Star Sign Seduction – Seduce Your Partner By the Stars – Pisces

Want to know how to win the heart of your lover by appealing to their individual brand of astro-sexiness? Then check out our Star Sign Seduction tips for every sign.

Are you ready to make a cosmic connection? What a Piscean wants most of all is the answers to life, universe and everything. And we all know love (not 42), is the answer. This is the sign that wants to explore the hidden meaning and mystery behind who and why we love and is looking for someone keen to dive into these mysteries. If you don’t have the answers to hand – don’t worry. Just hold their hand tightly and let them know you’re ready to take the plunge into unknown territory and you won’t let them go. A Pisces can reel you in without you even knowing it’s happened. Until you’re on dry land again and gasping for breath.

Pisces Man

In? Out? In? Out? Which one is he? Pisces man can drive you mad as often you can’t tell if you’ve landed him or not. One minute he’s glued to your side and crazy with devotion. Next, you’ve not heard from him for ten days only to discover he’s leading an expedition to the bottom of the sea which he neglected to inform you of and what’s more has no idea when he’ll be back. Don’t let him drive you crazy. Pisces man is actually very sensitive and just wants to make you happy. He picks up on your emotions so make sure you never do that thing guys hate and Pisces man hates most of all which is when he asks you if you’re upset you say: ‘It’s nothing’. All men hate this but Pisces man knows better than all of them that something is wrong. If he’s done something to upset you, tell him. He wants to put it right. If something else has upset you he’ll want to try to fix it for you. This is a water baby so showers together and bubble baths work well. A moonlight swim? Even better. Swimsuits – optional.

Pisces Woman

There is only one way to seduce a Pisces woman. And that is to make her fall in love with you. So, you’re probably going to have to commit to the serious courtship to get to home base. Pisces woman feels she cannot sleep with anyone she does not truly love. It just feels plain wrong to her. So, we are talking the whole works here – romantic dinners, flowers, films and subtle caresses and taking things slowly. This is the girl who doesn’t need the 90 day rule explained to her. She wrote the 90 day rule. Be respectful and genuine in your admiration and above all, let her set the pace. The wonderful thing about her is she’s worth waiting for. She loves to give more than receive so a happy ending is usually guaranteed for both of you.

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