Your Forecasts: New Planets Fuel the Passion in 2015!

Astrology as you know is my passion. I believe it goes far beyond indicating what events or opportunities may be heading our way, but that it is also one of the most powerful soul development tools we have at our disposal. Our birthcharts, and the charts of the people close to us, contain the keys to understanding who we are and why we are. They can unlock the karmic code between us and others and answer questions such as ‘Why am I here?’ and ‘What’s my purpose?’. Astrology hands us the keys to understanding ourselves, others and our lives here on this planet and at this time. Don’t forget – Jung used astrology with his patients.

Astrology is constantly evolving along with our understanding of the universe. If we look back in history, the discovery of a new planet has always coincided with massive shifts in consciousness on an individual and collective level. The discovery of Uranus coincided with the invention of the modern-day telescope and ushered in the age of revolution. Hence, Uranus is associated with innovation and revolutionary ideas. Neptune was mathematically proved to exist before it was actually found in 1846. It had actually been spotted by telescope prior to this on several occasions but not recognised. Hardly surprising then that one of the traits associated with Neptune is the ability to obscure things! Pluto, discovered in 1930 ushered in the atomic age – literally astro ‘Plutonium’.

What excites me is that recently we have witnessed the discovery of a whole slew of new planets one after the other. Eris, Sedna, Makemake, Quaoa – these planets are reshaping our understanding of how big our solar system is as well as our understanding of what astrology can do for us. As the energy of these new planets becomes understood and integrated on a subconscious level, we start to see the themes play out in our everyday lives. I’m constantly looking at ways we can all benefit from the empowerment, insight and opportunities powerful transits can bring us – which is why I’m going to be including many of these new planets and their influences in your 2015 forecasts!

I want you to get more from your forecasts, just as my wish for you is to get more out of your life. I always think passion is contagious and I hope you’ll be as excited as I am about what I have to tell you in my videos and written forecasts for the coming year. So, look forward to unlocking a new depth of discovery in your 2015 forecasts and join me in living a more passionate and soul empowered year – thanks to the new planets that are redefining our understanding, our world and ourselves.