Astro Agony Aunt: Where is the Love?

Are you the last one left standing in relationship musical chairs? Has it been a long time since someone told you ‘I love you’? Does it seem like the entire world has coupled-up aside from yours truly? The No.1 reason many people consult an astrologer is to find out when love may enter their lives. So how does this work exactly?

First of all – you don’t necessarily need to know your time of birth – although this does help in predicting the exact timeframe in which someone special is likely to appear. In the past, most astrologers have looked to the position of the planet Venus which rules love and relationships to your natal Sun which if we have your date of birth is easy to discover. Jupiter can also play a big part in delivering a new love into our lives as he rules luck as in someone crossing our path, expansion – our horizons are often broadened by someone new, and adventure – after all, one of life’s biggest adventures is exploring the potential of a new relationship!

If you do happen to know your time of birth, traditionally an astrologer will focus on your 5th house which rules romance and love affairs, your 7th which rules all partnerships including marriage, and the 8th which is all about relationships where sex is important and also transformations. After all – a relationship transforms our lives.

Nowadays however, modern astrologers will delve a little deeper. We’ve come to realise other houses and planets influence relationships and their timing, beyond those with traditional associations. For example, your 2nd house rules assets and your 10th rules your status. The right partner can boost your assets both emotionally and materially and change your status – going from single to married for example. So, a major planet transiting one of these houses can bring in the person you’ve been waiting for. Saturn, although not traditionally associated with romance, rules structure and karma. Saturn in your 2nd house can well bring in a partner. We also now know that the new planets are exerting a huge influence on our personal lives – Chiron for example can literally point to the arrival of a soul-growth relationship.

Astrology goes far beyond being able to indicate when certain events may happen. Soul evolution astrology allows us to delve deeper into the reasons why we may be spending time alone leading us to a better understanding of ourselves and our emotional needs. We can learn to see that being a couple is only one experience we can have in our lives and there is equal enjoyment to be found in other areas of soul growth. After all – if you don’t enjoy your own company how can you expect someone else to?

If you feel love has passed you by chances are you’re just in a period when you’re waiting for the right planetary indicators for it to appear. One of our gifted astrologers can explain and also help you get the most out of your life while you’re waiting. By understanding yourself and your needs and by living the life you love in the interim you attract who and what you need to you simply by being yourself. It’s in the stars!

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