Your free weekly astrology with Michele Knight January 16 – 22 2012


Sun in 10th square Saturn in 7th, sun into 11th sextile Uranus in Aries square Jupiter in 2nd

To start off the week you may be feeling there’s a bit of a battle between your career and your relationships.  As far as your career goes, you’re raring to go, but it may be that a lover is used to having you around and gets put out because you’re so busy, or singles find that they are consumed with work.  It could even be that things with someone you work with are a bit strained, like a boss being a bit bossy!  Whatever shape it takes, it’s all about feeling a bit restrained in being able to express your sunny optimism but don’t worry as it will all pass.  Towards the end of the week you’ll want to expand your friendships and have a good time, so it is important that you get work out of the way as you’ll be hugely tempted by the promise of any fun.  You might also be teetering on the edge of going a bit crazy and spending lots of money or do something else a bit reckless.  Try not to get carried away.  Spread balance in your joy.   Alongside all of this day to day stuff, you are moving into a time of spiritual enlightenment, coming into yourself and accepting all of your sides.  You’ll always be the child of the zodiac.  You are an old soul even though you do sometimes appear to be in a toddler’s body and, like the fool in the Tarot, there are deep seeds of wisdom in even what seem like your craziest antics.  So just remember to bring in that balance and you’ll have a stunning week.


Sun in 9th square Saturn in 6th, sun into 10th square Jupiter in Taurus.

You’re a bit torn between what kind of adventure you can have this week, but the planets are urging you towards one that actually boosts your health.  So get out for walks and do things that make you feel good about you. Later in the week, you’ll be wanting to shine at work.  Jupiter, planet of good fortune is with you, but it  may be urging you to look within yourself .  Do you have a fear of success or change?  Do you think about leaping into new territory but lack the confidence?  That little Jupiter square is saying that the way out is by going in and examining your thoughts and reasoning to find out what might be stopping you from shining like the star you are.  This is your time to expand and grow and come out of your cocoon.  Allow yourself to spread your wings and fly, and it all starts now as you look into your deepest fears with Jupiter holding your hand and saying, you do have the courage and you can do it.


Sun in 8th square Saturn in 5th,  mercury in 8th trine mars in 4th

This is a bit of an intense, moody and profound week as you go inside and get in touch with your primal emotions.  It’s all about sex, death and rebirth, power and powerlessness.  You might be going back to a time in your life when you felt powerless and trapped.  Part of you wants to resolve and issue and let it go, and in fact you might even want to talk about what you discover when you go deep.  You might be tempted by something naughty, like a flirtation or even an affair, but another part of you knows you really mustn’t.  Whatever that thing is, you have to work it out.  Perhaps something is coming up from your unconscious and push through.  By the end of the week, you should be feeling much more philosophical and know how to go forward.  Be a warrior of love and allow yourself to be guided by your own moral compass.


Sun in 7th square Saturn in 4th, venus in 9th sextile pluto in 7th, mercury in 7th trine mars in 3rd

There’s lots of intensity around your love like this week.  On the one hand, you’re feeling really out there but then there could be disapproval from your family or partner that’s making you feel uncomfortable.  On the other, your general feeling is you want to follow your heart no matter what.  Usually you put others first, but this week marks the beginning of an important time where you are tentatively trying to find out how to take care of others and meet your own needs too. We all have a unique shard of God within us, and you’re having some kind of revelation about that thanks to what happens in your relationships.  You’re expressing yourself beautifully and if you’re single you may meet someone where the communication between you is like nothing you’ve ever known before.  Understand that’s partly because you are opening up and expressing yourself differently.  Know that you are amazing and as lovable as anyone else and allow yourself to be a beacon for another bright spark, especially as you are a bit of a love magnet exuding sensual vibes this week.


Sun in 6th square Saturn in 3rd, sun into 7th sextile Uranus in 9th square Jupiter in 10th.

Be a bit cautious at the beginning of this week as you have to deal with your inner control freak who might want to jump out and get others around you in line.    Focus on yourself and look after you.  If someone is being difficult, don’t take it personally.  It does quickly pass and later in the week your relationships look fabulous.  By the end of the week you’re all loved up and up for adventure with a lover.  It could even be a long distance relationship or a spark between you and someone from another culture.  You’ll want to expand the way that you think and that could lead you to take up a course or into a few fascinating conversations with interesting people.  The only thing to watch out for is that you’re not missing out on something at work as you’re off having fun.  It’s all there for you but it’s up to you how you balance things out. 


Sun in 5th square Saturn in 2nd, venus in 7th sextile pluto in 5th, mercury in 5th trine mars in virgo

In a nutshell, you want to have fun this week.  You’re letting go of the need to be perfect and opportunities are popping out of the woodwork.  It’s almost as if the universe is saying to you, come on now, you can enjoy yourself and it is all there for you.  The only slight thing is that you might want to overspend but for once in your Virgo life you’re determined to enjoy yourself.  There’s the chance for transformation as you breathe a huge sigh of relief and put last year behind you.  You are going to feast on life and you’re falling in love with you as you tune into the fact that the universe wants you to have a  good life.  As a Virgo, you can fall into the trap of thinking that the universe wants you to suffer, but this is the week that you can realise that’s only your own inner voice that you can change. This week, that inner voice is going, come on, we deserve some fun and that’s a much better one to have.  Embrace the new best friend you are to yourself and understand that fun is your route to transformation this week. 


Sun in 4th square Saturn in libra, sun into 5th sextile Uranus in 7th square Jupiter in 8th

This week starts off with a situation that makes you think, right, I’ve got to sort things out and make myself more secure.  Determined to get things off your chest and also transform your home or your family relationships, you’re being urged to find some balance and speak your mind with love.  Understand that if you change yourself, your chemistry with others always changes.  Towards the end of the week you feel much more positive and experience a boost to your child like delight.  You could be doing something fun and spontaneous with partners, or singles bump into someone who could be your perfect partner in fun.  It could also mean you’re tempted towards a love triangle with intense karmic overtones.  It’s your soul that you are evolving so it’s up to you what you do if you find yourself in a moral dilemma.  Hopefully by the end of the week you come up with a solution or a new way of being that means you can feel more secure and also have a bit more pleasure in your life.


Sun in 3rd square Saturn in 12th, venus in 5th sextile pluto in 3rd, mercury in 3rd trine mars in 11th

This is an intense, fascinating and interesting week as something strange happens right at the start.  You might suddenly get a really strong intuition or gut feeling that your energy or vibration has changed and that you’ve outgrown someone as a result.  You might not be able to intellectualise, rationalise or explain it, but if you feel like withdrawing, I would suggest you listen to that intuition. You are going through a big revelation and realising that the more you communicate the more the good times roll and along with that, you are beginning to trust the inner guide that leads you away from some relationships and more towards others.  Yes, we are all equal and all one, but you are feeling the message that if any relationship gets stuck or seems like it can’t transform, it might be time to make a cut so that you can put your energy into those relationships that support your growth.


Sun in 2nd square Saturn in 11th, mercury in 2nd trine mars in virgo

You might find yourself in a bit of a power struggle with someone, even if you’re actually looking out for their interests.  A friend or lover might be lurching off the rails and you’re feeling practical and sensible for once.  That’s a good thing for you.  It’s also a great time for you to put your ability to communicate your desire to succeed to a boss and really let them see that you are committed.  You’ve got a few ideas and looking to create solid foundations across your life and in particular around your career.  This week is all about laying foundations for your future security an if anyone is resisting this urge to move, pull back your energy and plough it into what you are creating. The chance is coming for you to really get going in a direction you really want to go in so you need that energy for creating magic and miracles in your own life, rather than locking horns with others who are on their own journey and may very well have to discover all this for themselves.


Sun in Capricorn square Saturn in 10th, venus in 3rd sextile pluto in Capricorn, mercury in Capricorn trine mars in 9th

You’re raring to go and full of drive, energy and determination.  Someone really wants you to be responsible when it comes to your career and you could have a pile of stuff to get through but fear not.  You are a miracle worker when you put your mind to something and any efforts will be noticed and rewarded.  You’re also raring to go in your love life and keen to express your emotions in a way that is quite unlike you.  If you’re single, you might even meet someone where you’re both talking on a whole new level.  It’s all about change and a big change in the way you respond to situations.  You can work hard and transform everything around you through the way that you communicate.  It’s a brand new beginning for you and a brand new way of being.  There is so much going on in your sign so you should be feeling really you.  Allow your desires to be met and push yourself in your career as it really is exciting times for you as you should be feeling that you are coming into your power. 


Sun into aquarius sextile Uranus in 3rd square Jupiter in 4th,

You don’t know what you’re going to say or do next as you feel free at last.  You might even find that words come tumbling out of your mouth that surprise even you.  Be a little bit sensitive as you’re going through a change and don’t want anyone to hold you back and you need to keep others on your side.  You can step forward into the new you as you’re energised and you’re becoming aware of what it means to be the free spirit that you are.  Along with that, you’re willing to say this is what I need in life and you sense the rebirth that is coming.  Lots of people should be expressing how much they love you and appreciate you, so this should be a fabulous week.


Sun in 11th square Saturn in 8th, venus in pisces sextile pluto in 11th, mercury in 11th trine mars in 7th

It’s all about your friendships and how you see yourself as a friend this week.  You might find that someone you thought was just a friend announces that they want more.  Even if it wobbles you, you can handle it with grace, humility and goodness.  You are in love with the world and feel loved and you need that as you can’t handle feeling rejected or neglected.  Your friendships are deepening and you could meet someone where you know immediately that this is someone very important.  Because you’re feeling good about you, you can express yourself in a clear and loving way across the board.  It’s important that you understand that this is a time of transformation.  Allow the energy of the planets to grab and sweep you up in to the next phase as you’re about to go through a massive transformation in the next six week.  You’re at the end of a cycle and about to leap into a whole new one and the way that you can most support yourself in your evolution is by becoming your own best friend.  Take yourself out on dates, buy yourself a bunch of flowers or start to really nurture yourself in the way that you deserve.

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