Unlock The Power of Your Moon Sign for Sun in Pisces

How we love and receiving love is usually the most important issue for us and our Moon sign shows not only our emotional vulnerabilities but also our emotional strengths.  So, if you have your Sun in Pisces, how does your Moon sign impact on this? The Moon is the key to our emotional world and how we express our feelings. You don’t need your time of birth to discover your Moon sign as you can look up the sign the Moon was in the day you were born here on AK or other astrology sites on-line. Once you know your Moon sign then read how it affects your Pisces Sun and unlock your emotional potential once and for all. That’s the power your Moon sign gives you!

Moon in Aries

First impressions have others pegging you as naïve, shy and reserved. However, go deeper and you’ll discover someone who is quite independent and assertive. Aries Moon can make you impulsive and perhaps prone to extremes so learning some degree of emotional self-control will be an important part of jour journey. You may have a tendency to overdo things so learn to take a step back and reflect on the best course of action. You have a deep need for inner peace and you need to work on this by developing your self-confidence more. If not you could end up compensating by bluff and bluster. You have great depth of feeling and will jump to the defence of anyone you consider to be the underdog. You greatest resources are your limitless enthusiasm and purposefulness so tap into these especially when it comes to pursuing your emotional needs and your creativity.

Moon in Taurus

Pisces can have trouble with boundaries and their empathy makes it hard for them to say ‘no’. However, those with a Taurus Moon know where to draw the line and to do so with such grace that no-one could possibly take offence. You do have a tendency to be stubborn, especially when it comes to your point of view and you are essentially conservative by nature regardless of how you present yourself. Learn to open up as you are very sensitive and intuitive so you do pick up on other peoples’ feelings which allows you to be affable and approachable since you are one step ahead. However, since you do not want to hurt anyone you tend not to express yourself fully (unless as mentioned earlier you are being put upon). Do not worry about what other people think – instead relax and live your own life. There is a danger of becoming too sentimental when your emotions get out of control or overwhelm you as you are prone to living in the past. Visit the past by all means but don’t be a prisoner of it. Once you get started on a task, you have the stability and tenacity to see it through to the end.

Moon in Gemini

Duality is synonymous with this combination as the symbols of each of these signs contain pairs; fish for Pisces and twins for Gemini. Therefore you can be changeable, adaptable and perhaps a little indecisive at times, especially as what you feel may not be what you think. You are bright and full of ideas and what may be a challenge for you is seeing them through – or even getting them started! Learn to set yourself goals. If this proves difficult then partner up with someone stable as you are influenced by those in your environment and benefit from positive people around you. This does not need to be a romantic partner but can be a collaborative or business partner or even a close friend. By having this support to keep you focused, then completion of tasks is inevitable and future achievements enviable!

Moon in Cancer

This watery combination makes for a very sensitive, thoughtful yet somewhat shy person. Don’t withdraw and fall prey to your moods. You have a deep forcefulness hidden within if you are willing to tap into it, which when you do gives you the momentum to reach those long term goals. This is important as you can fall into the trap of martyrdom and self pity if you do not fulfil your potential. Though shy you need to make an effort to get out there and be sociable. You are adept at managing people as you are highly intuitive and perceive and understand who you are dealing with and can take the lead from there. Your creativity is exceptional with this placement but you need the company of those just as creative AND motivated for you to maintain your drive as your surroundings and the people in them impact on you both emotionally and on your work so choose your people and your woek environment with care.

Moon in Leo

Believe in yourself and your dreams. That is the way to achieve your goals but start small and then aim higher to build your confidence. Your Leo Moon gives you the appearance of self assuredness but you need to take a flexible approach to get to where you want to go. Pisces can doubt itself but Leo just wants to shine and knows it belongs in the spotlight so make that work for you. Independence, purpose and creativity can take you far especially with your flair for the dramatic and your individuality creates an image people can’t forget! Don’t fall into the trap of watching others from the sidelines. The important thing to remember is to try when opportunities present themselves – and even if you don’t get the result you were after the first time, to learn from the experience.  Be brave and take responsibility for your own happiness and don’t shy away from challenges. They are sent to enable you to evolve and soar – not to keep you on the ground.

Moon in Virgo

Though naturally shy and reserved you are actually tougher than people initially give you credit for. You are highly intuitive and blended with practicality gives you a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility and accountability. You face facts rather than look away and keep your mind on the job rather than be distracted by your versatile and adaptable intellect. You love details but you need to relax a bit otherwise you may find yourself feeling guilty or ever neurotic if you let stress and anxiety take over especially over things which you have no control over, particularly other people’s feelings. They are responsible for their emotions and how they react to situations or information, not you, so do not take it on board. Emotional and mental balance is needed to keep you happy so time out for meditation or relaxation may be essential. Though industrious, clever and efficient there is a danger of becoming a workaholic. Your efficiency gives you the ability to organise time for activities to take your mind off work. Stop being a perfectionist and being too hard on yourself as it can lead to depression if your exacting standards are not met. Is your health worth that?

Moon in Libra

Tranquillity is the hallmark of this combination and you may be in danger of sacrificing your own personal happiness in order to maintain the peace and happiness of others. Though you do need peace in your work and home life as upsets and tension can push you to internalise and shut down, it doesn’t hurt to be a little selfish or assertive about your own needs occasionally. Watch out for a tendency to hand over control to someone else, particularly a partner or spouse, which could lead you to being dominated or for unilateral decisions being made on your behalf without consultation or regard to your opinion. Give and take is essential in healthy relationships so do not be scared to stand up and state your needs.  Having said that, you do need someone to stand by you for stability and to keep you focused and ensure you see tasks through to the end. You have great ideas but need help to implement them on a practical level. This is one of the most pleasant and aesthetic Moon placements to have. People find you kind and sincere. Just do not let them use your compassion and good nature to their advantage.

Moon in Scorpio

Deeply emotional and sensitive, you personify the saying ‘Still waters run deep’. You make an excellent confidant as you not only keep other’s secrets but your own as you are extremely reluctant to divulge your ideas and plans.  Moon in Scorpio enhances Pisces with formidable will power and determination which also gives you the focus and drive to reach your goals.  Though you possess intensely intuitive perceptions about people and scenarios, it would be wise not to use this gift to manipulate others to meet your objectives. Instead, try to use this to explore spirituality or as an investigative tool to help others. You may try to hang onto outmoded thoughts and behaviours as Scorpio is a fixed sign, but Pisces has the ability to adapt and go with the flow and be very creative. Take care not to vent your frustrations on others however as your verbal barbs can inflict very deep wounds. You do have a volatile personality and can express yourself rather temperamentally if you do not get your way or things get out of proportion. Discipline and tolerance will help keep those emotions in check as will directing your energy into something positive and productive. You will find true emotional balance through your achievements – both emotional and practical.

Moon in Sagittarius

Idealistic and high-minded and also practically fearless – you tend to rely on luck and good fortune to see you through plus you are more than willing and able to give anything a go if it will help you achieve a goal. I know a Pisces with Moon in Sag who climbed Everest for charity. This gives you some idea of what you can achieve with this placement. Faith is your strength particularly in yourself and your talents as you are very creative thanks to the enthusiasm and optimism Sagittarius moon brings to your nature. You do need structure and organisational skills to harness your boundless energy however, especially as you can have rose coloured glasses with regards to your future or problems that may be around you. Structure or discipline will help you turn your dreams into something more substantial and sustaining. You would benefit from associating with more pragmatic people as their influence will help you apply yourself to the task. You have a great deal of wisdom as Jupiter which rules Sagittarius and is the ancient ruler of Pisces also rules higher wisdom, but you are naïve at times as you do think of broad expansive ideas and will ignore the details if you can get away with it!  Avoid a tendency to spread yourself too thin which can lead to burn-out if you are not careful. Learn to focus your energy as you can literally climb any mountain!

Moon in Capricorn

Practicality mixes with Pisces intuition with your Moon in Capricorn. You may need to work on your confidence however as both signs can shy and introverted. Creative and grounded, you come across as pleasant and thoughtful and lack the materialistic urge that often accompanies Sun or Moon in Capricorn. You rely on subtlety rather than being pushy to get where you want as you are quietly ambitious. Though a romantic at heart you can be a little cool and reserved with your affections so you fear losing yourself in a relationship. Career success can help alleviate your insecurities and self doubts and you should use your imagination and follow your hunches. If you come across as a little unconventional you need to accept that about yourself and realise this is in fact your greatest asset. Try to appreciate yourself more and stop worrying too much and be more self expressive or get in touch with your emotions. Depression can result if you don’t express your feelings, so find people with whom you feel safe and with whom you can communicate from a place of deep emotion.

Moon in Aquarius

People fascinate you and you’ll attract a wide range of friends, some of whom may be involved in philanthropic or humanitarian ventures. You have no difficulty getting along with almost everyone as you have charm and allure mixed with innocence. However, you need your independence and hate routine so you may need someone in your life who has a stable and practical influence on you – especially as you can get bored and lose interest in projects if you are not completely devoted to the outcome. You are susceptible to moodiness which can come on quite suddenly as you can be the life of the party one moment and withdraw into sullen silence the next which can be quite disconcerting to those who do not know you very well so learn to monitor this. You have a policy of forgive and forget which you expect from others as you are truthful and value loyalty. You manage to keep a balance between your feelings and your intellect but that can make it difficult to make a lasting attachment to one person as people in general hold more interest for you than individuals. Let others onto your island – even Robinson Crusoe needed Friday!

Moon in Pisces

A double dose of Pisces gives you a very active imagination and an intuition and understanding of things that are beyond the comprehension of the rest of the world. You are highly introspective and have a tendency to withdraw, mainly due to the fact you intensely experience your surroundings and the impact others have within it. You rely on your intuition to let you know when it is safe to open up to others and people generally find you warm and affable, completely lacking in spite or deceit. There is a danger of mixing up fantasy and reality as your imagination can sometimes distort things. This makes focusing difficult as your mind does tend to drift so do try to learn self-discipline and be selective with your thoughts. Being self-sufficient, this may not be as difficult as you think. You are trustworthy and do not like to let others down so you will do your best to meet deadlines and fulfil responsibilities once you control your inclinations to withdraw. If you do not trust your instincts, learn to, as you are one of the most perceptive and intuitive combinations. Make it work for you – perhaps in the psychic, new age or healing fields.

Understanding the energy of our Moon sign just leads to us leading happier lives – and better connections with all the people around us. So, utilise yours and open up emotional strengths you never knew you had – all courtesy of the Moon!