Astro-Secrets: Harness the Power of the Planets 7 Days a Week

What if you could turn instantly into an astrology expert without even knowing how to interpret a chart and apply this knowledge to everyday situations to get the most from life? Well, you can just by understanding the power of the planet that rules each week day and working with that energy. Astrology is all about knowing what energy we have available to us at any given time and once we do, we can not only work with it and not against it but astound people with our ‘uncanny’ insights into what is about to transpire. So, if you’d like to become an instant astrology expert then use this simple guide to make the planets work for you – seven days a week.

Monday – The Moon and Cancer: The Moon rules our emotions, our intuition and our ability to feel emotionally nurtured and secure. If a full Moon falls on a Monday then expect its influence to be magnified so you may want to steer clear of emotional confrontations or put sensitive discussions on hold – perhaps schedule them for Wednesday when Mercury could provide you with the right words to say or Friday when Venus will give you the gift of diplomacy. Mondays are fabulous for doing things around your home, for developing your psychic skills and for dealing with your mother or women you live with. It is not a good day to go on a diet because of the emotional connection we all have on some level to food. How many diets have you started on a Monday that have failed?

Tuesday – Mars, Aries and Scorpio: If you have to take action then this is the day to tackle tasks – even those you have been putting off. Mars will lend you thee courage to set boundaries and deal with difficult situations and people. Be aware however that this is a day when power struggles can surface in relationships and even the best connections can be tested. If you have to end a relationship, hand in your notice or enter into salary negotiations then this is your day. It’s also a day that can sizzle but remember – it’s about lust not love.

Wednesday – Mercury, Gemini and Virgo: Tackle those emails clogging your inbox, return those phone calls, sign that contract and write that presentation or job application. If you want to launch a business, website or open a shop this is your day. It’s also fabulous for buying a new phone, computer or car or booking travel. It’s a day to let people know what you’re thinking and to speak up and share your ideas. You won’t be lost for words so this is also a good day for job interviews or public speaking. News you have been waiting for will usually arrive on a Wednesday as will deliveries. Research is also favoured. Obviously if Mercury is retrograde you are likely to encounter more Mercury madness on a Wednesday than any other day of the week and this goes double if you are born under a Mercury ruled sign.

Thursday – Jupiter, Sagittarius and Pisces: Although some things are beyond our control consider it a good sign if you are sitting an exam or dealing with legal matters on a Thursday. It’s also a great day to embark on a long distance journey and to take a chance. Thursday is your day to think big but don’t just talk a good game – play the game! The downside is that Jupiter can lead you into excess and if so you could wake up on Friday with more than one kind of hangover. This is however a great day for dealing with the mass media, overseas businesses or connections, academia and also sporting activities.

Friday – Venus, Taurus and Libra: Love and money matters are favoured on this day and if you are meeting a potential love interest for the first time this is the best day of the week to schedule that date. It’s a day which favours any creative venture so auditions, gallery openings, concerts, fashion shows and premieres are likely to go well. Venus can lead you astray however as she is just as likely to deplete your bank account as boost it – all in the pursuit of beauty and pleasure naturally! If you are a woman this is the best day of the week to get married on as Venus will not only cast a favourable light on the union but will give you the advantage in the marriage – you may literally be worshipped by your partner! What’s wrong with that?

Saturday – Saturn, Capricorn and Aquarius: Time to get serious even though it’s the weekend. While this day is now off—duty for many of us it’s also a day where you could get that innovative idea or get serious about something. Remember what I said about Mondays being a bad day to start a diet? Strangely enough you’ve got a better chance of succeeding on a Saturday due to Saturn’s ability to restrict and also get commitments. Major decisions regarding your future, your career or where you live can be made. Think of this as your Day of Commitment. If you are male then getting married on this day favours you as Saturn rules the established order of things.

Sunday – the Sun and Leo: Not so much a day of rest but a day to shine. Connect to the child within, and have fun. A fabulous day for activities with your children and family but also a day to look closely at what makes your heart beat faster in terms of making what you love work for you. Draw up that business plan, pursue that project, tap into your creativity. Because of its association with the 5th house of love and romance this is also a very good day to go on a date – but make it fun!

Don’t forget – if the ruling planet of the day is the planet that rules your Sun sign or your ascendant you will be even more attuned to its energy – and therefore in an even better position to harness its power.



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