Unlock the Power of Your Moon Sign for Sun in Cancer

Moon signs for Sun in Cancer

How we love and receiving love is usually the most important issue for us and our Moon sign shows not only our emotional vulnerabilities but also our emotional strengths.  So, if you have your Sun in Cancer, how does your Moon sign impact on this? The Moon is the key to our emotional world and how we express our feelings. And let’s not forget – the Moon rules your sign! You don’t need your time of birth to discover your Moon sign as you can look up the sign the Moon was in the day you were born here on AK or other astrology sites on-line. Once you know your Moon sign then read how it affects your Cancer Sun and unlock your emotional potential once and for all. That’s the power your Moon sign gives you!

Moon in Aries

The Sun in Cancer softens those hard edges of an Aries Moon by making you a caring soul who is certainly not insensitive or self-centred, though you do get impatient and with good reason. You try to empower people, especially when they need it but you do need to understand that ultimately they have empower themselves and/or the situation and not leave it for you to fix. So your emotions can be complex and changeable. You mean well and genuinely care but be aware of people playing on your emotions to get a reaction that may undermine your character. You do have a good understanding of people so do not let these few individuals get the better of you by falling for this ploy. This can push you to say things you may regret later and which can impact on your reputation or character in the longer term. Home is important to you as you need a place to retreat and regroup. However, you will be quickly out of the door and on to the next thing once you have recharged!

Moon in Taurus

You are Ms. or Mr. Popularity thanks to you kind, warm and gracious personality. Surprisingly adaptable to others’ needs, you are straight forward but many warm to you as you are very accepting and unassuming. However do take care not to be too possessive of family and friends. This is mainly through a deep need to keep them safe but it can work against you if you are too stubborn to accept changes in your relationships. This needs to happen if order for you all to grow and evolve. Though you can be very objective about what you want you can also be very closed-minded if you feel your security is threatened, be that your home, possessions or family. You need to learn that it’s safe to let go. True safety comes from within.

Moon in Gemini

There is a danger toward cynicism with this placement as you are a warm and feeling person who is trusting and quick to share your thoughts, ideas and emotions with anyone who will listen. This may lead to you being betrayed or disappointed on more than one occasion. The lesson here is to be more discerning with whom you confide in and how much you divulge. Though your motto of ‘sharing is caring’ the sad thing is that others who are not on your emotional frequency, may exploit that. You have an abundance of intuition and can use that to your advantage in business or in sensitive situations. You have a keen intellect and lots of ideas but you may become too easily disheartened if your first attempt at something fails. You need to adopt an ‘If at first you don’t succeed . . ‘ mantra in life. Try to be objective when it comes to your feelings and do not take so much personally.

Moon in Cancer

Having a double dose of Cancer can intensify those already strong emotions and attachments to family. You may appear more defensive than most with this Moon placement as you are susceptible to feelings of suspicion towards strangers, especially in an uncomfortable environment where your self-protective mechanisms kick in and you literally go into your shell. However you usually present as warm and gracious where you feel at home. And you are a wonderful, caring, nurturing person but you need to let your guard down and give people the chance to get to know you. There is a danger of hoarding stuff that has sentimental value to you but no intrinsic value to your home. You form deep attachments to these items and you need to be encouraged to have a clean out once in a while. There is a tendency to feel slighted and ignored when others are absorbed in their own issues. As you do not like confrontation at the best of times, this may be the time to bite the bullet and be direct about how you interpret their behaviour. Usually your tactic is to work around a problem as you do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. This is a very diplomatic but also a time-consuming strategy that builds resentment in the long term. Learn not to sacrifice your true feelings for comfort.

Moon in Leo

You are by no means the shrinking violet when compared to most Cancerians as you are confident, outgoing and certainly not afraid to be seen. Though you do like attention when you are feeling insecure you demand more of it from the people around you than is reasonable – which can make you appear to be overbearing and childish. This will only worsen the situation as you value other people’s respect and need this to feel secure and you pride yourself on making a good impression so don’t undermine yourself in this way. A little levity is needed with people who do not meet your high standards. Not everyone can be as well organised as yourself and you do have a tendency to be pompous if they lack your skills. Rather than alienate them, take them under your wing and show that caring compassionate side and nurture them they way you would family and friends. Your generosity of spirit will win their admiration and your take-out is that you showed them just how regal and worthy of respect you are. Wow. Win-win.

Moon in Virgo

Here is an individual who can bring a valuable perspective to their emotions. The pragmatic and analytical Virgo side can help alleviate the intensity of emotional sensitivity Cancer has. So you can manage to deal with situations in a cool, calm and collected manner rather than be overwhelmed, even momentarily, by them. Reflection is needed to decide on the best course of action rather than being impulsive. Do this with people too as it is easy to be overly critical of others especially when you do not like being judged yourself. This placement is excellent for those in the health industry, especially as you would be serving the public. Your intuition comes to the fore and you can sense their needs before they do which is a real gift. Do take care not to cut people off who have hurt you however. Generally it is unintentional and you need to probe into your deepest emotional self to see why you have taken exception to them. Ignoring it will only make it worse and you will be presented with the same issue until you either confront it and work through it or you could end up alienating yourself from everyone you care about. Which would be a pity as you have so much to give.

Moon in Libra

The need to relate and the desire for relationships can override any desire to withdraw into yourself with the Moon in here. Though introverted and shy, you have a natural charm that people respond to. Ironically you are able to put yourself out there and be more comfortable in a group situation than an intimate one-on-one. This is because you become more self-protective and suspicious when in such a vulnerable position. Though once the barriers are down, you are quite the romantic as you can sense where the other person is coming from and can respond accordingly. Try to maintain some independence in any relationship. You like to live in harmonious and beautiful surroundings but not at the expense of your inner self. There is a danger to become over-protective and even needy if you are reliant on others for your personal happiness. You have to be in control of your emotions and not feel insecure with others needing their own space. That will maintain their attachment to you.

Moon in Scorpio

This is quite an intense combination as you are highly intuitive and moody mainly as you tap into the emotions of others as well as your own. This can make you quite defensive and always on the lookout for some threat. Put this down to your innate fear of vulnerability as you do not want anything to jeopardise the foundations of your security. Be aware of outbursts of jealousy. Again, it is a defence mechanism to protect your vulnerability but it will only work against you if left unchecked. This may be especially obvious when you feel your family or close friends are threatened or giving you some distance as you can be overly-demonstrative at times. When your emotions are in check you are highly productive and can encourage and inspire others to accomplish more simply by your example.

Moon in Sagittarius

The Sagittarian side likes to move, have fun and be active. This restlessness may be at odds with the quiet Cancerian Sun but it means you are an individual who will motivate family and friends to get outside and explore. Though it may not appeal to some, your enthusiasm is infectious. Your directness and honesty is unexpected for this Sun sign but though you are sensitive you will be upset and defensive if no-one approaches you with the same honesty and candour you deliver. Though you appear flippant and carefree, you have a strong code of moral conduct and will reject anyone who is insincere or displays petty behaviours. Be careful you are not demanding people live by your rules as such. Sometimes those goals are unobtainable, even to you.

Moon in Capricorn

Cancer is a very sensitive sign and at its best very genial. This can override the cool calm demeanour of Capricorn which is very determined and ambitious. That tendency to aloofness can be replaced by displays of affection. You are able to tune into those you are dealing with and be more objective. Therefore when situations become stressful you are able to cope more and better assume responsibilities and power compared to other Cancerians. Your shrewd and intuitive nature makes you successful in any area of interest you want to pursue. However do not give in to bouts of depression if things do not go your way. It is merely a set back or the situation needs review. Rather than internalise, you may need to talk with that supportive someone to get you through it and move on. Be open to opening up.

Moon in Aquarius

A cool, detached and perhaps preoccupied persona hides an individual who is clever, unconventional yet caring and understanding. You have the ability to see the big picture as well as help other see it from a different perspective and gain another insight for a given situation. Try not to be too critical of people or get exasperated when they cannot grasp your concepts as your ideas can be a little ‘out there’. They just need time to come around. And your intentions are honourable thankfully. Because of your deep understanding of others you can put your point of view across in a genial manner providing you keep your pride at bay as your bearing can intimidate lesser souls. Instead, encourage other to nurture their own unique gifts and encourage them to express themselves freely as you do.

Moon in Pisces

Your Moon in Pisces can be dreamy and easily overwhelmed by the feelings of others if personal boundaries are not well established. However having the Sun in Cancer gives you the ability to protect and defend yourself against psychic overload so you can focus on the needs of others without compromise to your personality, wellbeing and equilibrium. You do keep a lot to yourself so some may think you do not have much of an opinion on certain matters. This is not true; you just do not want to cause upset and avoid conflict at any cost. Either that or you are suspicious of their intentions!  This could also be interpreted as a lack of confidence too but stuck with your gut feelings. You have a great deal of intuition and good instincts but you need to trust these hunches or instincts. However, by being too cautious you can undermine yourself. By trusting yourself more and maintaining healthy boundaries you will be more comfortable in your own skin and come out of that shell a lot more.

Understanding the energy of our Moon sign just leads to us leading happier lives – and better connections with all the people around us. So, utilise yours and open up emotional strengths you never knew you had – all courtesy of the Moon!