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The New Stars of David: the Path to Global and Personal Healing

Friday May 9th saw a rare Star of David form. If you remember from last year, a Star of David – also known as a Grand Sextile is a rare event when six planets form two inverted Grand Trines between them. The Stars we saw appear last year were the first we had seen for almost 70 years using the established planets. In ancient times, a Star of David was considerably rarer as our knowledge of our solar system was based on the planets we could see with the naked eye – therefore it ended at Saturn. Today we know that our solar system does not end at Pluto which was discovered in the 1930’s as we have discovered planets beyond Pluto’s orbit and also modern astrology is utilising objects such as Chiron and other asteroids as we now know the impact these have on our charts,

As this new knowledge about the planets is integrated, what will happen is that we will see Stars of David form more frequently. The Star of David on May 9 was formed by a Grand Water Trine between Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces, and a Grand Earth Trine between the Sun and Juno in Taurus, the Moon in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. This Star was very much about healing ourselves especially on a soul wound level and also having us look both individually and collectively at limiting beliefs or issues around money – which may not actually be around how much money you have but may revolve around the acquisition of it for its own sake and the distribution of it in society. What it is used for, how it is used and above all, our relationship to it, have been surfacing since in the media.

The next significant Star of David will appear on the 21st August and will involve new planet Sedna in Taurus trine Mercury in his ruling sign of Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, while the Moon will be in her own sign in Cancer trine Mars in his own sign of Scorpio trine Neptune in his domain in Pisces. Let’s look at this carefully. We have four planets in their ruling signs for this Star and one Grand Trine entirely composed of planets in their ruling signs. For all Water signs and for Virgo this Star may be particularly significant. For all signs, the effect of this Star – and don’t forget that Stars of David are held to be the most auspicious of all astrological aspects – will be reflected in the houses the Star sits across. Needless to say, your August forecast will be one of the most important of the year.

While May’s Star was about healing of material issues, we may see August’s Star as a herald for healing environmental ones. Sedna is the planet which rules pristine environments, the Arctic and also links us to our relationship with our father or the patriarchy. Don’t forget – Sedna sits in earthly Taurus and is trineing Pluto who is in the house of the patriarchy and the establishment. This is a real ‘clean up your act’ call to us on a planetary level but it also brings up the need to heal imbalances between the masculine and feminine in both our personal lives and on a collective level. We may be looking inward at gender roles on also fathering, what it is to be a father or fathered and where this has tipped into authoritarian behaviour and the attitude that people and our world are just commodities to be disposed of or exploited as we think best. Human rights and environmental rights may therefore become hotter topics than usual with a new way forward if we are willing to embrace it.

For women especially, healing feelings of betrayal, inadequacy or disempowerment we have felt in our relationships with men will now be possible if we are willing to ‘clean up’ our internal environment – simply by acknowledging the wounds we have without blame or judgement and then stepping into our full power as a result. Empowered women result in men treating them that way!

These new Stars of David can actually be called ‘Soul Stars’ because the new planetary energy they contain will allow us to have experiences that impact not just on our outer world but where change always begins first – our inner one.


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