Unlock the Power of Your Moon Sign for Sun in Virgo

How we love and receiving love is usually the most important issue for us and our Moon sign shows not only our emotional vulnerabilities but also our emotional strengths.  So, if you have your Sun in Virgo, how does your Moon sign impact on this? The Moon is the key to our emotional world and how we express our feelings. You don’t need your time of birth to discover your Moon sign as you can look up the sign the Moon was in the day you were born here on AK or other astrology sites on-line. Once you know your Moon sign then read how it affects your Virgo Sun and unlock your emotional potential once and for all. That’s the power your Moon sign gives you!

Moon in Aries

Your may project self-confidence and assurance but may not actually feel it which can be the challenge for you with the Moon in here. You can be a hard task master as you exude toughness and a sense of purpose not always seen in Virgo. You are practical although a little demanding when it comes to delegating especially if those employees have other jobs to do first. There is an overriding impatience when dealing with people and you can be sharper than is necessary in how you express yourself. You are clever and quick which gives you have an enviable mental acuity and insight into the situation or people you are dealing with. You would benefit from exploring your emotions and try to stop detaching yourself emotionally from situations. Yes, of course there are instances where this is a great strength – but if close personal ties are our goal, then this would work against you. If you see emotional expression as a weakness, you need to understand that you fear appearing vulnerable or showing your softer side. Once you acknowledge this you will begin to see how empathy for other’s emotions and your own are in fact a great source of strength for you.

Moon in Taurus

You are blessed with a wise practicality and good common sense. Others see you as reliable and dependable. Basic stability is what sets you apart as people know where they stand with you and appreciate your straight-shooting approach. You do not play games and say it as it is but with such grace no one could possibly take offence. Though not highly ambitious, you see a job through and ensure it is done properly especially if in charge as you do not let subordinates get out of line and ensure deadlines are met. Keep an eye on your nervous energy especially if caught off guard. There are always going to be some things that even you can’t anticipate!  When something untoward happens, take a deep breath to centre yourself and think. Once you have your feelings under control and realise your personal security is not under threat you can act rationally to find a resolution.

Moon in Gemini

Mercury your ruling planet rules both Virgo and Gemini so with your Moon in here you may find you are known for your mental acuity and your ideas. You love knowledge and this combination not only allows you to accumulate it but also put it good use in a practical and concise manner. You have a great ability to rationalise what is useful and put it mentally aside in the back of your mind for future reference. You can smell a rat with ease as you can sense other peoples’ agendas – good or bad. However you do like to stir the pot a bit and create mischief if you feel bored or you want to get a reaction from a deliberately timed comment or prank. You cannot detach yourself from these actions and must be mindful of your own responsibilities to both yourself and others if you wish to maintain order. You have a lot of nervous energy with this placement and though it is easy to sit down and enjoy intellectual pursuits, you actually need to move and do something physical. It will help dissipate the energy, the need to wreak havoc and focus your abundant energy more productively.

Moon in Cancer

This combination can make you seem quite conservative and overly fond of tradition as you find peace in the sense of order and convention being adhered to. There is a danger of being more fussy and moody than most Virgos as you are slow to accept change, particularly in your circle of family and friends. That is mainly because you worry about those you care about. That’s okay, but you need to relax a lot more and learn to trust their capabilities to evolve. Whatever you do, don’t try to control loved ones or stand in the way of change as all this will create is resentment and the very thing you fear – distance between you. You have a great deal of insight and are not only discerning with facts but have an intuitive sense of their value with regards to issues. You are very receptive to those around you as you are sensitive. Not only do you feel deeply, but you think deeply too You are very intelligent and practical but need to trust your instincts as you do have the ability to rationalise how you feel. You need to come out of your shell a little more with strangers. Or at least not be so reserved and ready to judge. It’s a self-protective mechanism and do not let your overly active imagination fear the worst – especially when it comes to loved ones.

Moon in Leo

You love to be in charge but just ensure you’re not perceived as being too bossy with the Moon in here. Sun in Virgo, Moon in Leo has a tendency to take over – but without you realising it!  The thing is, you’d be mortified if you thought you were coming across as over-bearing or bullying because you are filled with good intentions. You are caring, conscientious and naturally gifted with organisational and prioritising skills that many envy. What others do not realise is though you appear outwardly confident it is a different story on the inside. You tend to go over what you have said and done and then worry about the effect it has had on people. The lesson here is to try and not be so impulsive and ready to jump in. Ask yourself if your ego is trying to take the spotlight off someone else and what they are trying to achieve. You can and will the job done but others need the opportunity to do so too. If you do take a step back and reflect, you will allow yourself to make better choices that will let you reach your goals sooner.

Moon in Virgo

With a double dose of Virgo comes great responsibility. To yourself first as you can take on too much and people are happy to hand it to you since you are so willing. You are always happy to help others and they admire your attention to detail. Just ensure you do not become nit-picking and finicky. You love order and will preserve it at any cost as you like the routine and security that rules and regulations set for you. But you tend to worry excessively if things are out of place, do not go according to plan, or you worry excessively over the details. You need to learn to relax more and also to learn to say no! Discriminating and practical to a fault you know instinctively what needs to be prioritised, but others can take advantage of your honest and kind nature as you like to keep the peace but may lack the confidence to assert yourself in case you upset the status quo. Failure to assert yourself and put in boundaries can result in resentment and this will manifest with you becoming overly-critical, nit-picky and even a little OCD. Put yourself first and understand that a little chaos may occasionally be okay in small doses!

Moon in Libra

You are a natural diplomat and make an excellent mediator as the Libran love of harmony can soften the discriminating Virgo and restrain the need to criticise. You do not wish to hurt anyone’s feelings, so you take the time to measure your opinions and words before offering a response or any judgement. You come across as a true lady or gentleman as you are quite emotionally restrained and even aloof. Though friendly you do take your time getting to know someone as you assess them before you form a firm association. By contemporary standards you may come across as too prim and proper but manners are never out of style. You take a very dim view of lewd or coarse behaviour and there is nothing wrong with that either so long as you do not become prudish, snobbish or judgemental which is something else entirely. Don’t be a critic – you can set an example to emulate with your graciousness and charm.

Moon in Scorpio

This combination can lead you from pure rational through to intense irrational emotions finding inner balance and harmony within your psyche can be a juggling act for you at times. Here’s the fabulous contradiction that is You: you are able to analyse a situation and come to a well-founded conclusion with a logic and attention to detail that would put Mr. Spock to shame. However, your intuitive abilities are also second-to-none. So, your rational mind tells you one thing, while your intuition can tell you something else entirely and you cannot understand why your feelings are contradicting your logic! Just like Spock you have to reconcile your logical ‘Vulcan’ half with your emotional ‘human’ half. Think of it as fuzzy logic which would serve you well in professions such as medicine, forensic psychology or any area where you cannot rely on the facts alone but need to delve a bit deeper. You gift is being able to find a viable solution to what looks straight forward and ordinary but your intuition knows it is not. Your life lesson is to be less emotional and more objective though that is hard when it comes to the well being of those you love but it can make life easier. You need to step back and not personalise situations that do not involve you. Some people have to fight their own battles and draw their own conclusions. Interfering will only get you into trouble though you mean well.

Moon in Sagittarius

You are an unconventional Virgo as you do things out of the norm or comfort zone of fellow Virgoans. Your sense of adventure will override your natural decorum and those “devil may care” moments that grab you unexpectedly and inspire you to act impulsively. The danger is giving in to too much recklessness for the sake of it rather than considering the outcome. Focus on what is relevant or worth the risk, not just the thrill of the moment. You can dream big and also bring an enviable focus to what you need to do to fulfil those dreams once you understand you can derail yourself by just daydreaming about who you would like to be, rather than working on becoming it.  If you want to maintain friendships, accept people for who they are and not what you want them to be. Be mindful of what you say as your tendency towards bluntness at times can rebound on you as well as the recipient of your candour! By putting yourself in their shoes and visualise how you would feel in their position you can avoid this happening – and win loyal friends in the bargain!

Moon in Capricorn

Here is an individual who would be good in business or any endeavour you put your mind to. Though not highly creative you can take an idea and run with it as you successfully blend the ambition of Capricorn with the insight and discrimination of Virgo. You come across as very serious and though you do have a dry sense of humour you need to let down your guard and indulge in a little light-hearted fun now and again, even at your own expense so people can see your human side. Who cares if you look undignified for a brief moment in time? It will be business as usual one you have composed yourself and it will ease the tension in the room. Though very self-sufficient you need to realise others are not as materially focused as you. You need to be supportive and not critical as they trust and respect your integrity and expect the same in return. Value them for who they are rather than what they have. You are very independent and baulk at being controlled. Bear that in mind in your dealings with others especially younger family members or employees.

Moon in Aquarius

The best way to describe this combination is to say you are in the world but not of the world. You seem to be looking for a higher meaning and calling with your keen humanitarian awareness and practical thinking. You project an aloof, independent nature and have an emotional detachment that allows you to observe a situation objectively, even sympathetically, without imposing any personal judgement upon it. This is a wonderful attribute particularly in matters needing complete impartiality. You can and will say what needs to be said rather than what others want to hear which can make you seem cold and unfeeling. This is not your intention however. You merely expect others to be able to take it on the chin, deal with it and move on – as you would. You are unconventional in your thinking but do not let that get in the way of developing relationships as you need to differentiate between independence and alienation to find a happy medium. To do this you need to dig deep and ask yourself what you do feel, why and then bring it to the table with those few you feel connected to.

Moon in Pisces

This placement can indicate a natural healer as Moon in Pisces is very sensitive to the feelings and suffering of others where as Virgo can give the impartiality needed to stop you from being overwhelmed by these feelings and do what needs to be done in the interests that best serve the patient. However do be mindful of depression that can result from feeling taken for granted. Voice your needs and do not be afraid to set boundaries to prevent this from happening. You have the great ability to listen as you are understanding yet able to analyse and critique and can offer advice from there. You are trustworthy too and this adds to your respectability with your peers. You have a conflicting nature with intelligence and intuition both trying to make headway in your psyche. You step into your power when you concentrate on intellectual endeavours and seeking solutions offered by your intuition, rather than indulging in day dreaming or being lazy and avoiding personal responsibilities.

Understanding the energy of our Moon sign just leads to us leading happier lives – and better connections with all the people around us. So, utilise yours and open up emotional strengths you never knew you had – all courtesy of the Moon!