Your Weekly General Astrology Forecast Janauary 19

20th – New Moon in Aquarius

20th – Sun enters Aquarius

20th – Sun/Moon conjunct in Aquarius – 4 Planet Stellium in Aquarius

21st – Mercury retrograde in Aquarius

21st – Moon/Mercury/Venus conjunct in Aquarius

21st – Mars/Neptune/Chiron conjunct in Pisces

  • Where have you lost touch with your core self?
  • Your intuition is your compass now
  • Vive la difference! – love your individuality and that of others

Happy Birthday to all Aquarians out there as the Sun and new Moon appear in your sign on the 20th herald the season of vive la difference. Aquarius is all about innovation, radical thinking, revolution and above all, the individual and the courage to be ourselves. Go back over what you believe in and above all, whether you are living the truth of the beautiful being that you are. It takes immense courage to be ourselves – this is possibly one of the most difficult soul tasks we can engage in, simply because very often being true to who we really are means standing out, swimming against the tide or holding those who don’t have the same authentic courage. But what’s the alternative? Living a lie and not living up to our soul potential.

We are all being given an opportunity to re-visit these themes as Mercury retrogrades in Aquarius from the 21st – the day he meets the Moon ans Venus in here. Emotional truth, and being able to love ourselves and others no matter where our beliefs may differ is one aspect of this transit. Of course, the usual Retrograde Rules apply here – allow extra time when travelling, don’t buy any electronic or communication equipment or sign any contracts unless it can possibly be helped, don’t book fresh travel arrangements and above all, back up important files and Aquarius and the 11th house rules computers! But we can use this retrograde in a positive way by looking at where we have lost touch with our core beliefs. There is always a positive side to every transit.

Fiery and assertive Mars is in Pisces where he turns into more of a Soul Warrior than the other kind. When he meets Neptune and Chiron in here also on the 21st where the true healing begins as we can use his energy for positive and assertive steps we need to take to uncover those deep soul wounds that prevent us from living our purpose. What others may have told you about what you can’t do or achieve, or what parts of you are unacceptable – time to look at whether these messages have been constructive or destructive for you. Neptune points you in the direction you need to take in order for this to happen so follow your intuition. It’s your soul compass now.