Mars in Capricorn – Build Those Boundaries!

On October 26, Mars exits fiery Sagittarius and arrives in the sign of master-builder Capricorn. This is an excellent placement for Mars as his somewhat impulsive energy is contained by Capricorn’s ability to think in the long term. Mars can sometimes have us acting without thinking the long-term consequences through – especially if he is in a fire sign such as his ruling sign of Aries, or Sagittarius or even his ancient ruling sign of Scorpio.

Although traditionally Mars is not associated with sensitivity, his arrival in Capricorn is very, very good news for all sensitive people out there. I’m talking about all you beautiful, glorious, generous, trusting, lightworker souls who often have problems with people stepping over your boundaries, being drained by energy vampires or even being able to say ‘no’ to people. Now, I’m not for one minute saying that you have to stop being the beautiful, glorious, generous, trusting souls that you are. But the fact is, you only have so much time and energy and there are those out there who will take that and also exploit your good nature. If this is you, and you could use better boundaries, then Mars in Capricorn is here to help you establish those – and keep them up when he leaves. Capricorn is the master builder of the zodiac and Mars is all about boundaries. We feel angry (Mars) when our boundaries (Capricorn) have been breached in some way. With Mars now in here and Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn in Mars’s ancient ruling sign of Scorpio, we’re in a wonderful position to now build boundaries where we can respond correctly and in a timely (Capricorn/Saturn again) fashion if someone crosses them.

I like to think of this energy as being embodied in the form of a doorman or guardian gatekeeper. Whichever name seems to resonate most for you. Perhaps you imagine him as a nightclub bouncer or perhaps he is a calm but powerful warrior image. You can even have a female gatekeeper – maybe what comes to mind is a Xena type, or your doorman or gatekeeper can just be a strong, powerful presence that embodies Mars – the protective warrior spirit, with Capricorn – strength and discernment. Take a few moments to imagine what this presence looks like for you.

Now, whenever you are in a situation where you have difficulty holding on to your personal power – that family member, friend, co-worker whom you feel unable to say ‘No’ to no matter how unreasonable their demands or how much more you have on your plate, or even that difficult individual who just seems to drain the life force right out of you simply by being in their presence, I want you to call up your guardian doorman/gatekeeper in your mind and say to them ‘Shut the door/gate’. Imagine them standing guard at the gateway that leads to your energy and inner world. They are not going to allow anyone through now. Your power, your energy is now protected and yours and yours alone. As you feel this presence, you will feel more empowered and more able to set your boundaries and conserve your energy. What’s more – your reactions to the other person who is attempting to erode them or cross them, will be in proportion to what is going on and appropriate. You’ll draw strength from the image of your guardian gatekeeper and if you are one of those extremely sensitive people who worry that people won’t like you if you do say no, you will find that you start to worry less about this – and also discover that saying ‘No’ where appropriate actually improves the quality of your relationships – not the reverse as you feared!

Mars in Capricorn can really help establish boundaries – that last long after he’s exited. So start creating them with his help while he’s in here.