Weekly astrological overview December 5th – 11th 2011

5th – Mars in Virgo trine Venus in Capricorn

10th – full moon eclipse in Gemini, Uranus direct

What a start to the week – Mars in fabulous aspect to Venus, between the earth signs Virgo and Capricorn…. This is a week for tangible and concrete progress in romance, and in finance too, as Venus is also strongly associated with all matters of money and possessions.

Mars is about movement forwards while Venus is about value and worth (self-worth too), so all action and reaction this week is going to feel valuable, and be easy to appreciate. Mars is passion while Venus is attraction, so even the cool as cucumber signs of Virgo and Capricorn aren’t immune from some hot hot hot vibes in the romance department.

But the big news this week is the full moon eclipse in Gemini on the 10th. What happens around an eclipse time tends to stay significant for weeks maybe months to come, and a full moon eclipse tends to indicate movement, especially emotional movement, in some way within key events, especially within those that haven’t been moving for whatever reason.

Related to the sign of Gemini, this is likely to mean it all revolves around communication somehow; getting the message across or receiving the message is going to be important… especially so with the communication-orientated Mercury retrograde still in full force.

And there’s a unique twist to the week’s events as the same day of the Gemini eclipse, Uranus in Aries ends its retrograde phase, and begins to move forward again for the first time in months. Planet Uranus heralds unexpected, unpredictable, unconventional occurrences, and during this turnaround from retrograde to direct motion it means situations suddenly turn on a dime. What was not moving forward, moves. Quickly.

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