Unlock The Power of Your Moon Sign for Sun in Aquarius

How we love and receiving love is usually the most important issue for us and our Moon sign shows not only our emotional vulnerabilities but also our emotional strengths.  So, if you have your Sun in Aquarius, how does your Moon sign impact on this? The Moon is the key to our emotional world and how we express our feelings. You don’t need your time of birth to discover your Moon sign as you can look up the sign the Moon was in the day you were born here on AK or other astrology sites on-line. Once you know your Moon sign then read how it affects your Aquarius Sun and unlock your emotional potential once and for all. That’s the power your Moon sign gives you!

Moon in Aries

Clever and you know it plus you can have a hard time relating to people who just can’t keep up with you. Sadly this amounts to just about everyone! So, what you may need to do is work on your people skills if you are finding you are coming across the wrong way. You are a real trail blazer and have the ability to inspire others so why not take this and use it rather than coming across as a cosmic know-it-all which may just put people off-side? This way you’ll find your road to success so much easier. If you are prone to emotional outbursts this could be just down to insecurities you don’t want others to see – let alone acknowledge yourself. While you have a real innovative streak the real source of your outbursts could be lack of faith in your ideas rather than others so cultivate your belief in yourself and you will soon discover that having faith in your vision also translates into having more people who believe in you in turn.

Moon in Taurus

You are a very likeable soul as you are interested in people from all walks of life and are happy to listen to what they have to say. However, they need to remain interesting to hold any appeal for you. Though down to earth and self-sufficient, you can be very stubborn but you are also open to new experiences if only to see how they sit with your ideals. You will however abandon them if you feel compromised as you do have a strong sense of your own self-worth. Just guard against coming across as too rigid in your opinions as your soul lesson is to be open-minded. Aquarians are renowned for grasping or creating innovative ideas so try to be more flexible as you never know what you are missing out on. People will look up to you as you are so capable, reliable and practice a reassuring self-control.

Moon in Gemini

You are a born dramatist and story teller. This does not mean you tell lies, it means you embellish, dramatise and exaggerate the facts of an event to make it a bigger and more exciting than it really is. Your thirst for knowledge knows no bounds and you love exploring concepts and theories and are fascinated by different people and the lives they lead. This leads to a journey of self-discovery as if by living vicariously through others enables you to understand yourself. Though very quick and clever you do have a short attention span and seemingly skim over the surface of a variety of subjects rather than delve deeper. You do jump from idea or topic to the next so stability is needed to curb that restlessness as you will only keep drifting. You have a great deal of potential and the capacity to achieve a lot providing you focus your abilities to stay on track. Otherwise a companion who is mentally compatible may help anchor you by stimulating you to grow if you cannot do so under your own impetus. Consider channelling your gifts into fiction, screenwriting, drama or some kind of storytelling as you have a real talent to entertain.

Moon in Cancer

Highly creative and perceptive, you tend to feel your way through a situation rather than think or reason. This is because you are a highly sensitive individual and posses a great understanding of human nature and its complexities though you tend not to understand your own. However, there is a danger of being too receptive to outside influences because of your insight and intuition though you do tend to use this to your advantage when dealing with people. Aloofness and detachment are Aquarian traits which you may use mask your own feelings, especially deep frustration and hurt. Retreating into your shell can lead to problems if you do not address your pain or feelings in general. Remember your affable nature means you have a wide range of friends and therefore a good support network if you need it. Keep socially active as contact with family and friends helps you maintain inner balance though you benefit from alone time as well. Just find the right balance. Do not let your overactive imagination run riot with your emotional well being. Allow others to give you their perspective on your problems and bring balance into your life.

Moon in Leo

You are a highly principled person who has strong ideals and a need to express your humanitarian tendencies. People are taken at face value as you are naturally friendly and curious but your thoughtfulness and empathetic nature can be taken advantage of by some unscrupulous individuals. You are naturally affable and even when exerting your authority you don’t come across as overbearing or demanding. Your ownly downfall can come through behaving rashly or impulsively but only if you are not honouring your need for creative self-expression. You are well liked and people, maybe even influential ones, are looking out for you and have your best interests at heart.

Moon in Virgo

This combination may direct your humanitarian impulses into down-to-earth services, such as nursing. It gives you the ability to focus on an issue objectively, even dispassionately, to reason and deal with the facts to come to a sound judgement or conclusion. Both Aquarius and Virgo are sensitive signs but here you are able to put emotions aside so they cannot interfere or intervene with the task at hand. You are able to put ideas into practice due to your pragmatic nature. There is a danger of being too emotionally detached and relying too much on hard work to keep you from looking at your deeper emotional needs. Overwork and stress can affect you psychologically. Since you enjoy work or a challenge then use this on yourself and ensure you connect to your emotional side. You may put up emotional barriers so others don’t see your sensitivity or insecurities but this can make you appear a bit standoffish when the reverse is true! You have high expectations, especially of yourself, so learn to let your guard down and relax.

Moon in Libra

Forever the optimist due to your strong sense of justice, fair play and harmony which is your approach to life and people appreciate your honesty, openness and directness. However, you may experience disappointment when you discover not everyone operates from the same set of soul rules you do. Being blessed with a great imagination has its drawbacks so direct this creatively and try not to internalise this gift emotionally as you may develop unfounded fears and lose yourself in fantasy rather than reality. Friends and a good social life are important to you and you need to cultivate nurturing and supportive relationships that reinforce your self-worth and avoid negative people as they will not only drain you but erode your dreams. You pick up others’ stresses so maintain your psychic an real boundaries otherwise you will take on their problems. Keep your focus on your projects and see them through to the end – enlist the help of friends if you find this difficult as your ideas can bring you real success and you thrive in collaboration.

Moon in Scorpio

You know your own worth and embody self-respect and self-worth and has a result you should receive this back from others. You have a deep need to ‘go your own way’ and are not bothered in seeking anyone’s opinion or permission. The challenge for anyone with Moon in Scorpio is to master your emotions which run very deeply and mask an incredible sensitivity no matter how strong you come across! Blended with Sun in Aquarius and both being fixed signs, stubbornness is almost inevitable so the challenge is to develop a more flexible point of view and tolerance. You are able to accomplish almost anything you set your mind to but ensure you don’t take on too much as this can affect your health and your emotions. Take time to smell the roses.  This combination has compassion, innovation and creativity to direct into humanitarian efforts or reforms. You have the enviable ability, with personal growth and awareness, to rise like the phoenix from the ashes of defeat, and even your own beliefs, to renew yourself into a more evolved human being.

Moon in Sagittarius

Independence is the key to the Moon in here. You are physically and mentally active, continually on the move, exploring new ideas and experiences and travel is often on your mind. You do need to channel your talents into a set direction or there is the danger of becoming someone who talks about what they will do or be – rather than doing or becoming it. Build firm foundations for the future and learn from your vast collection of experiences. However, you have the potential to see your ideas to completion especially if you can see the benefit they will bring to others. People find you noble and sincere and it is clear you live by a firm set of ideals. Deceit and game playing are foreign to you and you prefer those as honest and straightforward as you. Though a dreamer and a true non-conformist, you get things done in the most revolutionary way. You are a true trail blazer.

Moon in Capricorn

You are the epitome of the quintessential professional who is admired and respected for both their commitment and their spontaneity. You remain thoroughly grounded but you have an abundance of original ideas that you can apply with practicality and a positive attitude to win over the toughest opponent. Sociable and enthusiastic, you also have a strong sense of responsibility which you can easily combine in dealings with people both in and out of business settings. The Capricorn Moon gives you stability and determination which gives your innovations firm foundations so you can expound your views with well reasoned conviction. You have strong ideals and sense of fair play. Therefore people trust your realism and prudent judgement. You are ambitious and so long as you push your ideas rather than a personal quest for power, you will have many supporters and advocates for whatever it is you want to achieve.

Moon in Aquarius

A double dose of Aquarius takes you out there and back again. Ideas run rampant and are touched with genius and you have the ability to develop them and put them into action. Try not to diversify too much as you can be distracted by too many great concepts and this diluting your potential. Ensure that you write down your ideas however as they may be needed or applied in the future – just like science fiction becoming science fact! You tend to be ahead of the curve in many ways. Try not to procrastinate or instead, ask one of your myriad of friends to help you stay on track.  You understand people and know what the public needs perhaps before they do, but you can be a little insecure as some people find it hard to accept your overt individuality. Do not worry about them. You are unique, charming, talented and have a lot to offer. You need to be able to work in a flexible work situation where you can experiment and set your own pace and where invention and innovation is part of the culture. To blow off steam you need physical activity so develop an interest in some form of exercise or sport as this will enhance your creative process.

Moon in Pisces

Mysticism and the occult are areas you understand well as you can easily grasp elusive concepts of spirituality, religion or even theoretical physics, that perplex others. You are perceptive and can articulate them with both originality and common sense. However, you can be easily influenced or disrupted by what is going on in your environment or the by the feelings emanating from others. Boundaries are needed so try to apply that Aquarian will and need for independence and freedom so no one can take advantage of your good nature. Do not isolate yourself too often, though you do need space to ground yourself. You do need people to prevent you from getting lost in your dreams of which you have many. Assistance may be warranted to give you direction or a goal as you are fascinated by a variety of topics. Discipline and focus will help you encompass your ideas and thoughts and put them to good use for the benefit of others as well as yourself.

Understanding the energy of our Moon sign just leads to us leading happier lives – and better connections with all the people around us. So, utilise yours and open up emotional strengths you never knew you had – all courtesy of the Moon!