Saturn in Sagittarius – The Truth Will Set You Free

After spending two and a half years in Scorpio, on December 23rd 2014, Saturn will move into Sagittarius. Traditionally in astrology Saturn was known as the ‘greater malefic’ – in other words the planet associated with many bad things. And he’s been in the sign of the zodiac which rules our fears, taboos, death and endings amongst other things! We also need to bear in mind that during his stay in Scorpio, Saturn has been in what we call ‘mutual reception’ with Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet, sitting in Saturn’s ruling sign of Capricorn. So, we say that these two planets have been ‘talking’ to one another. What has been the upshot of all this dialogue has been to show us what’s really running our lives and what’s been hidden ‘behind the curtains’ – especially around areas like government and the establishment. Scorpio and Pluto rule transformation while Capricorn and Saturn rule establishment and structure. So, what’s been happening is in fact a monumental power struggle between the Rock and the Hard Case in fact! We may have seen this in our own lives where we have been forced to confront deep seated behaviours and fears and asked to transform them – or not. We’ve certainly seen this all play out (and continue to be played out) in the form of restrictions, austerity measures and hardships within the collective, as well as scandals involving prominent people and companies and efforts to curtain personal freedom. So, when Saturn makes a move into Sagittarius, what can we expect to happen next?

First of all, let’s let go of the old ‘greater malefic’ nomenclature. Yes, Saturn imposes restrictions – but many astrologers now see him as the teacher who gives us something to push against to see what we are really capable of. A hard task master who nonetheless rewards us when we complete the assignment. In many ways, he is a guardian angel protecting us – although we often don’t see that at the time. When Saturn moves into Sagittarius he stops being in mutual reception to Pluto. So, the Rock and Hard Case dynamic ceases. Sagittarius is the sign which rules academia, higher learning, long distance travel, religion, the law, open-mindedness and is one of the signs along with Aquarius, which puts a lot of emphasis on the freedom of the individual and freedom of speech and especially movement. It’s a sign of tolerance for other people’s different beliefs and what we are going to find as Saturn slides in here is that we will be required to look at our tolerance levels, our right and accessibility to higher education and also our right to move around. Size and distance will become ‘big’ issues on some level – given that Saturn can restrict and Sagittarius is all about everything being bigger! We may see new treatments for the growing obesity epidemic for one thing. Expect affordable higher education to be a big focus as could access to justice and legal aid and expect struggles around these issues to emerge. Sagittarius is all about universal accessibility for all and head-butting on a grand scale could result if this is denied or is not forthcoming.

As Saturn moves into Sagittarius he will square Neptune in his ruling sign of Pisces. This is going to rip away any remaining delusions we are holding on to with regards to big business, legal systems and established persons and structures. Because Pisces rules what exists but may not be seen, we will suddenly see things as they really are, and again, this can include what is at a distance being much closer – thus could even be a breakthrough in Quantum science or inter-planetary travel as the true nature of the universe and what we think of as ‘reality’ and time and space is now shown to be something else entirely. We can expect re-structuring of transportation on a more mundane level and animal rights issues may become even more of a ‘hot’ topic than before. What has been kept hidden from us – whether deliberately or just because we have not yet reached the level where we can see what’s right in front of us, will now be shown for what it truly is, so expect secrets to come tumbling out. Sagittarius also has a knack of telling it like it is – which flies in the face of Capricorn’s and Saturn’s reticence. However, as far as Sag is concerned the truth will set you free. We may not like it, but that’s what it is intended to do now

It is worth noting that Saturn will retrograde and move back into Scorpio from June 14 until September 17 2015, when it will finally leave Scorpio for good. The transformations it set in motion while in there may now complete and much less painfully than before. On some level there will now be no going back however as we step into a bigger, bolder new world to replace the old one.