Venus through the Signs

Venus is the planet of love and luck and in your birth chart Venus’s position indicates the way you approach relationships.

Venus in Aries

Ready to follow your heart, you fall in love instantly. You’re direct and impulsive and your emotions are easily touched. As far as you’re concerned, romance is a battle to be won. Although you can be demanding and a little selfish, you’re also very affectionate.

Venus in Taurus

Your approach to romance is simple and direct. Love is a serious business to you, and when you fall in love it is long lasting. You want commitment and are loyal and dependable, though capable of jealousy. Fun to be around, you like the luxuries life has to offer.

Venus in Gemini

You crave variety in your love life and can be a bit of a social butterfly. Tending to make friends with everyone you meet, you find it hard for you to settle to one relationship. You are easily bored and need change and excitement. Strong mental rapport is essential to you.

Venus in Cancer

Deeply sensitive, your feelings are easily hurt. You cautiously approach love with tenderness, seeking to nurture your loved ones. Feeling secure and stable is important to you. Your weakness is that you sometimes sulk and feel sorry for yourself.

Venus in Leo

You love to be the centre of attention. Warm hearted and fun loving, you are happiest when in love. Lavish with your attentions, you are ardent and loyal. Your magnetic charisma attracts romance from every direction.

Venus in Virgo

Preferring to play it safe, you take your time falling in love. Fidelity is a must for you and you see love as a commitment. You like to take care of your loved one and expect them to live up to your high standards.

Venus in Libra

Full of charm, you love the idea of love and are repelled by anything coarse or vulgar. Companionship is essential to your well being and you fall in love easily. Expecting all the romantic trappings in a relationship, you hate conflict

Venus in Scorpio

Love consumes you completely. You are passionate and demonstrative, with a deep drive to your loved one. Sensitive to any rebuff, you demand total involvement and can be very jealous and possessive.

Venus in Sagittarius

Friendship comes first, but you revel in the adventure of love. Flirtatious and outgoing, you don’t want to completely sacrifice your freedom to another person. So much is going on in your life that you don’t like to take relationships too seriously.

Venus in Capricorn

When it comes to love, you’re careful and cautious. As soon as someone wins your heart, you’re capable of offering complete loyalty. Always saying what you mean, you take love seriously and do whatever you can to avoid rejection.

Venus in Aquarius

Despite the fact you don’t easily show your emotions, you have a kind and loving nature. Your personal freedom is important to you and you can’t tolerate jealousy or emotional scenes. You believe in fairness and openness and are unconcerned about what others think.

Venus in Pisces

Being in love makes you feel complete. You are Tender and devoted with a kind heart. Being so sensitive means that you can be fickle. Full of empathy you always put your loved one first.

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