Unlock the Power of Your Moon Sign for Sun in Scorpio

How we love and receiving love is usually the most important issue for us and our Moon sign shows not only our emotional vulnerabilities but also our emotional strengths.  So, if you have your Sun in Scorpio, how does your Moon sign impact on this? The Moon is the key to our emotional world and how we express our feelings. You don’t need your time of birth to discover your Moon sign as you can look up the sign the Moon was in the day you were born here on AK or other astrology sites on-line. Once you know your Moon sign then read how it affects your Scorpio Sun and unlock your emotional potential once and for all. That’s the power your Moon sign gives you!

Moon in Aries

Lots of intensity here due to the fact that both signs share the same ruler – Mars. Some may see you as disconnected from your emotions but you are a warrior when it comes to defending those you hold dear. You do need to show your nearest and dearest that you DO care and not wait for a crisis which requires you to spring to their defence in order to show it. You may regard emotions as a weakness but this is only because you fear being seen as vulnerable. Although some may see you as tactless but you just see yourself as honest, your strengths lie in your ability to fearlessly confront any task or challenge head-on. You have an abundance of good sense not to mention a sense of humour and if you find that you loose your cool all too easily then seeing the funny side or just being pragmatic about what is happening will enable you to control your temper. You have little patience with fools but you need to understand that not everyone can be a as quick or clever as you. There is no faulting your courage and you have the energy and skills to achieve a lot once you learn how to direct your considerable emotional resources.

Moon in Taurus

Practical, pragmatic and down-to-earth you are more interested in the here and now rather than the abstract. There is a danger of being too controlling of people with that indomitable will of yours, however you do have tact and are very considerate so resistance may be futile as you are so damn nice! In other words, they will most probably go along with your desires willingly. When it comes to your goals and what you want to achieve in life you have a great deal of determination and can be stubbornly persistent and relentless. You need to be able to balance this with flexibility and consider that there may be other ways of ‘getting to goal’ if your methods don’t get the results you were after and you end up feeling as if you are banging your head against a brick wall. Versatility may be needed and if you’re stumped then learn to put your pride in your back pocket and ask for help. Nobody doubts your tenacity to succeed but be open to the idea or suggestion of letting go and embracing collaboration and a fresh perspective when you need to.

Moon in Gemini

This Moon allows you to lighten up and relieves the usual intensity we associate you’re your Sun sign and gives you an enviable mental dexterity and flexibility rarely seen in other Scorpios! Quick-witted and with a mind like a steel trap the only downside here is that holding on to resentful thoughts can lead to you becoming somewhat cynical and sarcastic if you don’t deal with them effectively. You may compensate by feigning nonchalance or indifference to cover up what is going on underneath. You may fool others but remember – you cannot fool yourself. Because you have so many ideas there is a danger of not seeing them through to completion as you are easily bored and will be distracted by the next (and to you, better) idea. You have a lot of energy which does need to be channelled otherwise you can tip over into hyperactivity – busy all the time but achieving nothing. You do however have a gift for unearthing the truth behind the facts and you can see all sides of the story. You have acute analytical skills and would make a good detective as you are naturally intuitive and a little suspicious of people’s motives. So try to stay focused or ask someone to keep you on track.

Moon in Cancer

This is a very emotional placement as you have the intensity of Scorpio blended with the sensitivity of Cancer. This makes you very intuitive and understanding of people so trust your instincts which you no doubt do. Though you can appear aloof, you soften when others relate to you on an emotional level as you can sense their sincerity or need. However, this can be a problem as you don’t like to reject or say “no” when the need is there and you can be too easily impressed upon and influenced by what you intuitively pick up on . You are a very sensitive lover but be careful of the green-eyed monster. Jealousy is an unattractive trait which you are aware of but may have difficulty controlling. Just ensure what you are feeling is real and not imagined as you are not above being suspicious or defensive either. (Logic and fact may be needed in order to control your worst fears which may be nothing but fear after all!). You are strongly opinionated and will hang on to these feelings as they can make you feel secure even when they may be working against you. Though you don’t resort to logic and facts, these may help you keep a realistic perspective when it comes to your emotions and dealings with others.

Moon in Leo

Strength of character, conviction and ambition are what having your Moon in Leo are all about. You possess courage in abundance and are supremely confident as well as determined and possess a dogged persistence. You have very fixed opinions along with strong passions and feelings which can work against you if you don’t learn to adapt or bend when you need to. This rigid control can make you snap in due course if you don’t get your way. Your soul lesson lies in learning to let go a little. You do have a tendency to be a drama king or queen as you get very passionate and demonstrative.  Why not channel that energy into something that does need drama and flair or showmanship? You care deeply about your family but can be a little hard on your partner, especially when they are feeling fragile and show it. Show them some respect and compassion or learn to as you expect the same. It works both ways –  not just your way.


Moon in Virgo

You have a keen penetrative insight into everything around you. It’s fair to say you pick up on what others miss which makes a career in the medical professions a satisfying choice. You have an investigative mind and are able to detach and be scientifically objective so can do well in anything that involves research or investigation of any kind. Just ensure you don’t get too picky or pedantic otherwise you are in danger of not being able to see the forest for the trees. On a personal note, this fussiness can transfer to family and friends so you need to learn tolerance. Not everyone can be as clever or practical as you. Appreciate their special qualities as they appreciate yours. Though you may not always volunteer a shoulder to cry on, you are an excellent listener and can offer some sound and practical advice. You have high standards and expect others to live up to them – is this because your faith and trust in people has been damaged in some way? Are you able to live up to your own ideals? Learn to compromise – with yourself first as this will lead to not only personal insight and self-awareness but will enable you to offer that advice people rely on you to give tempered with compassion.

Moon in Libra

That Scorpionic intensity gets softened by the Moon in Libra as you strive for balance and harmony. The only down-side is you can get a little but too hung up on appearances – your own and others. You are very artistically inclined and aesthetics are important to you. However, a love of beauty is one thing but when it tips into only associating with the ‘beautiful’ people or living in the ‘right’ area then you need to be aware that while having standards is a good thing, snobbishness is something else entirely. You have a lot to offer as you possess poise, friendliness and charm and are considerate, very attractive and clever. You are only too happy to please and ready to help, especially those of the opposite sex. Scorpio gives you a suspicious nature but it is tempered by the Libran Moon’s sociability. This makes you discriminating and diplomatic in your dealings with people and your judgement is fairly sound. Underneath all of this is a sense of idealism regarding people and relationships. Learn to temper this with pragmatism.

Moon in Scorpio

Having a double dose of Scorpio you have boundless physical and emotional energy which gives you great determination and ambition along with incredible passion about everything. As you do not want to show vulnerability you will use self-discipline to cover up your deeper emotions. It can give you a formidable presence that will brook no opposition when you have set your sights on a goal. You do have a tendency to be controlling at times and if you think about it you will see that this stems from your emotions. Once you understand this you can resist the impulse – though you can seem cool, calm and collected you are good at hiding your feelings, and it does not take much to trigger them which if unchecked can unleash a maelstrom of jealousy, indignation and destructive rage. Not a good look! But once you understand why you feel the way you do, you can master this. Your take-charge demeanour means you are great in an emergency as you remain calm, can delegate and people will respond to your forceful control. However, this control needs to be checked in other situations. You are so determined to keep your fears of vulnerability under lock and key that it transfers to others. You can achieve anything with that will and persistent nature of yours as well as your capacity for hard work.  And sexy with it? Oh yes . . .

Moon in Sagittarius

An idealistic combination but you need to guard against appearing aloof and haughty as Moon in Sagittarius makes you a free spirit and blended with Scorpio who has fixed opinions can make you rather an enigma. You have a philosophical view of the world and are determined to do your own thing and live your own truth. Though people appreciate your honesty, you do need to take care with what you say and how you say it. You can be bitingly frank even as you are being wickedly witty which can affect sensitive souls very deeply and results in misunderstandings that leave you perplexed. Sagittarius helps curb that need to dominate others that some Scorpios possess as you don’t appreciate being restricted. You do not impose your opinions on others but are happy to share your philosophies and exchange different points-of-view.  You are kind and loving to those you hold dear and a bit of a romantic at heart – even if your ideal love is a free spirit like you are!

Moon in Capricorn

You are highly ambitious though not at the expense of your honour and integrity which are very important to you. You have your eye on the prize and will use strategy, shrewdness and traditional methods to get there. Though naturally cool, you are blessed with tact and good management skills in handling people. You have a sound reputation which you value more than popularity. You can come across as very serious and determined so make sure you show that dry Capricorn humour more often as while reputation is one thing, you do need friends and allies to succeed as well you know! Like most Scorpios you feel things very deeply but you may worry that if others see your emotions they will lose respect for you or not hold you in such high regard. That is not true and you need to stop thinking that letting people see your humanity is a weakness. It can be your greatest strength as people already know how trustworthy you are and value your personal integrity. You do have a tendency to be very aggressive and forceful if circumstances lead you away from your objectives. You have a firm grip on your self control which is great but too much can lead to a loss of control. This Moon gives you the ability to understand human nature – just don’t let your own remain a mystery otherwise you may miss out on a lot when it comes to love.

Moon in Aquarius

This placement makes you one of the friendliest and extroverted Scorpios around though underneath this fluffy, bubbly exterior lies an individual with a strong will and deeply fixed attitudes and ideas. You need to be wary of your intolerance to people as you take a tough stance if your opinions are questioned. So, learn to be more open to different points of view. Even though you have such a friendly exterior you are somewhat detached and may find it difficult to make permanent and long lasting friendships. You tend to attract people who will complement and flatter you and praise ideas but secretly you may hold them in contempt and distain for being such yes men or women. Is it because secretly you want to hear the truth even if it runs contrary to what you’d like to hear? Only you can answer that! There is great depth to you and you have a great deal of creativity and the ability to see how ideas can work ahead of their time. You just need to be more open minded in your personal life and not take any differences so defensively. You have pride in your intellect and accomplishments but learn to give and take.

Moon in Pisces

What a highly intuitive person you are, more so than most as you are tuned in and aware of your surroundings. Though you may tend to exaggerate and get overly dramatic at times. If you don’t keep this in check you can have bouts of deep depression and/or mood swings. You are very creative and have a strong imagination. Pisces Moon can blur the boundaries between fact and fiction so try not to succumb to phobias or suspicions as they can lead you to become withdrawn and reclusive. Practice positive affirmations or thoughts to maintain a sense of balance and peace of mind. You are considered to be a lucky individual and this is mainly because of your ability to focus your energies on a definite objective. You have the ability to inspire others. Your only pitfall can be in seeing more in others than they are capable of achieving – and suffering a crushing disappointment when they fail to live up to what you believe they can be. Don’t give away your emotions or power in this way and above all, keep your feet on the ground when it comes to love and don’t give in to unfounded doubts and fears.

Understanding the energy of our Moon sign just leads to us leading happier lives – and better connections with all the people around us. So, utilise yours and open up emotional strengths you never knew you had – all courtesy of the Moon!