Your Weekly General Astrology Forecast January 26

27th – Venus enters Pisces – 4 Planet stellium in Pisces

1st – Venus/Neptune exact conjunct in Pisces

1st – Mars/Chiron exact conjunct in Pisces

  • Love, compassion and empathy are your soul tools
  • Forgiveness doesn’t mean sacrificing your boundaries
  • Healing begins within

Feel the love this week and that’s the universal kind of love – as well as spiritual love, empathy and the kind of love that knows no boundaries. It’s time to pro-active healing and acts of compassion now. Consciousness-raising opportunities go hand-in-hand with soul evolution as Venus enters Pisces on the 27th bringing the total number of planets in there to four which incudes of course, Pisces ruling planet Neptune. Venus in here can connect us to our muse as inspiration is Venus’s gift while in here. Don’t forget that Neptune is often seen as a higher vibration of Venus, and those ideas can literally appear to be from something mystical and outside of ourselves. Spiritual matters, the division between what the think of as ‘reality’ and other dimensions may appear to blur and breakthroughs in our understanding of consciousness and what our universe truly is, are possible now. This is an excellent transit for anyone working in the healing, psychic or creative fields or whose profession requires them to embrace abstract and theoretical concepts – such as Quantum physics or theoretical math for example.

Extending compassion even to those we feel have wronged us but without compromising our boundaries is one aspect of Mars meeting Chiron in here as is becoming a Spiritual Warrior and taking responsibility for our own healing. Pisces is a sign who explore every avenue when it comes to reaching a peaceful resolution. And we can use the Venus/Neptune conjunction on the 1st to aid us with this as this takes place the same day as Mars meets Chiron in here. Understanding that others’ pain is also our pain is part of this. And it is only when we heal our own wounds that we are in a position to offer our strength to heal others. This week embodies that ancient saying: ‘Physician heal thyself’. If your empathy is stirred by others this week then understand that the best way to help anyone is to first undertake your own healing. This is the most self-less soul act you can undertake and this week makes the journey to wholeness possible – and it begins within. With you now.