Super Eclipse! A Time for Soul Focus

We’re just a day away from the Total Solar Eclipse which is comprised of a Super New Moon in Scorpio. Because the Moon is new sadly we won’t be able to see it. What we will be able to witness is the eclipse itself if we live in Australia, New Zealand, South America or Antarctica.

Aside from the Super Moon, what makes this eclipse special is that it occurs while Mercury, planet of communication and transport is retrograde. When we say the word ‘communication’ we tend to think of how we communicate to others, how they communicate with us and the means we use to achieve this – face-to-face talk, phones, internet etc. Now Mercury does indeed rule all these things but we can be so focused on our outer communications and what others are saying that we lose track of the most important aspect of communication – our self-talk. The messages we internalise, what we tell ourselves and what we believe.

I’ve spoken so often about how our beliefs shape our world. And also about memes – the ‘mind viruses’ we take on board – both negative and positive, that shape our soul and evolutionary progress. What makes this eclipse so important is that due to the Mercury retrograde we are all being offered an opportunity to bring into focus our internal thoughts, beliefs and self-talk and review it. Are we creating a positive world-view in our heads? Do we give ourselves the encouragement and support we would give to friends and loved ones or do we allow our thoughts to put us down and then wonder why our progress is blocked?

As far as our beliefs go – this eclipse is a time to understand that we are not our beliefs and neither for that matter is anyone else. On a soul consciousness level we need to understand this, practice an open mind and tolerance when someone has an opposing belief to our own. Most of the conflict in human history has been caused by people arguing over their beliefs. It’s time to look to the areas where our beliefs dovetail and agree rather than our differences. Above all, understand belief is a thought and it is your actions which truly show what you believe.

Self-talk includes our intuition – which is usually the quiet voice which doesn’t need to shout. Are you ignoring your intuition about something and instead taking on board what someone else is saying just because they may be loud or using the media to get their message across? On our soul awakening journey this eclipse is all about seeing the truth – which comes from within.

By paying attention to our inner voice we can gain clarity in the messages we believe and in those we pass on to others. This is the soul focus message of this important eclipse.

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