranus square pluto in 12th, mars conjunct south node in 5th

When it comes to relationships you’re much more able to express who you are and you should be feeling wonderful about being your gorgeous self.  If you’re in a relationship, you’re can enjoy feeling very grounded and loved up whilst singles can ask the universe to bring you the right lover for you. Now if you’ve got any doubts that this works, as synchronicity would have it, today, a very dear friend of mine who has been exploring manifestation with me told me that she has just met someone who ticks every item on a list she wrote nearly four years ago whom she had given up on any chance of actually meeting, so hopefully that will inspire you!  Other than that, just through being open, fun loving and creative you could change your destiny this week.  See the best in everybody and embrace everyone around you, knowing that we are one big family and you should have an inspiring and even life changing week.


Sun into 6th, moon in 2nd conjunct Uranus square pluto in 11th, moon in 3rd conjunct Jupiter trine pluto in 11th.

You’re a little pocket rocket of achievement this week and can draw things towards you or control things in your working environment.  You might run into a few problems with a friend that causes you to pause and ask a few searching questions about what friendship means to you.  You might have known someone for a long time and still see them the way they were back in the day, or respond from the you that you were when you first met them.  Take a step back, spend some time on your own and open your heart to your truth in relationships and the truth of who they may be.  That alone could bring about a massive transformation.  This week is a bit like a necklace in a jewelry box that has become tangled around a whole bunch of bracelets.  As you slowly unravel one thing, others will fall away and you’ll be left with an entire array of jewels you can adorn yourself with.

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