Aries: 2015 Astrology Forecast


19th – New Super Moon in 11th – Chinese New Year of the Goat

22nd – Conjunction of Venus and Mars in 1st (A rare occurrence where they will be about half a degree away for each other in the night sky)

25th – Pentagram: Juno in 5th sextile Moon in 3rd sextile Venus/Mars conjunct in 1st sextile Mercury in 11th sextile Saturn in 9th trine Juno in 5th


20th – Sun enters 1st – Spring Equinox  – Total Solar Eclipse in 1st


31st – Double Pentagram: Mars in 3rd sextile Jupiter/Juno conjunct in 5th square Moon in 8th sextile Pluto in 10th square Uranus in 1st sextile Mars in 3rd. Jupiter/Juno conjunct in 5th trine Uranus in 1st. Moon in 8th quincunx Mars in 3rd and Uranus in 1st. Pluto in 10th quincunx Jupiter in 5th and Mars in 3rd. Mars in 3rd quincunx Moon in 8th and Pluto in 10th. Pluto in 10th sextile Neptune in 12th square Mars in 3rd sextile Jupiter/Juno conjunct in 5th square Moon in 8th sextile Pluto in 10th. Moon in 8th trine Neptune in 12th. Pluto in 10th quincunx Jupiter in 5th and Mars in 3rd. Mars in 3rd quincunx Moon in 8th and Pluto in 10th. Pluto in 10th and Neptune in 12th quincunx Jupiter in 5th


3rd – Pentagram: Moon in 10th square Uranus/Eris conjunct in 1st sextile Mercury in 3rd sextile Venus/Jupiter conjunct in 5th square Saturn in 8th sextile Moon in 10th.

26th – Uranus retrograde in 1st


11th – Jupiter enters 6th


5th – Pentagram: Moon in 3rd sextile Venus in 5th sextile Mercury in 7th square Pluto in 10th sextile Neptune in 12th square Moon in 3rd. Moon in 3rd trine Mercury in 7th and quincunx Pluto in 10th. Venus in 5th quincunx Pluto in 10th. Mercury in 7th quincunx Neptune in 12th (not such an important one for Aries as Mars is not involved and neither is Uranus in the 1st)

28th – Full Eclipsed Super Moon in 1st (Full Harvest Moon) – Total Lunar Eclipse – brings cycle which began with the eclipse of March to a close.


24th – Pentagram: Moon in 3rd square Jupiter in 6th sextile Venus in 8th sextile Mercury in 10th square Eris in 1st sextile Moon in 3rd. Moon in 3rd sextile Eris in 1st and both quincunx Venus in 8th. Venus in 8th sextile Jupiter in 6th and both quincunx Eris in 1st. Mercury in 10th sextile Venus in 8th and both quincunx Moon in 3rd. Mercury in 10th trine Jupiter in 6th

26th – Uranus direct in 1st

  • The year of exploring what true partnership is
  • Enter a six-month cycle of soul determination
  • Embrace the reality that you are worthy of blessings!

Welcome to the Year of the Pentagram, Aries! We’re going to be seeing some soul-defining aspects appearing in the sky and many of them will contain wonderful opportunities for you in the areas of romance, business, creative ventures or just the chance to grow by going ‘Back to the Future’ and re-embracing the child within. Through joy comes healing – that’s your message for this year. This year sees the start of the Chinese New Year of the Goat or Sheep which begins on the 19th February with a Super Moon in your 11th. You can expect the unusual this year and also opportunities to do something with your ideas. This sector of your chart rules your goals too so those ideas may pave the way.

Ruler Mars will be just half a degree away from Venus in your 1st house on the 22nd. If we have a clear night you should be able to see them come together in the night sky and this is an extremely rare occurrence. It’s heralding the start of a theme of balance and partnership for all of us, but all the more so for you as your ruling planet is involved and it is in your 1st house. Your soul task is going to be balancing the male and female within for a true partnership and the gift you receive for undertaking this kind of soul work is that your partnerships and all personal relationships in the outer world reflect the increased integration. So, if you are single and looking for someone or if you just want to improve the quality of your relationships, this is where you can begin to bring about the outcome you seek – whether you are partnered up right now or not.

The first Pentagram appears just three days later and has Venus and Mars still conjunct in your 1st and Juno, planet of partnerships and marriage in your 5th. This is a simply fabulous magical aspect for singles out there as it could just deliver that person who is perfect for you. Juno indicates the kind of partner we need – this is different to the one we believe we want so please be aware of this. In your 5th it’s indicating someone with a strong creative and even playful streak and with Saturn in the mix there’s a touch of fate about this. Mercury is in your 11th as part of this Pentagram so accept all invitations and also explore new ways you could meet that special someone. If you are coupled-up already then this Pentagram is all about letting your hair down and enjoying yourselves.

Your birthday season has a special significance this year as the day the Sun enters your sign we have a Total Eclipse of the Sun – or in this case, the heart. This is the start of a significant period which is going to last right the way through until September 28th when it will come to an end with the Eclipsed Full Super Moon (Harvest Moon) which will also take place in your 1st house. This six-month cycle is what is known as the Eclipse Cycle so what begins with the new Moon eclipse (a Solar Eclipse) ends with the Lunar Eclipse. This can be a journey of soul learning as well as experiences but being in your 1st house this of course opposes your house of partners – so this is why this theme of partnerships is so important for you this year. Events may take the full six months to unfold so bear this in mind. So, it is important to realise if you are looking for that soul connection that this six months may be spend with you doing the serious soul work to get yourself partner-ready rather than someone appearing during that time – although we can say this is a strong possibility now. So, be open as this is your journey but know that the time has now started.

Our second Pentagram appears on May 31 and this time we have a Double Pentagram forming. By now, Juno has moved to conjunct Jupiter – giving love a sense of freedom and Uranus in your 1st points to something that could take you by surprise. There’s a powerful change which could come in with this Pentagram thanks to the Moon in your 8th and Pluto working his transformations from your 10th house. If romance is not what brings about the transformation this could be a business breakthrough, a re-connection to something that brought you joy but which you gave up or a creative project. It’s all about fun and in looking at where you may have lost that connection to the child within you. If a lover brings out your playful and silly side now, that person could well be a keeper. Laughter is the best soul medicine and also a great learning tool. Life shouldn’t always be taken seriously – lighten up. That’s a big spiritual message so many of us need to embrace.

Star No. 3 appears on July 3rd and has a different flavour to it. It’s all about connecting to the power of the feminine within and that means looking at any issues around whether you feel you deserve love or why your partner is with you? Have any themes such as these emerged in past relationships?  Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in your 5th and ready to deliver blessings but you have to be able to receive them. Love is just one form of abundance the universe can shower us with, so look to your capacity to receive it now. Uranus heads retrograde once again in your 1st from the 26th and remember, he is one of those planets whose influence increases under a retrograde but ask yourself this, as he is the planet of thrills do you really want the excitement to die down? But this is primarily about your desire to express your authentic self, are you doing that?

Jupiter moves out of your 5th and on into your 6th in August where he will be set to deliver increased work opportunities and if your energy has been at a low ebb, then you should see improvements. My only warning to you with Jupiter in this house is that he can make you overindulge and put on weight. Not only that this can have an effect on your over-all health and wellbeing so please bear this in mind.

September’s Pentagram is one of the most romantic and creative as it has Venus in your 5th house where pleasure and attraction rule. Powerful aspects are asking you what you feel about success and stepping into the spotlight. Also singles could see the arrival of someone established in their field and/or successful themselves. Does this stir up insecurities around why they would choose to be with you? Neptune’s in the mix here and you need to look at your own insecurities around any kind of success and your own ability to hold yourself back from experiencing it. That’s the gift here.

This year’s Harvest Moon on September 28 is also a Super Moon and is also a total eclipsed Moon and will bring the cycle of whatever began for you back in March to a conclusion on some level.

The year ends on a note of passion and transformation with Venus now in your 8th as part of another important Pentagram for you. This one is formed with new planet Eris in your 1st and it’s very much about opening up to your inner feminine strengths whether you are a woman or a man and also about knowing on a deep soul level your place of belonging in a relationship. If insecurities are emerging or re-surfacing now, your shining star is now offering not only dynamic healing potential but validation in a tangible form that you are worthy of love and success. Note that this validation may not come directly from a relationship but may appear in another area of your life but that as every area of our lives is connected and influences the other, it is the validation you seek nonetheless.

Uranus completes the year by moving forward again on December 26th. You’re set to initiate changes based on all you’ve experienced and learned during 2015 and what is more, are unafraid to do so. You’re your own soul warrior this year so embrace your true power and follow your star!



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