Astro Tarot! How To Do An Accurate Timing Spread With the Zodiac

When we’re learning the Tarot or even if we are experienced readers, the single recurring issue we encounter is of course timing. If you’ve had a reading yourself then one of your leading questions has probably been when will the event(s) occur. Here is where combining the Tarot with astrology can really help us as this technique allows us to see what events will occur during a given month. Just bear in mind that with Astro Tarot we are not talking about a calendar month however but the time the Sun spends in each sign. For example, the Sun is in Gemini from the 22nd May until the 21st June and this would be the period covered – so please keep this in mind when you are doing this kind of reading. The timing will be governed by the Sun’s movement from one sign to the next.

When you are ready to begin, have your Tarot journal ready and shuffle your cards as usual. If you have a specific question then you can phrase it like this: ‘What sign is the Sun going to be in if/when such and such occurs?’ Or you may just want a general reading and merely want to see what the major events are going to be in the next 12 months. Once you have finished shuffling your cards and cut them in the usual way, then you lay them out just like an astrological chart. Starting at what would be the 9 o’clock position on a clock, this represents the first house in a chart and for the purpose of this reading will be either the sign the Sun is in right now or you may have decided that you wish to start the timing of the reading from the next sign depending on where we are in the calendar. Say you were doing this reading on the 19th July for example. The Sun is in Cancer but will only spend a few more days in there. So, you may want to start the timing of the reading from the 23rd when the Sun enters Leo.

Using this as an example you now lay out 12 cards like a clock face but anti-clockwise – so the next card will be at 8 o’clock and would be Virgo, Libra at 7 and so on. If you are familiar with the house rulerships you will also be able to access information on what is happening around these themes with this reading but don’t worry if you’re not as the reading will work just fine anyway! Once you have laid out all 12 cards, if you have asked a question, look to see what card or even cards relates to that question in the spread and according to the sign they fall in, that will give you the timing on the issue. However, don’t forget to refer to all the other surrounding cards as they can contain valuable information as well.

If you are just doing a general reading using this method then the cards will of course indicate the general themes going on for you within that given sign’s period. Don’t forget to use your Tarot journal and write down everything you are picking up around the card for the month – no matter whether it is the traditional interpretation of the card or not. You may be surprised when you refer back to this as the year unfolds how accurate you have been.

This really is an excellent spread for looking at the timing of events both for yourself and for people you read for. And if you compare the cards to the planetary transits here on AK you may also be amazed at how they reflect what is happening in the sky which is why we say As above, so below. So get astrology and the Tarot working for you to give your reading the extra empowerment of accurate timing.

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