Women are from Mars too

Astrologically, Mars is as important to everyone as it is to men. Here we take a look at how everyone including men  can use their Mars power to take action and achieve their goals.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. John Grey’s book sold over seven million copies and became one of the biggest selling non-fiction titles of the 90’s.

There’s no doubt the book was a huge step for both sexes in figuring out what made the opposite one ‘tick’. However, Mars is not just a ‘male’ planet. Just as we talk about men being in touch with their ‘feminine’ (Venus) side, women also need to embrace their Mars. Mars is important for everyone including women, non binary and trans.

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and astrologically, the ruler of Aries. Named after the Roman god of war, for centuries Mars has been associated with war, aggression and all things uber-masculine. Known as the ‘lesser malefic’ Mars has also been linked in the past to accidents and injuries – especially those to the head, inflammation and diseases ending in ‘itis’, misfortune, criminal activity, anger and reckless behaviour. With this kind of reputation, no wonder Mars has ended up as a planet that evokes fear and anxiety and one that has spawned a thousand science fiction stories – War of the Worlds, Mars Attacks! Red Planet, Total Recall and most recently of course, John Carter.

So what does Mars in our chart mean for both women and men? Despite its negative image, Mars has a very important job to do. Mars in our birthchart rules our ability to take action – to go after our goals, our sex drive and above all, our ability to set boundaries and stand up for ourselves when those boundaries are breached. We can say without Mars we would have no ‘get up and go’ and also be a complete push over! As we’ve seen – Mars rules anger. Anger like Mars is often misunderstood. Anger tells us we need to take some kind of action to defend ourselves – whether it is verbal (telling someone we do not appreciate their behaviour), or in us taking action to remove ourselves from a person or situation that may be upsetting or even dangerous. Women are often taught as girls not to express anger – this leading to anger being perceived as a negative emotion. Anger is only negative when inappropriately expressed – either an ‘over the top’ reaction or total repression. Have you ever repressed your anger time and time again only to finally ‘explode’? Wouldn’t it have been easier to have let the other person know the first time you were angry and expressed your anger in a way appropriate to the level of the transgression?

The position of Mars in our birthchart tells us how we can harness our Mars energy to not only deal with conflict in our lives appropriately, but also our personal ‘style’ for going out into the world and realising our goals. Once we understand this we can make Mars work for us – not against us!

Mars in your birthchart provides big clues as to the kind of partner you will attract – or who personifies your ideal of a ‘red hot’ lover!

Positive Mars defends us and enables us to achieve our goals. Interested to see Mars in action in his most dynamic and protective form? Watch Russell Crowe (himself a Mars-ruled Aries), as Maximus in Gladiator – a perfect example of the Mars archetype.

If you’re curious as to how Mars may manifest in your life in person, a session with one of our love and relationship astrologers can throw some light on all the positive aspects of the red planet.

By Helen

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