When Will I Find Love? Is it Written in the Stars?

Just like consulting the Tarot, the number one question that astrologers get asked by clients is usually to do with when they will find love or if they have already found someone, when a commitment may take place.

The reason I love astrology so much is that it gives us the tools to be able to hone in on those times in our lives when love is likely to appear in an incredibly accurate and detailed way! I know many people are put off from having an astrology consultation because they feel they may not understand the information (and if the astrologer makes you feel like that they are not doing their job properly!) or that they don’t know their time of birth. While the time of birth is very important and does open up for more information for us, it is not completely essential and a good astrologer can use other aspects of your chart to give you an accurate picture of what is going on.

When it comes to love and romance, we look for various transits that indicate love is about to enter that person’s life in one form or another. If you do not know your time of birth, the main transit we will be looking at is something called your Venus return. As you know, Venus is the planet of love, attraction and romance! Your Venus return happens when Venus literally ‘returns’ to the point in the sky she occupied the day you were born. You can find this out for yourself just by casting your birthchart or looking at an ephemeris. This will show you what sign Venus was in and also what degree in that sign she was at. By looking at an ephemeris you will then be able to see what date Venus will ‘return’ to that point again – she will return every 224 days – so we can say once every seven and a half months we all get another chance at love! Venus also rules our bank accounts, creativity, children and pleasure so if you are curious you can go back and make notes of dates when your Venus return happened and see what was happening around that time. Chances are even if romance didn’t feature, something good was manifesting in one of the areas Venus rules.

If you do happen to know your time of birth then this opens up an entire new dimension when it comes to predicting the timing of love. Astrologers will look for transits which feature the ruler of the 5th house (romance) and the 7th house (partnerships) and also pay attention to any transiting planets in these houses. Then there are the karmic axes of your chart – a planet such as Venus, Jupiter or the ruler of the 5th or 7th houses conjunct these sensitive areas often indicates that love is about to appear – and a love you may have shared with someone before as you have karmic links to them!

Remember, some planets move fairly quickly (Venus) while other planets move slowly. Jupiter takes a year to transit a sign, Saturn two and a half and the further out we move, the longer the planets take to orbit the Sun. Therefore, if you have a slow-moving planet occupying your 5th or 7th house or even conjunct a karmic point of your chart, this influence will go on for a while and may take some time to manifest in relationship form. An experienced astrologer will look for a planetary ‘trigger’ and will be able to offer you insight as to when this is most likely to happen.

So, no matter whether you know your time of birth or not, look at your chart then at an ephemeris (there are many you can find on-line so you don’t have to go buy one unless you really want to) and see when your Venus return is going to happen. One of our gifted astrologers can also tell you more about the astro-indicators of love and help you get ready to welcome in love and pleasure – as this is what Venus is all about.

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