Saturn Retrograde – Boundaries and Transformations

On the 18th of February, Saturn presently in the transformational sign of Scorpio, turns retrograde. It will remain that way until July 8th. Saturn rules structures and what we consider to be the ‘establishment’. It also rules karma and timing. Scorpio is a sign of transformation. It rules endings, change, sex, shared resources and also power – both personal and inter-personal, death and taboos. We can see the effect that Saturn in this sign is having – especially as it is in what is known as ‘mutual reception’ with Scorpio’s ruling planet Pluto in Capricorn – Saturn’s own sign.

So, for the next five months of this powerful transformative transit, what can we expect and what are the soul lessons to be learned? To fully understand what Saturn has to teach us we have to look at what is presently happening in another water sign – Pisces. There is a massive focus on Pisces at the moment with what is known as a stellium of planets forming. This is when there are three of more planets concentrated in a particular sign or house. Next month on the 11th when the new Moon occurs, the Pisces stellium will reach a grand total of seven planets! These will comprise of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Chiron and Neptune. Pisces is all about opening up and getting in touch with what exists but may not be able to be seen. It is also about illusion and while we may find our psychic sensitivity and empathy increasing at this time, we may also attract people and situations that seek to take advantage of that. And the trouble with this energy is we may not see it for what it is until it is too late! Enter Saturn, now retrograde to remind us of the importance of boundaries for ourselves and others. Boundaries ensure we remain safe. They also ensure that people treat us with respect. Saturn’s lesson during this retrograde period is to look to where our boundaries need shoring up or repairing. Or perhaps we have become so permeable and influenced by others we have no boundaries left! Don’t forget – Scorpio rules power – personal power. When we are in our power we know where our boundaries lie – and also other people’s.

During this time we all may be confronted with situations that make us look at where our boundaries need rebuilding but also at where we have become too defensive. Are we throwing up walls in anticipation of trouble when there is nothing to be afraid of? Hiding behind illusions is one of the things Saturn wants to stop us doing. On a collective level we may see issues emerge around money spend on defence vs. money for education, welfare and health. Spend too much on the former at the expense of the latter and you end up with nothing worth defending.

Saturn likes to build things – both on an internal and external level. If you’ve been thinking about starting a project or your own business, Saturn retrograde is an excellent time to re-visit and refine your plans but wait until he goes direct again to launch them. And as for building bridges between yourself and others – there’s no better time to let go of any out-dated defences you have in place and reach out and build a better connection for the future.



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